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Condition: Used
Make: Dodge
Model: Coronet
Year: 1967
Mileage: 1,967
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Peconic, New York, United States

Description of 1967 Dodge Coronet

So I'm in one of those "I'm selling everything and moving" moods.
Here's the story....
I've been attached to this car for 20 years. Back in 1996 my friend and I went to a farmers garage to check out his mopars. I ended taking home a 65 Satellite and my buddy took home this 67 Coronet R/T. Both cars were in remarkable original condition. I ended up putting my car right on the road and drove this sweet red on red original paint Satellite around with my buddies. My friend decided to take a different approach with this Coronet R/T. The car was stripped and at the time you could call Galen Govier if you had something special. Galen fully documented this car in 97 and I have all those documents along with original 1967 Oklahoma dealer papers. This my friends is a REAL DEAL blue chip collector grade car.
Dark Green Metallic
White interior with Buckets and console shifted torqueflight
White top
Air conditioning
redline tires......
without a doubt this is a Classy Classy Gentleman's Muscle car.
After the car was documented by Galen it was put onto a rotisserie in 97. At the time the car was media blasted and every original body panel was perfect. A few months later my good friend sold this car and all his others to buy a body shop out of state. The car was sold to a local racer who then prepped the car for the quarter mile. Around 2005 I bought this car from the local racer who never did much more then neglect it. I've been collecting parts for this car for over 10 years with the full intention to put back onto my rotisserie and finish to its glory.
Included with the sale of the car are two 1967 chargers. Both cars will give you any missing nuts and bolts and enough extra body panels to make almost all your money back. The chargers came from down south and have great metal. I sold most of the interior parts out of them but kept anything Coronet specific even if I had more then enough.
This car has been in my barn upstate for the past 10 years and I just pulled it out for these pictures. The R/T sits exactly as you see it. Some of the parts not pictured but included are:
original 67' 440 HP engine complete with numbers correct carb, air cleane, Dated 67 HP exhaust manifiolds and chrome rocker covers. ALL ALL ALL mint original.
orignal transmission
extra 67 440 engine
two complete grill assembly's
at least one nice set of R/T taillamps an finish panel
buckets and rear seats
complete console
complete uncut R/T dash
at least two mint original dash pads
two or three steering columns
doubles ...triples of stainless trim
NOS R/T badges
I'm sure there's more but I cant remember.
The only hard to find original part I don't have is the R/T hood blister. The racer threw the hood out years back and replaced with fiberglass Hemi hood.
I have a very busy few weeks ahead of me. I prefer to have buyers inspect the car in person. I could deliver to Fall Carlisle if arrangments are made with buyer before hand. Please feel free to email any questions.
I'll do my best to get back to you all though it may not be until the evening hours.
Best of luck Guys!
Take care. -Jarred
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