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Vintage 1966 Dodge D600 2-ton Dump Truck...2 speed rear-end...dump bed works

Condition: Used
Make: Dodge
Model: Other
Year: 1966
Mileage: 100,000
Color: orange
Cylinders: V8
Fuel: gasoline
Transmission: 4 speed
Drive type: Standard 4 speed with 2 speed rear end
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Richland, Mississippi, United States

Description of 1966 Dodge Other

1966 Dodge D600 2-ton dump truck. It has a 4-speed transmission...2-speed rear end...PTO powered hydraulic dump bed. The hydraulic system was brought back to an operational condition in the mid or late 1980's. This was done by a previous owner, before we got it. The dump bed had been rebuilt by this same previous owner. He welded in new deck plates and some new side plates in order to get rid of some of the rusted out sections. He rebuilt the tailgate and made it fully functional. It has lots of evidence of rust inside the cab. The door panel on the passenger side is rusted on the bottom, and has no running board. The driver side door is in better condition, andhas a running board, as you should be able to see in the photos. The wiring harness needs replacing. The engine runs very good and does not smoke. Every now and again, I do have to add oil to it. That's when it is parked over a long period of time, oil will drip (naturally) from the front and rear seals, probably felt seals. The radiator works well. We have always kept anti-freeze in it. Nothing in the cooling system has leaked. The fuel pump picks up right off. We would drive this truck to the garbage dump and unload it...no problems. We hauled scrap iron in it with no problems. This is a serviceable truck, but it has been sitting up for several years. The rear driver's side brake line rusted in two, so it has no brakes. The master cylinder works fine. It will pump the entire cylinder dry because of the leak. All the tires need to be replaced - they are not road worthy. It has two extra wheels and tires and one new inner tube (unused). The hydraulic clutch works well - even after being idle after a long period of time. We no longer need a dump truck - that's why it's been sitting up for so long. It needs a very good home to go to. This Dump Truck was a previous county work truck. It has no title. We are the 6th owner. We will be selling it to you with a Bill of Sale. There is a picture of the aluminum ID plate, which should give you the information you need. Please feel free to ask questions. We will do our best to answer any questions you may have about this vehicle. Please note: we have put 100,000 miles on the mileage information - but the speedometer has not worked in at least 20 years, so we have no way of knowing theexact mileage.
ADDENDUM: The previous owner who worked on this vehicle and got it in good operational condition, was a friend of ours who passed away in 2003. He fixed and actively used this vehicle on his property. We acquired this truck in 2004 (his estate). We have no paper work on this truck except for aBill of Sale (& so far this Bill of Sale has not been found). This vehicle has a tag, but no title has ever been filed for. The only ID information we can find on this truck is the aluminum platethat came off the firewall. We have been unable to locate a VIN#. All we have is this aluminum plate. Please see the second photo. It is a picture of this plate. We're not even sure it is a 1966. We have done extensive hours of research on this vehicle. And information on this truck is rare. That's why the plate is off the truck - so we can do our research. If you have ANY input - we would very much appreciate it - and we will post it!!!
PLEASE NOTE: This dump truck will have to be TRAILERED...it has NO brakes.