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1986 Dodge OMNI GLHS #357 1985 omni made to be a CLONE

1986 Dodge Shelby GLHS

Make: Dodge
Model: Shelby
SubModel: GLHS
Type: Hatchback
Trim: GLHS
Year: 1986
Mileage: 100,000
VIN: 1b3bz18e7gd275437
Color: Black
Engine: 2.2
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Description for Dodge Shelby 1986

I am selling two omni's this first one I will describe is the clone. This car was bought on ebay about two years ago and this is the description that seller posted I have made changes where necessary. I have the titles to both of these vehicles but do not know too much about them they were my brothers we would work on them together, he has since died and I am would like to see them go to someone will the know how and passion to restore the GLHS. The clone could be used as a daily driver and pulls hard and is nice and fast. I will post as many pictures as possible soon. These cars are in SLC UT, would like to sell both as a package.
Now for the clone
fast and fun! this is an 1985 glht that was done into a 1986 glhs clone. The dash plaque shows #501 which obviously is not one of the 500 made by Shelby. But it is also priced a lot less than a real glhs as well. This one was mostly a Florida car, and came to Texas three years ago and to Utah just over one year ago. Fun to drive and very fast but I have too many cars and never drive it.
The engine has been thoroughly gone through, and upgraded!
Forward Motion enforcer 2 motor (common block) with hd rods, arp hardware and forged pistons
s60 turbo with stainless steel turbo lines
upgraded to a a568 transmissions
aftermarket clutch kit
New s60 wiring harness and now runs the smec style pcm with stage 5 calibration
New ac parts, a/c blows ice cold!
gauges including wideband 02, boost and fuel pressure
GReddy Blow off valve
Indy intercooler
aftermarket fan set-up
ported head
exhaust work
adjustable fuel pressure regulator
+40 injectors and 3 bar map sensor
upgraded camshaft
Shelby valve cover
SRT-4 4 wheel disc brake set-up
Shelby charger interior
GReddy catch can
Recent shocks and struts
SRT-4 wheels painted dark graphite
Decent tires
Bumper supports cut and bumpers tucked into the body, looks better than stock!
was painted last year with fresh decals
That's all the good! Now for the bad!
Car does not have power steering. The rack is there but no pump or lines. Also the heater core has been by passed so no heat The paint looks great from 10 feet, but there are some bubble on the rear hatch and along the drip rails. A Tree fell on the rear quarter panel during a windstorm I will add pictures soon a good bondo job and some touch up paint would have it looking sharp again. There are also a couple of paint runs as well. There is no parking brake. When the previous owner added the srt brakes he did not include the parking brake feature on the rears. Overall it's a decent little car but does need a few things done to make perfect, but those things are more time issues not money issues. The mods listed above were thousands of dollars so the expensive stuff has been done. My asking price is 1/2 of what parts went into the car, and no labor so it's a great way to get into one of these cars without a ton of money. The omni's are getting harder and harder to find because they are lightweight and make the ultimate sleeper. If you have any questions concerning the car feel free to PM me. (again this came from the previous seller ebay discription when bought over a year ago, I added the Utah part and changed it going to texas from 1 yr to three years ago. Also the tree limb happened here in Utah). Everything in this description is accurate to my knowledge.
The second car the GLHS is number 357 out of 500 and it is basically a rolling chassis. My brother took apart this car after the transmission went out with high aspirations but was not able to see the project through. I am doing some research and am hoping to have better details later on but I'll tell you what I know now and add pictures soon. He bought an upgraded 2.5 L engine and an A555 transmission. Both were bought used from reputable sources, and never installed into the car. When he bought them he was told they were in great working order but I cannot verify that 100% at this time I know the pistons in the 2.5 are forged ROSS pistons, the A555 transmisson got a tab broken off (that the clutch cable goes through but had that Tab professionally fixed. When I say rolling chassis I mean it, gas tank, dashboard, engine, trans, steering wheel (currently in the 501 clone), computers center console all removed. I believe I have all these parts but can't make promises. Notes on the engine it was stored well inside a garage with the spark plugs in and the manifolds taped shut I removed the spark plugs and swabbed the engine there was a film of fogging oil and the engine can be cranked over by hand so I think it is 100% G2G. As for the A555 this deal will also come with a couple NOS CV axles I think from the MINI-van that will fit this transmission, he bought aftermarket shift linkage that will go with the sale. All Shelby parts seem to be accounted for Koni suspension steering wheel the rims (the set on them are aftermarket at the moment but have the originals need to be refinished to shine again but in working order). I have found multiple CPUs in storage for the car ill try to figure out why and again will add pictures, but I assume one is the original. Again I know my way around a garage and a toolbox really well but these TD while have always been a blast to drive and fix with my brother are not my specialty but I will work diligently to get you answers to any questions you may have. There are tons of spare parts I am hoping to give them all a new home with this deal. No reserve be prepared to haul off two cars. Please ask me any questions I will do my best to answer them. I have hit my picture limit but am willing to take more and send them to you.