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1993 Dodge 1st gen Cummins diesel 4x4 3/4 ton

1993 Dodge Ram 2500

Condition: Used
Make: Dodge
Model: Ram 2500
Year: 1993
Mileage: 229,700
VIN: 1B7KM26C7PS201709
Color: Blue
Engine: 12 Valve Cummins Turbo Diesel
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Gray
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Safety: Anti-Lock Brakes
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Arlington, Kentucky, United States
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control
4-Wheel Drive, CD Player

Description for Dodge Ram 2500 1993

Note: I had to relist a third time due to a non-paying bidders and Ebay supporting such buyers like that. If you do not have the funds, please do not bid on my truck. This silliness cost me 3 weeks and delayed purchase of a new truck.have a 1993 Dodge 3/4 ton 4x4 for sale. This truck features a Cummins Turbo Diesel with a Getrag 360 5 speed transmission. I have had this truck since about 2005. It had 91,000 miles when I bought it and it had a 47RH automatic in it. At 105,000 the automatic was having fits with overdrive and luckily I found a 92 model with a fresh overhauled 5 speed that was wrecked and bought the whole truck to convert this truck over. I dont regret changing it over at all. I went through the front end and replaced every moving part when I bought it because it was needing it. I have been the sole driver of this truck and it has been my trailer puller up until 3 years ago when I went to a bigger truck. I have always done my own maintenance and preventative maintenance on this truck and there was never anything that is has needed that it didn't get. At 185k it went from Kentucky to Gunnison Colorado to haul back a 3 horse Sooner fully loaded after another truck had failed. In 2010 it made six 800 mile round trips pulling a trailer to Eastern Ky to elk hunt. Since hitting 200k, it has made one trip to Wyoming without a trailer as a driving truck only and another trip out there again carrying a truck camper (before the original bed got damaged by a gooseneck trailer) and went to Yellowstone park and on to Great Falls Montana. I have always had confidence in my truck and my maintenance to take off and go anywhere in this truck. The truck has 3:54 gears in a Dana 60 up front with a Dana 70 in the back. The last brake job I did a while back I put $185 worth of longer wheel studs to be able to run duals on the back figuring it would end up as a flatbed. The original bed got damaged and I found this bed that was a warranty replacement from Freedom beds because of paint and it is only 3 years oldbeleave it or not. I pulled the engine around 200k (the exact mileage is in my maintenace log) because the truck had several little oil leaks and then it developed a leaking head gasket at the water neck like they all do. I pulled the engine, bought the Cummins tools to press on the stainless oversized sleaves on front and back of the crankshaft to give it a fresh sealing surface. I did a complete gasket replacement on the entire engine while I had it out of the truck. I took the front timing housing off and took care of the killer dowel pin while I was there. I had the injectors checked while I had them out for the head job and then I polished the valve covers and painted the engine Cummins tan so the oil leaks would show up better. I painted the firewall black while I had it out of the truck. I spared no expense on the head and had all new parts put in it and it was warrantied for 3 years but that has expired by now. The truck has a Borgeson power steering pump and a Borgeson u-joint kit on the steering shaft. In the last 1000 miles I have put on new Moog tie rod ends and a Mopar Drag link. I alligned it after that but I noticed today that it may be needing an alignment at a shop because it looks like its getting the outside of the tires a bit. I had rebuilt the kingpin assembly a while back and it doesn't have a lot of mileage on it since then. The truck has a small amount of fuel turned to it to help it pull a 30 foot horse trailer with the higher gears but not enough to mention. It has the original VE Bosch pump on it. It has a straighpipe that is not in very good shape anymore. The truck is 25 years old and has scrapes, dents, paint failure, and some wear and is not to taken as being in great shape. The seat started to come apart on the driver side and I made a repair that has alot of age now. The tires are Firestone Transforce with about 20K on them. The windshield is cracked. The driver door has a big dent and the rocker panel needs to be replaced.I have intended to take the time to refinish this truck and I have two very nice front fenders, a driver door, a rocker panel for the driver side, and the primer and black paint from Napa to do the job that will all be included with this truck. The interior is in good shape for a 25 year old truck because I am the only driver. The headliner was recovered when I started driving it at a cost of $200 and it still looks very good. Back in December I put on new battery and custom built battery cables that convert it over to the better and cheaper semi batteries that have the bolt posts and don't corrode. It has a JVC stereo and Pioneer speakers that have alot of play time on them but still work. The A/C on this truck is cold and has not been charged in over 5 years. It is running 134A and replaced everything when I did it. I installed a Rosta aftermarket cruise control at 200K or so and I just realized today it is not wanting to work but it has to be something simple because it is a very simple setup.I would not hesitate to drive this truck anywhere. I have only ever had two issues with this truck in the whole time I have had it and on both issues, a little time under the hood and I was able to make it back home. Thats the beauty and simplicity of the 1st gen trucks.