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1978 Dodge POWERWAGON 4x4

1978 Dodge Power Wagon Adventurer 150

Condition: Used
Make: Dodge
Model: Power Wagon
SubModel: Adventurer 150
Type: Extended Cab Pickup
Year: 1978
Mileage: 28,124
Color: 2 Tone Gold/Copper
Engine: 360 V-8
Cylinders: 8
Drive type: Four Wheel Drive
Interior color: Gold
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Great Falls, Montana, United States
4-Wheel Drive

Description for Dodge Power Wagon 1978

Attention Mopar enthusiasts, and savvy collectors!
Investment grade
Club Cab
Four Wheel Drive
Truck is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Only about 3 hrs north of Montana. Because of it's "Antique" status, it is free to travel without restriction.
1978 Dodge POWERWAGON Adventurer 1504 x 4
A great investment....
Anyone that's paid a close eye to collector vehicle auctions should have seen in the past several years, the meteoric rise of vintage utility pickups. Here, we have an epic investment piece. Best of all, it is a real (true to the word) "survivor".
Low mileage....
Only 28,124 miles. Speedodisplays bothmiles and kms.Odometer is in kms and reads 43,604 (equivalent to 28,124 miles).
This is a 3-owner, 2-family local truck. It was us, one other family before, andthat's it. It belonged to an elderlycouplefrom new until1993 when, upon his passing, it was passedtotheirdaughter andher husband. Both of which progressed into latter years by the time we had purchased the truck.
Additional information....
-This truck has spent the entirety of it's lifetime parked indoors.-Additionally, it was summer driven only. -Although stored away fora great majorityof it's years, it was started routinely, and allowed to run. -Up until 1993 it was used sparingly, and never as primary transportation.
-After that, it was only driven occasionally (weather permitting) with the sole purpose being to circulate its fluids. -As another note of interest, the engine was always warmed up to full operating temperature before ever being shifted into gear to exit the garage -- This was made very clear to us.
During our ownership, it has only left the garage on maybe only a dozen occasions.The only othertime it's spent outside ofour garage has been to be washed or polished.
-Nothing changed, rebuilt, or otherwise tampered with. -Factory original in nearly every single way. -The only exception would be the substitution of the factory radio for a cassette player, and a spray-in armadillo box liner. -There have been no accidents, no touch-ups, and no replacement of original parts whereby the originals were not kept bagged, sorted, and boxed. -There are 2 small paint touch-up's done on the truck when it was brand new to repair factory blemishes. -One is on the passenger front of the hood.-Other on the upper part of the driver's door. These were dealership touch-up's done by Dodge, when the truck was new, and within months of entering service. -All factory markings and stickers are in place, clean & clearly visible, and in very good condition. -All factory overspray visible, and all original paint underneath. -The interior rear panel in the Club Cab has 4 speaker holes, HOWEVER.....A new OEM piece comes with the truck. -This is a brand newNOS item, in the exact right color, from Dodge, in it's original box.
This is the type of vehicle that setsthe standards towhich others are restored.
Well, what can I say.... I don't think it would be an easy undertaking to try find another, especially with this mileage. Anyone can finda rebuilt, or partly restored truck anytimethey open the computer; in nearly any city, town, or state.Nothing rare orparticularly valuable there, and certainly no depth of ownership-pride with that. Beyond the obvious (being that this is a Club Cab,Shortbox,, Four wheel drive), is the originality and remarkably low mileage.
There is always, always, always a greater mystique to a real survivor vehicle, especially in a rare configuration.
So, what's it worth....
There's the million dollar question. Nobody seems to know. -Appraisers have nothing to compare to. -Haggerty doesn't seem to have anything on their system that will help. Everyone seems baffled. But, isn't that what you want? Isn't having a great vintage vehicle all about individuality and uniqueness? Personally, I get a great sense of pride when nobody seems to know. Best thing is to let you, as the buyer,decide.
I've always said that something is worth only as much as somebody else will give you for it. With that said, I've set the reserve just barely above what we paid (which was a gift really). You dictate the price.
Note: On the outside off-chance that, if reserve isn't met..... I believe that we will offer truck to high bidder (only high bidder).
Is there a Buy-It-Now?
Yes, I am certainly open to discussion.I'll propose that, ifyou'd like to, pleasefeel free to make me an offer. I have learned that some people do not want to run the risk of being beat out in the final few seconds of auction, and not winning. I understand.
I've realized, through much disappointment, that auction winners aren't always auction buyers. Although I tendto project ourvalues on others, experience has taught me thatthat not everyone's genuine and sincere as I'd expect. -As such, I tend toprefer the bird-in-the-hand approach. -I'll happily sacrifice a few dollars on my endforthe assurance ofaneasy transaction.
Note:Kindly keep in mind, I will not discuss price with anyone that has not bid.-Please enter a bid, then start discussion with an offer.
No monkey business please....
I'll only consider dealing within the confines of Ebay.-We're simplynot open to anything sideways, or the potential of opening ourselves up to intricate Paypal frauds or being scammed. -Ebay does a great job at protecting the buyer and seller. -If you make an offer which I accept, the process is simple. At any time, I canclose the auction early bychoosing to "end auction early by selling to high bidder".
Everything stays within the confines of Ebay's program, and everyone is happy.
Can this vehicle be titled in the U.S.?
Yes, of course. -Being that it is more than 25 years old, it's status is "Antique". -It is free to travel without restriction. -Titles are entirely transferable. -I take the extra measure of having a lawyer prepare all the paperwork,then notarize it with a seal and professional stamp. -Everything becomes recognized as 100% legal documentation, acceptable worldwide.
Interestingly enough.......Often, (because of logistics and exchange rates) a vehicle bought from Canada can be shipped to it's new owner for less than within the States.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write. I promise to do my best in helping to answer, and look forward to hearing from you. -If you'd like to speak over the phone, please write, and we can arrange a call.
Kindly refer to my feedback for reference. -I place high emphasis on my integrity, and ask that anyone bidding do the same. -My reputation is very important to me.
No zero-feedback buyers please! -No disrespect -- I just haven't had any favorable experience. -If you do not have an established feedback record, please contact me first. Thank you.
Collector and investment vehicles should be fun..... Please have a good time with your bids.
Have a great day, and best wishes to my fellow enthusiasts!