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1994 Dodge Stealth RT/TT 1 of 2 6-Speed Black/Red Leather NO RESERVE 3000GT VR4

1994 Dodge Stealth RT/TT Twin turbo 6-Speed 1of 2 made

Make: Dodge
Model: Stealth
SubModel: RT/TT Twin turbo 6-Speed 1of 2 made
Trim: RT/TT Twin turbo 6-Speed
Year: 1994
Mileage: 109,226
VIN: JB3AN74K4RY022934
Color: Jet Black
Fuel: 93 Octane
Transmission: 6-Speed Getrag
Drive type: AWD
Interior color: Red Leather
Safety: No SRS light on!, Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Power everything, Air Conditioning needs to be charged, Seriously these cars had active exhaust, aero, sus, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
barn find status, Sunroof, 4-Wheel Drive, Leather Seats, CD Player

Description for Dodge Stealth 1994

You know that kind of sleep you get after youve been driving non stop for a day. or a few days? The end to a road trip kind of sleep? I'm not having that right now because i'm currently sick with some form of a cold and its 6:16am; I can't sleep. So i'm going to quit procrastinating and list this car for sale. I'm getting older now so I can't do these road trips as often. but I still enjoy finding a car to save. Basically I only fix cars worth fixing. my last was a 1 owner mechapanda AE86 GTS coupe that had water in the gas tank for a couple years and just sat under a tree in this ladies yard. She hadn't left that house for 30 years. and hadn't sold the car either. Still had the dealer license plate cover from a dealer that didn't even exist anymore. Which brings me to this car. We found it about 15 miles north of johnson city TN in the middle of somewhere (as opposed to nowhere) and oddly enough passed the tail end of a red NSX poking out of a hay barn on the way there (still don't understand how they drove it through the field). 3 friends. with 3 things to buy and 1 2wd truck and a trailer. By the time we got to the stealth we had already picked up 75% of a SV650 and a 89 CR500. The road was less of a road and more of a trail. very sketch to say the least. and of course we pass a four eyes fox body mustang GT sitting in a field on the way there (which turns out had a built 351 in it and was also for sale). We come up to this house at the end of the road with a small pond that was so barnish that I could consider this car a barn find. The stairs leading up to the main house were supported by a cinderblock and was nailed together with hopes and dreams. I of course had to climb them. This stealth sat there in this basement for 4 years after he had returned from deployment. The car followed him through the military. hence the Hawaii registration sticker on the rear bumper. He had put some serious money into the car through one phase or another buying everything from 3SX performance. It was his baby for many years but he had reached the I just want cash phase. the front left brake caliper had locked up and he claimed it had some serious lifter noise but the battery was gone so I didn't get to start it. We put it up on a trailer and decided to slip his neighbor $50 to get the car to the normal road with his 4wd truck (like I said more of a trail than a road). With that the stealth headed back to normality with me steering the wheel. and thusly I re-release this car to the automotive world for someone to enjoy and NOT lock away in a basement for years on end. How rare is this car? Have you ever seen a 94'+ 3000GT/Stealth that has red leather interior from the factory? It was supposed to only be in the 91'-93' cars but apparently a few cars got it in 94'. This car is so rare the vin# doesn't even pull up on the 3si storyteller. If you put it into the 3KGT story book this is what you get. Information regarding JB3AN74K4RY022934 Vin Number. JB3AN74K4RY022934. belongs to a Jet Black 1994 Dodge Stealth RT/TT with interior that was built in the second third of October. 1993. This car has a six speed manual transmission. four wheel drive and four wheel steering. It has a double overhead cam. twin turbo engine that puts out 320 horsepower. This car was built to U. S. Federal Emissions Standards. Other Pertinent Information There are 1 cars exactly identical to this vehicle. The first identical vehicle was manufactured in the second third of October. 1993 and the last was manufactured in the second third of January. 1994. That's right. that means this car is 1 of 2 ever made. 1 of 4 if you don't include the options (17" chrome wheels which are rare on their own. and the mitsubishi CD changer). Otherwise this is the same as every other 3000GT VR4. 320hp twin turbo 3. 0L w/ 6-speed Getrag transmission and viscous LSD center and rear differential + BIG brakes. Active suspension. Active exhaust. etc. Let's get to the details. remember that a lot of this im going off of what I was told by the main owner of the car that had it for 8 years.   Interior: Interior wise i'd give the car a 8/10 or so. It has a few flaws but nothing that isn't easily fixable if you want it to be perfect. I had it detailed after sitting in his basement for so long and it cleaned up well. The radio works great. including CD changer and power antenna. Leather seats are in overall good condition. drivers seat is of course a little worn but nothing that can't be fixed. Carpet. headliner. hatch trim. tonneau cover. dash. door panels etc are all in great condition. The moonroof crank trim is missing (easy find at any junk yard). and there is a vent duct removed from when the previous owner replaced the climate control for broken tabs that I have and is included with the car. The defroster vents were broken (common problem) and replaced with 3SX billet aluminum ones. Everything electronic works car sits and feels great on the inside. it does need the horn/turn signals looked at probably a fuse. Every gauge. climate control function etc all works perfect. All the lights. glove box. e-brake. everything. Exterior: Exterior wise I think it gets another 8/10. The paint is great. could use a wax but is already very shiny. No clear coat peeling no rock chip issues. It has one paint chip on the right rear quarter. There are a couple dings. one in the front of the hood one on the right door. maybe one on the left side but they are all hard to see. Other than that and some pole damage to the right front bumper the car has no damage. Never been in a wreck from what i'm told and I don't see any evidence to the contrary asside from where he said he clipped a pole on the front bumper (small repairable damage) while pulling a u-turn. All the lights work. wheels are in perfect shape. yes the chrome center caps are faded or replaced with silver not sure which. Those are all it would need to be factory original. Car has had zero modifications to the body as far as I can tell. No leaks. no noises. Moon roof pops out and stows away in the hatch if you want a targa top car. Oh and I also have 2x rear windshield wiper arms for it. he just took it off because he liked the look better. Headlights cleaned up well. no rust anywhere. The car looks mean going down the road for sure. Mechanical: Mechanical wise it gets a 9/10 as far as I can tell. When I got it I did the timing belt. valve cover gaskets. intake manifold gasket. spark plugs. wires. and installed 99' model lifters into it which solved the lifter noise. Made sure it had no boost leaks anywhere. no boost controller. no oil leaks. no knocking. good oil pressure. did an oil change to it. Then I drove it a hundred miles or so. It needed an alignment so it got a 4 wheel laser alignment at firestone. Rear diff/trans fluid had already been changed to royal purple. It has a new LF brake caliper and it has new brake hoses in the front + recently bled/flushed brake fluid. It has a SPEC stage 2 clutch. full Tanabe turbo back exahust system. clipped turbine wheels. tubular turbo manifolds. and a legit intake of some sort. Car drives perfect. tracks straight. no vibrations. no noises. clutch and trans are perfect. engine pulls strong. no warning lights. strong vacuum and boost. temp never goes over half. and no smoke under acceleration other than fuel. Engine has no noises. no leaks. no issues. Battery is also new obviously. Every now and then when its cold it will smoke a little but as soon as it warms up that goes away. no cloud of smoke situations or anything. Turbos have new seals when they did the clipped wheels. most likely valve seals but I got lazy when I did the lifters and didn't replace them. not hard. Now just fair disclaimer the car did sit for many years. but seems to be in perfect health. I'm really surprised it doesn't have any oil leaks. This is the first year of the awesome Getrag 6-Speed transmission. No more of the stupid T-Case issues the 5-Speeds had. Which is why the 94'+ cars are worth much more than the 91'-93' cars. There are no suspension issues. no steering issues. all the CV axles are good. all the fluids are good. etc. It just needs a nice place to live. Thanks for looking if you have any questions call/txt 704-576-5004. This is a no reserve auction so whatever it goes for it goes for. Not out to make a boat load of profit just want to save cars worth saving and keep them on the road. junk all the garbage cars.