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1955 Dodge Power Wagon

Condition: Used
Make: Dodge
Model: Power Wagon
Type: Flat Bed
Year: 1955
Mileage: 49,894
Color: Desert Tan
Engine: 230 CI
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Cave Creek, Arizona, United States
4-Wheel Drive

Description for Dodge Power Wagon 1955

For Sale: 1955 Dodge Power Wagon - C3PW126


Up for auction; a Southwest Truck that was originally purchased in New Mexico by the U.S Government. I am the 3rd owner and it has resided in Phoenix, AZ for the past 30 plus years. I've been working on it for the past six years. Everything has been rebuilt or is new (except the engine). Here are the quick highlights.

· Frame-off rebuild.

· Good Title.

· Current Registration and Arizona Tag.

· Original 230ci Engine – Runs Great, No Smoke.

· 4 Wheel Disk Brakes.

· New Manufacture 4.89 Gears Front and Rear.

· ARB Air Lockers Front and Rear.

· ARB Dual Air Compressor and Manifold (will run air tools).

· Rear PTO Belt Pulley Set Up – rebuilt like new.

· MU-2 Winch (Originally a non-winch truck).

· Warn M-13 Lockout Hubs.

· Rear Shocks – Option.

· Custom Flat-Bed with Original Pickup Bed included.

· Seven 9.00x16.

· Dual Rear Wheel Configuration.

· M37B1 NP420 Synchro Transmission.

· NP200 Transfer Case.

· 12v Electrical System with 2 Blue Sea Fuse Blocks (Originally 6v).

· Pertronix Electronic Ignition.

· Optima Red Top 12v Battery

The following is a more detailed run down of the work performed on this vehicle, in no particular order.


The original engine (230ci, 94hp) starts easily, runs great and does not smoke. There was no need to rebuild the engine. However, much has been done to it. The core plugs were removed and the block flushed several times removing sand from the original casting of the block and gunk. The internals of the blocks cooling system were treated several times with a rust remover (Metal Rescue). After treatment, visual inspection of the internal block via remote camera showed it to be in good shape and rust free. Once the motor was running again, several oil flushes were performed to break up and remove any build up in the oil galleys. I removed the oil pan, cleaned it up, inspected the bottom end and reinstalled with a new gasket. New motor mounts installed. The head gasket does not leak. The exhaust gasket does not leak. The rear seal does leak (typical on these engines). The exhaust is in good condition.


The original radiator was re-cored increasing the cooling capacity by a 1/3. The original tanks were reconditioned and pressure tested. A new water pump was installed along with a new water distribution tube and NOS thermostat housing with a 180-degree thermostat. All new hoses and a belt were installed. An overflow tank was original to the truck as shown on the build card but was missing from the truck when purchased. A replacement is included which has been refurbished but not installed. A 6-blade fan, for increased air flow, was installed to replace the original 4 blade which is included. The original 6v heater was totally refurbished (re-cored and a new 12v motor installed) with a new 12v rotary switch. The heater works. The in-dash temperature gauge works.


The original E7T2 carburetor and glass fuel filter were rebuilt. The missing stone filter has been replaced. It is topped with a modern 4” air cleaner. A new mechanical fuel pump was installed. All new fuel lines and in-line fuel filters were installed. A new custom stainless gas tank was built and replaced the original damaged tank. A new 12v sending unit was installed. An inline fuel pressure gauge was installed next to the carburetor. The in-dash fuel gauge works.


A custom modern spin on oil filter system has been installed. Larger modern Baldwin/Donaldson/WIX spin on filters are used. It is still a by-pass filter system but the new filter has a larger capacity and makes it much cleaner and easier to change the oil. An inline oil pressure gauge was installed in the engine bay. The in-dash mechanical oil pressure gauge works.


The original “after type” crashbox transmission was replaced with a rebuilt M37B1 NP420 synchronized (3rd and 4th gears) transmission and NOS shift tower. The interior of the transmission and PTO were treated with Glyptal to seal the castings. A correct dual output PTO was purchased, rebuilt and mated to the transmission. A new clutch and throw-out bearing were also installed.


The transfer case has been rebuilt with new bearings, modern double lip seals and gaskets. The interior of the housing was treated with Glyptal to seal the casting. It also has been upgraded with stainless shift rails for the 4hi and 4lo shifters. There are no leaks and it's really quiet (comparative). The parking brake assembly was rebuilt and functions.


Both the front and rear differentials were custom built by Bob Stahl (Veteran Vehicles), with new manufacture 4.89 gears, ARB air lockers and Charles Talbert's pinion seal kits, new bearings, races, seals and gaskets. No leaks. The interiors of the diff housings and axles were painted with Glyptal to seal the castings. These “new” diffs replaced the original 5.83 diffs. The 5.83 gears gave a top speed of around 45mph. The new 4.89 gears bump the cruise up to about 55mph. The air lockers need an air compressor to function.


A disc brake conversion (Ugly Truckling) was completed on all four corners with all new brake lines, calipers, speed bleeders, a new correct slope-top master cylinder and stainless hardware. A proportioning valve was installed on the frame behind the cab to allow adjustment of the performance of the front vs rear brakes. Stops great. Both knuckles have been completely rebuilt with new bearings, races, bushings, seals and gaskets. The front pinions have been converted from bushing/bearing to bearing/bearing configuration for easier steering. Steering box rebuilt. New steering wheel with new horn parts, horn works. New tie rod ends and stainless hardware installed. The drag link was rebuilt with new leather boot. Both axles have been completely rebuilt to better than new. The front axles have Warn (M-13) lockout hubs installed which have been rebuilt, show some exterior wear and tear, but function flawlessly. All axle studs have been converted to right-hand threads for conventionality.


Not a winch truck originally, the front leaf springs (8 leaf) were not suitable so a new set of Eaton Springs (11 leaf) were constructed to original specs with an added 1” lift and installed with new U-bolts. New winch bumpers (Midwest Military) were blasted and Line-X’d. The correct MU-2 winch and dual output PTO were added with all stainless hardware. Both the MU-2 winch and PTO have been rebuilt with new bearings, races, seals and gaskets. The interiors of both the winch and PTO were treated with Glyptal to seal the castings. The winch works but does not come with winch line. I intended to install synthetic winch line but have not done so. It will be the buyer’s choice. New Monroe shocks were installed front and rear. Like the M-13 lockout hubs, rear shocks were an option on this truck and are somewhat rare on these trucks.


Everything was removed from the frame then blasted to remove surface rust. Two cracks were found and repaired (Welded). Acid etch primer was applied followed by Professional Rustoleum flat black. The frame and spring sets are in excellent condition. Eastwood frame paint was applied to the inside of all boxed parts of the frame and cross members for corrosion protection.


The cab is in excellent condition. It was removed from the frame and blasted inside and out, acid etch primed and painted. There was typical rust through in the lower corners and across the back as well as the floors by the front cab mounts. All damage was cut out and new sheet metal was welded in place. New kick panels, driver and passenger floor boards along with a correct transmission cover were added. All were blasted and Line-X’d. The interior (except dash and wiper valance), both sides of the firewall, and underside of cab were also Line-X’d. This provides water proofing, sound deadening and thermal insulation while providing a tuff, neat and easy to clean interior. New cab mounts were installed. A new metal glove box was installed.


The doors were completely taken apart and refurbished. There was some typical rot on the bottom corners which was cut out and new sheet metal was welded in place. The inner doors were sprayed with Eastwood frame paint for corrosion protection. The doors were originally “vent” window and were converted to single pane windows out of personal preference. The removable door panels were Line-X’d for durability. New door hinge pins were installed. The door handles and window cranks were blasted and painted black. There are cutouts on the driver’s door for an arm rest, none came with this truck however, new ones are available from several sources. The lock cylinder for the passenger door is included and needs to be installed. It has been refurbished by a locksmith and keyed to the ignition key. The driver’s window sticks and needs adjustment. The passenger’s window works correctly. The driver’s door sticks a little but opens/closes fine, the passenger door opens/closes perfectly.


The hood was totally taken apart as the center hinge was broken and needed to be replaced. After blasting, all new hinges were installed. The interior of the upper hood panels, fenders, inner splash guards, running boards/new brackets and radiator support were blasted and Line-X’d. The radiator shroud was blasted, primed and painted along with the Power Wagon emblems. New running board wood supports were installed. The wood supports were varnished for waterproofing and painted black. Stainless hardware was used.


The original pickup bed was removed and a custom utility flatbed (102” x 96”) was built for personal preference. The flat bed installs using existing holes/captive nuts already on the frame. No new holes were drilled and no modifications were made to the frame to mount the flat bed. The actual bed is made up of 2x12 lumber and bolted in place. The wood is stained black. A cab protecting “headache” rack was built and installed to match. There are stake pockets and a ratchet rail on all sides of the bed.


Another highly desired option for these trucks was a rear belt pulley. I sourced and purchased a complete rear belt pulley setup for this truck. It includes a long drive shaft, short drive shaft, intermediate pillow block bearing/housing, a rear tail-shaft output housing with cover and a correct Dodge belt pulley. All but the actual belt pulley has been rebuilt. Both the pillow block and tail-shaft housings were rebuilt with new bearings, races and seals. All parts are correct except for the cover which is a very good cast reproduction. All drive shafts (six total; jack, rear, front, winch, 2 belt pulley) were removed, reconditioned, balanced, painted, with new u-joints installed. Again, the actual belt pulley is in excellent condition but has not been rebuilt yet.


Seven - 9.00x16 Yellow Sea Radials mounted on five combat rims, two are mounted on M37 Dually rims. All with new tubes and flaps. This is the current dual rear wheel configuration on the truck (6 tires on the tuck with a spare). These were all brand new when purchased and have less than 300 miles. There are two custom machined 1” steel spacers used between the rear wheels for correct spacing of the tires. These tires are the stock tire size for the truck.


The windshield frame was blasted, frame paint sprayed in the interior recesses, exterior acid-etch primed, painted and new glass installed by a glass shop using a sealant. A new windshield frame rubber seal was installed (needs more fitting to be perfect). The window moves in and out as intended, providing air flow, using the window regulator. The windshield regulator was rebuilt and upgraded by Chris Case using heavy duty gears to replace the weak factory gears. Works great and functions flawlessly.

All new glass (windshield, doors, rear). The door/rear glass has been tinted with nano-tint. New seals were installed for the rear glass and cowl vent. The cowl vent handle was dipped in blue rubber and the mechanism was rebuilt. A new all metal, lined glove box was installed. New correct information plates were purchased and riveted to the glove box door. A new VIN tag was made with the trucks information and screwed to the driver’s door frame. The original (very worn) VIN tag and information plates go with the vehicle. The vacuum wiper motors were rebuilt by Ficken Wiper Service and reinstalled with new wiper blades. All new vacuum lines were installed. Wipers work. A NOS emergency brake handle was installed. The 4hi and 4lo handles were dipped in yellow and red rubber, respectively. All brake, PTO and 4WD levers work.


The seat frame was disassembled, blasted, primed, painted and re-upholstered (black). Dual sun visors were an option but did not come on this truck (only driver’s side). A passenger side visor was acquired and both covered to match the seat (black).


The electrical system was converted from 6-volt to 12-volt with all new wiring. I kept the wire gauge the same as for the 6v system (larger size). New plugs, plug wires, Pertronix electronic ignition, Pertronix 40,000-volt coil, Power Master 140 AMP alternator, alternator bracket, new 0-gauge heavy duty battery cables and a “Red Top” Optima battery have been installed. For safety, two new “Blue Sea” 12 circuit fuse blocks have been installed. One “always hot” and the other “ignition hot” for plenty of expansion capability. New headlights, cowl lights, and tail lights have been installed. The headlights have a new switch and new halogen bulbs. They are on a High/Low beam relay with a new foot switch. A new turn signal stalk (7 wire) was installed and the cowl lights have been upgraded to parking lights/turn signals (yellow bulbs). New cowl light buckets/lenses installed. New tail/turn/brake lights installed. The gauge cluster/speedometer were professionally restored. A 12v fuel gauge and volt meter replaced the original 6v gauges. All gauge’s function including fuel. A new speedometer cable was installed. With the new 4.89 gearing the speedometer does not read accurately but could be corrected with the proper transmission gear.

The original 6v generator was replaced by the 12v Power Master 140 AMP alternator. The original starter (6v) was also rebuilt like new and is still used in the 12v system. Starts great and works on 12v just fine, just don’t over-do it! The foot starter was rebuilt and reinstalled, works great. The original key switch was rebuilt by a locksmith and functions like new and is also keyed to the passenger door lock. The 6v horn works great on 12v, again, don’t over-do it.


The cab was blasted and the exterior seams were seam sealed. The truck is painted a flat desert tan and has the nice patina of a work truck after sitting outside in the Arizona sun for a few years. It has been garaged kept for the last 2 years. Obviously, it is not an original color and not in perfect condition. The original color is “Rackham Blue”. I have acquired a formula for the correct color in a two-stage PPG paint. The original single stage formula is no longer available, but perhaps could be color matched. I painted one of the wiper covers in this two-stage color to show the original color. The wiper cover is hidden behind the passenger sun visor but it looks really nice. I will provide the original color chip charts, remaining paint samples and formula to the buyer.


I have the build card for the truck.


The Seller has made every effort to accurately describe in detail the condition of the truck for sale, including pictures, however, there may be errors. It is the BUYER'S responsibility to personally verify condition and to satisfy any doubts, concerns or confusion BEFORE BIDDING. The buyer understands the truck is NOT FINISHED, there are still things to be done and it is not perfect.






At auction end, the winning bidder will have 3 business days to arrange and complete a wire transfer of the funds and 10 business days to pick up the truck. If you are unable or unwilling to agree to these terms, DO NOT BID.

The SELLER will help but is not responsible for loading the vehicle. The truck is located in Cave Creek, AZ 85331

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