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1973 FORD BRONCO U15 wagon 4x4 Early Bronco

1973 Ford Bronco

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Bronco
Type: SUV
Trim: 4X4
Year: 1973
Color: Gray
Fuel: Fuel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4X4
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Stockton, California, United States
4-Wheel Drive, Convertible

Description for Ford Bronco 1973

Ok, heck out this bad boy here. Here we have a modern classic dented up and rusty 1973 Bronco. A true throwback to the velvet, ell bottoms, nd disco era! While this is a totally bitchin' classic vehicle, t has been updated with some modern conveniences. For example, nstead of the piddly stock two gas tanks that hold a total of just 27 gallons of fuel, his fire breathing, uel sucking, oxious gas producing behemoth has three (yes three!) gas tanks that hold a combined total of nearly 45 gallons of fuel. Just think about how lite your wallet will be after filling up at three bucks a gallon! Since you'll only have cash left over to buy your wife or girlfriend dinner at McDonald's, ou certainly aren't getting laid tonight. But don't worry! With the top off this bad boy, ust cruise by the local beach or swimming pool and watch the bikini babes flock. Manage to get any of them to go for a ride, nd the bikini tops will certainly fly off in the wind generated by the old school carbureted 302 V8 engine. The modern gas tanks not enough of a selling point for you? Well, here's more! Check out that groovy wooden dash overlay. Handcrafted out of some scrap pine and routered out using the somewhat steady hand of my 89 year old chain smoking uncle, t gives the 73 Bronco a totally modern 80s feel reminiscent of a total chick magnet country squire station wagon. How can you turn this bad boy down?

Still not convinced this is the vehicle for you? Think about the current trend in micro housing and just look at how you can fit a mattress in the back of this thing. With the two lush and comfortable modern high back bucket seats in the front, t's just like having a bedroom and living room in the same vehicle. Sit with a partner watching a steady stream of local night life through the windshield before retiring to a good night's sleep in the cozy comfort of the 5'x4' bed. Gives new meaning to the terms lover's retreat!

This total pimp mobile is further enhanced with new wiring throughout, ower steering so you can hold your lady's hand whilst cruising your favorite stretch of asphalt, ftermarket gauges inlaid in the previously mentioned spectacular wooden dash, raction bars in the rear to help with those smoky burn outs, Hurst floor shifter to be the envy of all your friends, lectric fuel pump to go all night long, fresh rear end job (sexy, exy), nd a four barrel upgrade to milk every pony available from the 42 year old drivetrain.

Unfortunately, ue to so much previous badassedness, here are some issues that need to be addressed before the party continues. From the beach days, here are rust issues in many of the common Bronco places. From being pounded hard on the trail and from behind (don't we all enjoy it?) there are dents that are visible and dents that have been repaired with spread on (kind of like a strap on) plastic filler - thicker in some places, nd boy do we like it thick!, nd there is a fatigue issue - Bronco won't go all night (or even around the block) stalls out for some reason that I have not been able to pin point. Next step is replacing the distributor which will hopefully get the party back on track and if that doesn't work, little viagra in the gas tank will surely do the trick.

Asking price for this unbelievable party mobile and piece of nostalgia is a cool twelve and a half million. Other offers considered using the Make an Offer button up there. The 67 or whatever of you just sitting any watching this, hy wait??!?!?!?! When it actually sells, ou'll have no idea how much it sold for as ebay doesn't disclose that info to the general public, nd you'll just be sitting there disappointed that you missed out on being such a legend through ownership. Nothing left to do at that point but fap into your hat over the loss.

Have fun, eep dreaming, o big or go home. Buy a Bronco today!