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1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback S-Code 4spd Bullitt

1967 Ford Mustang

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Trim: GT
Year: 1967
Mileage: 100,000
VIN: 7R02S174013
Engine: 390
Drive type: 4 speed
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: San Jose, California, United States

Description for Ford Mustang 1967

For Sale - 1967 Ford GT Mustang S Code VIN 7R02S174013. True GT S-Code 4spd car in Dark Moss green.
Marti report details Car was built in San Jose, old out of S & C Ford in San Francisco. Back then S & C Ford was one of the top dealers knownfor high performance vehicles, hey sold quite a bit of Shelbys and Cobras. This fastback has been in San Jose all it's life.I believe I am the third owner, purchased car in 1987 here in the San Jose area, he original engine had beentaken out, ot sure why, ut I made sure to bring it when I bought the car. The car had a very mild 302 engine in it. I have since then always ran smallblock engines in it. The 390 engine has been sitting on an engine stand the whole time so if you plan on putting that back in it will need to be refreshed.But as you can see it has the correct S CODE stampings, T exhaust manifolds and correct 4bbl carb. I believe I also have the air cleaner as well.
The current engine is a small block ford race 302 full roller motor, t has the e 303 race cam, dlebrock performer aluminum heads, nd victor jr intake,7qt race oil pan, SD ignition. The engine only has about 2,000 miles on it, f that. I have used the car as a show and track car. The engine runs strong onthe track and is also very streetable and reliable. This engine runs very, ery cool with the aluminum big block radiator.
The trans is the original big block toploader, o it does have the shorter input shaft, he small block top loaders have a longer shaft. So running a smallblock on this requires a special input shaft bushing that is longer. A scatter shield is also used. Clutch is a Mcleod performance series, o it is a bit heavy.But not too bad on the leg.
Rear end is the original 9 inch big block setup so it is a 3.0 gearing, hich doesn't take full advantage of this engine, hould have at least 3.70 gears forthis setup but I did want to keep it stock and original, hese gears are great for the big block setup. It does cruise very nice on the highway with these gears.Rear drum brakes which were just re done at Borelli Motorsports.
The brakes have been changed over to manual brakes and the booster was removed, like the real feel of manual brakes. It requires more pressureand more leg power but for me not having the booster and having a better feel of the brakes was a better trade off. You could always switch it back.I do have the other brake pedal setup.Front brakes have brand new rotors, ads with rebuilt Kelsey Hayes calipers.
Steering is also manual, ower steering was removed from this car a long time back. The suspension was recently rebuilt. Features some nice,upgraded parts from Cobra Automotive, ncluding a massive hollow front sway bar, ustom fabricated reinforced center link only made byCobra Automotive, ew steering box, oni shocks in the front, ll new bushings, all joints, pring perches. You can see the original paint markings onthe Big Block Springs. New rear leaf springs are the reverse mid eye 5 leaf high performance springs from Mustangs Plus. The car handles quite nice onthe track. Alignment was done by Freeman Automotive in San Jose.
Paint is great. It looks very very nice for having been re-painted in 1996, he Dark Moss Green is the original color, n 68 they changed name toHighland Green the Bullitt color. All fenders are original to the car, ar was stripped down to metal, ad a couple of very small rust bubbles underthe back window but that was removed and fixed. Car was shot in it's original color. All glass is original, lthough the front windshield recently got asmall chip in it, oming back from Monterey Auto Week last year a truck kicked up a rock and it hit the window, ck, o it has a very small crack thatcould be sealed and left as is or you could replace the glass. Weatherstripping on side roll up windows is also original and does need to be replaced,but that is something I just never got around to as it never bothered me. The car also has the rear louvers in the tail light section, hese were sittingin the trunk when I bought the car so I believe to be original dealer items not repros.
Floor pans are all original and in fact have the original undercoating red oxide paint which shows the heat drip marks in the paint from the factory.Not something you see too much these days. This is a very clean, riginal dry California car.
Interior was re done about 15 years ago, till shows very nicely. The interior is a different one in this car. It features a green carpet, ot black as mostgreen cars had. This is how this car was made, he original carpet was green. In fact the carpet on the rear fold down seat is still the original carpet,that was not replaced when the interior was redone. Unfortunately the original seats are gone, urrently the car runs Pro Car Race seats with 4 pointharness belts. Rear seats are still the original black seats in very good condition. No rips or tears or stains. I had a rear fiberglass shelby style deck inthe back for a long time so the rear seats were stored and subsequently not used at all for a long time. Headliner is in perfect condition. Dash is alsoflawless with no rips or cracks. Car has the deluxe aluminum bezel cluster, his is original not repro. Also has the deluxe door panels, ot in the bestshape but are nice. Aluminum on the door panels has a little wear and small scratches.The car has a bolt in roll bar installed, ear side interior panels have the cutouts for the roll bar but was done to look almost factory a very clean mount.
Battery is mounted in the trunk, he trunk liner mat I believe is also original. It is stained but since I believe it is original I have never replaced it.
The car currently does not have a heater, ut the unit will go with the car.
This car runs strong. Has a nice throaty, ld school race sound. The exhaust has a crossover tube and runs glasspaks. They are older ones and probablyshould be replaced at this point. This car is a driver not a trailer queen or just for the shows. It loves to get out and gallop at full pace. Yet it is not toocrazy so you can still cruise around town on a nice sunday afternoon.
Real S CODE cars are rare, spd even rarer, T's even more so and in this original color, ven rarer. As you can see this car does havesome restomod bits such as the fiberglass shelby hood, he front shelby style fiberglass race apron, ront bumper is fiberglass as well.But...all the original parts come with this car, eaning original turn signal hood, riginal front valance, hrome front bumper, s mentioned I do not havethe original seats. But have the original wood GT steering wheel, T fog lamps and bars, riginal GT dual exhaust tips, riginal am radio and radio bezelmount, few boxes of brackets, mall parts and various misc. items all go with the car along with the original GT 390 engine.
This car has never undergone a complete nut and bolt restoration. The car has been well preserved and well maintained. Garaged for as long as I have had it.Therefore it is what I like to think still in a close condition as to when it was first sold. It can easily be put back to it's stock condition if you so chooseor can be left as is or modified a bit more. Obviously the 390 engine being put back in would be the final touch. I just preferred to run it with small blockengines throughout the years.
I have never been in an accident with this car, hen I bought it it had a few very small dents which were fixed. It is a very very straight car.
The tires are almost brand new, hey run on vintage torque thrust 15 inch rims.
Shelby signature NOT included in the auction, hat piece will be replaced with same alum dash piece. If you would like to offer an added price to final auction price offers are considered.
As mentioned I do have all the original parts, f you are interested in buying this car with the original parts and not wanting some of the restomod itemswe could possibly make a different deal. My mustang restoration guy has his own shop and we could replace any of the items and install on the car foryou. So we can discuss all options and configurations.
The car is driver, ot a sitter. So it has a couple of very small little nicks here and there, othing serious or that noticeable but it does have a few little marks.I am not saying this is a concours restored car, t is a car to be driven and have fun with as I have for the past 28 years or so.This is a car that was made in San Jose and has stayed in San Jose.
Ask questions, ome and inspect and drive it.
Why am I selling? I have a shelby project I want to complete. Between that and my vintage race Porsche I need some space and extra dollars.
more pics and a video to come as well. Please request any specific information or pics and I will provide. Contact me for info.
As with most used cars, his is sold as is. The car is almost 50 years old, here will always be items to address and repair. Buy with confidence.Do your homework and inspection of car. As mentioned we can reconfigure some of the parts and build to your wants, e can discuss prices.
Clean title.
Buyer responsible for any shipping fees, an help with any details in regards to getting car picked up.
Payment must be in cash or certified bank check, unds must clear before title is delivered.
Note Black headlight covers will be removed, eadlights are behind that and functioning correctly, ual side view mirrors will be put back on. Drivers side view mirror is a remote mirror.
Thank you and good luck.