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3000gt, vr4, dodge stealth R/T Twin Turbo AWD. Suede interior, corbeau seats.

1992 Dodge Stealth R/T TURBO

Condition: Used
Make: Dodge
Model: Stealth
Type: Hatchback
Year: 1992
Mileage: 125000
VIN: JB3XE74C6NY047721
Engine: 3.0L Gas V6 TWIN TURBO
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: gasoline
Drive type: AWD
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Sarasota, Florida, United States

Description for Dodge Stealth 1992

I purchased this stealth about 3 years ago with an inch of dust on top of it, originally looking for a 3000gt vr4 and found this beautiful stealth sitting for sale under an elderly couples car port here in florida. Once we fired it up and took a drive i knew i had to have it, the couple were looking to buy a house and needed the extra money, upon my ride home with car there was a sense of freedom about driving something so unique, at the car wash and also at the gas station on my way home i received compliments on having such a car. this vehicle has treated me great ive done a full overhaul of everything on the interior,engine bay,suspension and brakes.The vehicle has no rot. The whole interior has been redone in suede and flock. its beautiful and new inside, also with that i have upgraded the sound system, all new speakers and small subwoofer in back, these wires have been routed in channeling under the carpet while that was being replaced. the stereo in this car sounds beautiful. Ive done all the work to this car myself, im a master certified mechanic and have been working for Volkswagen for 12 years. Upon reupholstering the interior i also installed had the HVAC unit repaired as it was not working when i purchased vehicle it looks like a 1980's video game when you turn it on i just love the nostalgia of it, Its part of having such a rare car with brand new interior and these little factory bits just bring everything to life, i have repaired the active exhaust with a new motor and cable. also ive intalled a brand new techworks esc Electronic Suspension Controller to the vehicle. the Factory active suspension is still in great working order. its very cool to put the vehicle into comfort mode for the rough city streets, and upon entering the country twists, just open the exhaust valve put the suspension in sport and have fun! The vehicle is truly a blast to drive. In its current state the vehicle is about 450hp Its very fast, coupled with the AWD for traction and the AWS (all wheel steering) its very nimble and just a blast to have fun with. I drive this vehicle every week to the local car shows and it gathers a lot of attention. Most people run up for pictures or call it a unicorn. She receives a lot of attention! This car has been my baby since ive purchased it, i have about 12k invested just in parts alone and some of this includes maintenance, This is also considering no labor costs as i have done everything myself. I think if i were to have to include labor this vehicle has beyond 20k+ in goodies and Maintenance. The reason for me selling is mostly because ive had my joy with this vehicle. My hobby is building, modifying and restoring cars. I have more projects and im running out of space. All of my vehicles are garage kept, i cant keep my babies outside. So for maintenance and modifications on the drive line of vehicle, vehicle did make the notorious lifter tick when purchased it wasnt very loud but that kind of thing can drive someone like me crazy, i replaced lifters with 3sx big bore lifters, while i was at it new intake gaskets valve cover gaskets and t body. while i had all of that off, i replaced the entire fuel system to a fuel lab system, its very overkill for the currently power level but there is plenty of room to grow here : ) supra pump in tank and dsm 450cc injectors. replaced all spark plugs, wires and coil packs, replaced every coolant hose in the vehicle. including upgrading the radiator to a 3sx double row. Inter-cooler has been upgraded aswell as every turbo pipe hot and cold with 3sx intercooler kit. both turbos were replaced with factory 9b's before purchase these a currently still in vehicle. new k&n filter kit aswell as BOV and Manual Boost Controller, replaced timing belt, water pump andTensioner with factory timing belt kit. About 1kmi on all of these parts as i only drive it to car shows and occasionally on the weekend.Vehicle runs smooth, makes no abnormal noise and doesn't smoke, its a very sound and healthy engine, very fast. All of the brakes are brand new, New calipers, rotors and pads. aswell as dot 4 brake fluid, ive replaced the driveshaft to a carbon fiber unit, every fluid,transmission, transfer case and rear end is all running Redline fluids no leaks! I also replaced the axles in the front as the boots had torn, replaced the coil springs with vogland lowering springs for use with the factory esc, renegade techworks esc controller for the esc. Theres not many nuts and bolts i havent touched on the vehicle in and out in the restoration mod process. The clutch does not slip i have not replaced it either but it is still in great condition. no grinds/pop outs. rear steering works leak free and feels amazing when it kicks in over 30mph. Over all this car has been my baby and i know im forgetting things that ive done to it, But its never let me down, inside vehicle there is a oil pressure/ coolant temp/ and boost gauge in the dash where the factory gauges used to be. these are carbon fiber as i accented the suede interior with carbon fiber. also apexi neo and wideband gauge hidden in the glovebox, ive kept the factory rear cat back exhaust on the vehicle, from the trubos to the catback are 3in 3sx downpipes with test pipe the car sounds beautiful you can hear the turbos whistle through the exhaust system while sitting at idle its very addicting. This vehicle has been my pride and joy over the last 3 years, i urge you to bid and make an offer, this vehicle needs a loving home to keep it on the road and keep the nostalgia alive, theres not many more of these left on the road and this is a great example of how they can truly perform, Theres great options to ship withhttps://www.uship.com/, And also inspections are encouraged for the weary, ive never bought a car online so i know it might be somthing i would doinspectmyride.com, Any questions feel free to email me Si.titan7@gmail.com.i hope this ad gets my baby somewhereshes appreciated. Thank you for your time and for looking at my ad.Mike.