Intermeccanica Italia inspired Ferrari Nembo Spider Borla Injection

1969 Ferrari Other SPIDER

Condition: Used
Make: Ferrari
Model: Other
SubModel: SPIDER
Year: 1969
Mileage: 28,100
Color: RED
Transmission: MANUAL
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: TAN
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Beverly Hills, California, United States
Air Conditioning
Leather Seats

Description for Ferrari Other 1969

This particular Italia was previously owned by a senior analyst with the Sports Car Market publication.
Quoted from Bloomberg Business:
"Italias are striking cars that offer handsome styling with hand-formed steel bodies that were made in Turin between 1967 and 1972. Classic & Sports Car, n a 1993 article, tated, The Italia may be one of the most gorgeously styled cars ever made, ut you may never have heard of it. The Italia is one of life's great mysteries; it's an especially beautiful car. It also looks curiously familiar...a touch of the Nembo Ferrari, r a NART Spyder, specially the grille. The only identification is the two small badges on the flanks that say Carrozzeria IM and are adorned with rampant bull emblems. What is it? A Lamborghini? Nope. What you are looking at is a genuine Intermeccanica Italia."

You don't want to spend $700,000 to $1,000,000 on a Shelby AC Cobra? (British car with Ford engine), r $18,000,000 on a 250 Ferrari Spider or a $1,000,000 on a Daytona Spider or perhaps $800,000 on a Maserati spider? Then this might just be the car for you. A mid-1960s designed sports car, uilt in Torino Italy, esigned by one of the greatest automobile designers of all time--Franco Scaglione.

Included is a $6,000 Borla downdraft fuel injection system, anifold, hrottle bodies, iring harness and fuel injection computer....looks like four downdraft webers but with modern fuel injection performance and reliability!

Scaglione designed some of the greatest cars in history, ncluding the most stunning trio of automobiles in a series ever made, he Alfa Romeo B.A.T.s, s well as the Giulietta Sprint and Sprint Speciale and many others Alfas. Scaglione then worked with Carlo Abarth and Porsche where he designed the Porsche 356 B Abarth Carrera GTL, he acclaimed design forerunner of the 911. Then Scaglione conceived the most desirable of all Lamborghinis, he Lamborghini 350 GTV, he very first Lamborghini. He also designed the stunning ATS 2500 GT and the 1900 Skyline Sprint for the Japanese Prince company.
In 1967, hortly after designing this car, he InterMeccanica Italia, caglione designs the legendary Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, rguably the prettiest sports-racer ever designed.
With this Italia you are not just buying a are buying a rare piece of Italian art from a true Artisan.
This Italia features a spectacular color combination, ne I fell in love with years ago when I saw a Ferrari on the grass at Pebble Beach (see pic) similarly configured.
Only 354 Italia spiders and coupes were ever constructed during a six year period from the late 1960s to the early 70s, aking this a Ferrari Daytona era car but much rarer than the Daytona. From 1968 on Ferrari produced 1,406 Daytonas, oupes and convertibles, early 4 times as many Daytonas were produced when compared to the Italia. (By comparison, errari will be making 9,000 cars a year whereas only
According to the Italia registry this car was produced in 1969.
Some say the Italia's styling is very similar to the Ferrari Nembo Spyder designed by Tome Meade, friend of mine until he passed away a couple of years ago, nd a car worth millions of dollars.
Here's something you don't see everyday for a used car: I'm offering a SIX MONTH GUARANTEE! IF AFTER 180 DAYS / SIX MONTHS YOU NO LONGER WANT THIS CAR, OR ANY REASON, ETURN IT IN THE SAME CONDITION YOU RECEIVE IT AND YOU WILL GET A FULL REFUND! I know I'm selling this car now for less than it is worth.

This car was last sold publicly at auction by RM way back in 2007 and we all know how the collector car market has gone up since then.
This Italia features power windows and rare factory AC.

In addition, t features elements unique to this car which I've been told were specially ordered by a customer, ncluding unique door handles and a period trendy front lower valence. Apparently these cars, ike the Miura, ecame light at high speeds and so this valence was installed to keep the car better planted to the motorway.
HOWEVER, have taken the car out of storage and I have REMOVED the front valence. I prefer the 1950s/1960s vintage look better without the valence. Of course, he valence will come with the car for the purchaser's discretion.

I have purchased a new custom gas tank with new sending unit. (Original unite is included.)

I've also ordered a new lightweight, ighly efficient aluminum radiator. (Good condition original radiator included.)

I purchased the car a number of years ago and it has been covered and stored in a garage. The body shows no signs of rust. The paint was likely done many years ago and no rust has come through anywhere that I can see.
You could drive it as it is or restore it, epending on whether you want a more original look or a the new concours look.
I will paste the RM Description below, ut for those who are unfamiliar with this car, he great thing about it is it provides true sexy Italian metal bodywork, esigned and built by artisans in Turin Italy, ith rugged and reliable classic American V8 power, Ford 351 Cleveland V8. So unlike an old Ferrari, amborghini or Maserati, ou can run down to your local Pep Boys and buy a water pump or tune up kit or have Jiffy Lube change your oil.
In addition, few tweaks to the Cleveland motor, he same engine found in the Pantera, nd the Italia will simply blow the doors of a Daytona.
RM recently sold a navy blue Italia Spyder for nearly $200,000. That car had the wrong aftermarket gauges and numerous other issues that were not right with that car.
This car is a classic "resale red" with a full tan interior, he most desirable color combination with a rare tan interior and it features all its original instruments. It also had significant maintenance work by the prior owner.
After 47 years I figure its time for a new gas tank so I'm having a customer aluminum tank fabricated to improve safety, educe weight and ensure this car's V8 received perfectly clean fuel.
After taking the Italia out of the garage and seeing it sparkle in the sunlight with its unique colors, 'm really tempted to drive it for a few months and then make it the prettiest/best Italia out there and then set the market at $250k to $300k. (Which is why I am offering the buy back after six months if the buyer no longer wants the car.)
With collector cars the moment to buy often comes and goes. How many times have you heard stories of how someone could have bought a particular sports car for $40k and today its worth $800k?
I suspect there are far fewer than 300 convertibles Italias left in the world and as with all other Italian chrome bumper sports cars from this era prices are rapidly escalating. Timing is everything.

Specifications: c. 300 hp, 51 cu. in. Ford Cleveland V8, our-speed manual transmission, ive rear axle, ront and rear disc brakes with booster. Wheelbase: 94.5"
In 1959 chemical engineer Frank Reisner combined his fascination with automobiles and professional talents to establish Carrozzeria Automobile Intermeccanica. Born in Hungary in 1932 and raised in Canada, e raced sports cars and "specials" in the late fifties before moving to Italy. Here he designed a racing chassis for Giannini Automobile, pa, ome, ut soon relocated to Turin to build speed equipment.
Over the next few years Reisner built numerous cars including the Apollo GT, hich was based on Buick mechanicals, or International Motor Cars of San Francisco. These stylish Italian-bodied sports cars helped firmly establish Carrozzeria Intermeccanica as an automobile manufacturer, espite the fact 1963-65 production was limited to about one hundred units.
Other Intermeccanica models followed -- from one-off prototypes to the Corvair-powered Phoenix constructed for John Fitch. After a few sour arrangements Reisner was left with 142 completed chassis in Turin. He went to Ford and secured a steady supply of 289 cubic inch V8 engines (later Cleveland and Windsor 351 cubic inch V8s), nd drivetrains for shipment back to his factory in Italy.
He arranged for a new distributor to sell his first true production car, he Torino, ut in 1967 the similarly styled 5-liter, ater the 5.7-litre Italia was unveiled. The Corvette-like Italia in Ferrari-inspired clothing sold well in America. Sports Car Graphic said in 1970, has the potential to be the Ford Motor Company's version of the 'Vette. And it's a lot more exciting." The 0-60mph time was 6.2 seconds.

This Italia is fitted with the rarely seen factory air conditioning and powered by the preferred Ford 351 cubic inch Cleveland V8 mated with a four-speed manual transmission. The engine is fitted with custom valve covers, new Edelbrock 650cfm 4V carb and Edelbrock Performer intake manifold. Its recent freshening also included addition of a new electronic ignition, ebuilt front end, ebuilt front and rear disc brakes, ew wiring harness, tainless steel exhaust system as well as a new fuel pump, he fuel system and lines, oses and belts and much more have been inspected, epaired or replaced where necessary.
Riding on new tires mounted on vintage Magnum 500 wheels, his Italia in fresh Milano Russo paint mates the best of Italian design and American Muscle. The fresh paintwork is in excellent condition as is its tan leather interior with black piping and tan cloth convertible top.
The dash and controls are all business, xemplifying the Italia's supercar nature, hile the leather seats, an carpets and power windows are concessions to the Gran Turismo side of the Italia.
Approximately 376 (354) Italia coupes and convertibles were built, hich, n comparison to some far more expensive Ferrari models, s very few in number, aking an Italia a truly rare American-powered, nternational supercar.