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1966 Ford Thunderbird TOWN HARDTOP COUPE

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Thunderbird
Year: 1966
Mileage: 105,925
VIN: 6Y81Q152506
Transmission: C-6 AUTOMATIC
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: NAVY BLUE
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Southfield, Michigan, United States
Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Cassette Player

Description for Ford Thunderbird 1966

NOTE: The odometer reads 5,925 (105,925) But there all mechanical restoration work took place at 101,500, o there is really only 4,425 Miles on this vehicle.
Officially 50 years old this year, he 1966 Thunderbird was the final model year of the "Jet Bird" T-Birds (1964-66) and what most T-Bird enthusiasts will tell you, he Thunderbird itself.
One of the American auto industry's greatest nameplates,Thunderbird is the Southwest Indians' God of Rain and Prosperity.
Designed by Joe Oros, he 1966 Thunderbird would rise to become the most collectible Bird not manufactured between 1955-57.
Gone from Oros's '64 and '65 model Tbirds was 500 lbs of chrome, ostly from the front end. A light weight caste egg crate grille replaced it, porting a larger than life chrome Thunderbird. Carried over from the 1965 model was the sequential turn, ut now the rear headlights were comprised of one row of nine bulbs behind three red lenses. At night, he rear of a 1966 Thunderbird with its lights on is clearly distinguishable from all other cars.
New for 1966 was the 428 CID engine option to the traditional 390 most cars came with.
Finally, he 1966 Thunderbird was offered in five different models. The Hardtop which had rear quarter windows, nd the Landau which was the Hardtop with a landau covered roof. Next up the chart was the Town Hardtop (no landau covered roof) and Town Landau. which had no rear quarter windows in order to offer what would be Ford's first personal luxury car. At the top of the list was the convertible.
In 1984, ne of my work colleagues and I were discussing our favorite cars.
I informed him that when I was five years old, y mother had an Emberglo colored 1966 Ford Thunderbird, nd that when she and my father went out at night, would sneak into the driveway with her key, nd turn the directional signal on so that I could watch the sequential turn signals, -2-3, -2-3.
A week later, e invited me over to his father's house in Detroit and while I stood outside in the driveway, e pressed the garage door remote. As I stood there, he door slowly lifted to reveal the front end of a white 1966 Ford Thunderbird Town Hardtop.
Later that evening his father returned home and we talked about the car. He had purchased it in South Carolina from its original owner as a gift for his oldest daughter. The problem was, he didn't want it, o he brought it home to Michigan where it sat in the garage for five years.
By the end of the night I had purchased it and commenced what would be a personal obsession, o take this beauty back in time to March 31, 966 when she rolled off the line at Ford's Wixom Michigan assembly plant.
In 1989, he 428 CID engine was pulled and sent to Booth-Aarons, very well respected and regarded engine repair shop in Berkley, ichigan, here it was bored out to 440 CID and upgraded with a new cam, rank, nd most importantly, itanium valve seats so that lead additive would no longer be required.
With the engine running at idle, could put a dime on the air cleaner nut and it didn't move.
Next was the C-6 transmission, he rear end, he entire suspension system, he brakes, ydraulic, nd vacuum system, nd all the remaining mechanical parts including the air compressor, vaporator, eater core, nd most of the electrical.
The 4 BBL carburetorwas also overhauled
Ten years later it was the interior and exterior's turn. While it was a frame on restoration, he car was soda blasted down to the bare metal and all Bondo and filler removed, nd the damaged left quarter panel removed and a new one welded on.
The chrome plating all show chromed and the stainless all replaced with new old stock parts. Even the front egg crate grill and the large Thunderbird adorning it were brand new right out of the box.
A power antenna was installed as was the right side mirror, oth of which were options, ut not ordered on this car.
New carpeting was installed and the seats reupholstered with new foam and leather quality vinyl fabric.
The finishing touch was the five custom made Coker red stripe white wall tires that matched what Ford put on this car in 1966.
Three years ago I had her back in for routine adjustments and minor repairs to insure she remains in tip top shape andappearance.
Is she perfect? No as there are still some faults, uch as the trunk leaks when it rains or you wash the car. Most likely it's through the rear vent (my mother's '66 did the same thing) and this has lead to some rusting under the trunk liner but it can be sanded and repainted.
There is a small paint blister on the left rocker panel forward of the left rear wheel, ut this looks more like a paint issue than rust. This is also easily repairable.
On the good side, he engine purrs, he transmission shifts smoothly, he a/c blows cold and the heat hot.
The paint is clear coated Wimbledon White with a hint of a creamy cast to it. It has a glazed glossy look to it and gleams.
The interior is two-tone blue, ith the headliner a sky blue and the rest of interior a dark blue.
Up front, his car has the rare Q code 428 CID engine putting out 400 horsepower.
She rides like a dream with power to spare yet she has very nimble handling characteristics.
Multi-piston front disc brakes and rear drums stop her quickly.
Finally, installed a 4 speaker AM/FM Cassette radio as the original system is AM only.
I've had her for 31 years and I don't have the time or the ability to enjoy her as much as I would like. When I purchased her, he had only 98,000 miles. Today she's approaching 109,525, f which only 4,425 miles is post-restoration.
I want her to go to a good home where she will be maintained and enjoyed, ut I'm not giving her away. I know what I have into her and what she is worth.
Sure, here are many Thunderbirds out there, ut not many like this. Someone can claim that his car is all original and only has 12,000 miles on it, ut that's bunk. Mileage doesn't kill a car, ime does and cars this old require mechanical restorations no matter how little they are driven, ecause rubber, askets, oses, nd metal all degrade.
This car has been very well maintained, ou might even say spoiled. She was my first of many classic cars and is one of the last I am parting with.
The one thing on this car I have never been able to get to work right is the clock. I had the original one overhauled multiple times and finally replaced it and guess what? Same problem. Sorry, ut they never did keep good time and why should this one be an exception?
To start her, t is necessary to pull up on the parking lever. Most of these Birds worked the same way. I never adjusted the neutral start switch as this acted as a theft deterrent.
She comes with 1966 Ford Thunderbird shop manual.
She has been constantly stored in a facility with infrared heating that keeps the air at a dry 50 degrees in the winter.
She also comes complete with a dark blue cotton lined satin cover and carrying bag.
Feel free to contact my agent "GREG" at 248-766-2403 to make any arrangements to view this beauty in person.
I am not presently carrying liability and collision insurance on her, o any test drive will be limited to the vicinity of where the vehicle is stored.
If you have any questions, lease email them directly to me via Ebay.
When it comes to Buyers making offers, here is always at least one turd in the punch bowl that either thinks he is funny, r who honestly believes a Seller is stupid enough to take an offer of less than 20% of the listing price. I have already been contacted by such a person and I find one such foolish offer to be more than sufficient.
Offers are supposed to be realistic and reasonable so please, ithhold making me any offers until you perform your due diligence to see what the going value of this car is. I would suggest that you use such a guide as NADA Classic Car Values.
$500 deposit due via PayPal within 24 hours of the purchase of vehicle. (IF YOU DO NOT HAVE OR USE PAYPAL, MAIL ME FOR OTHER ARRANGEMENTS)
Balance due in full via bank wire within 72 hours of purchase.
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Upon receipt of your deposit, will contact you with my banking information.
Upon receipt of full payment, will FEDEX you the executed title.
In the event the full balance of the purchase price, ess the $500 deposit, s not received within the 72 hours of Buyer's "purchase" of this item, eller reserves and retains the right to declare the Buyer to have defaulted on the terms of this listing and to terminate such sale and relist the vehicle for sale to another party. The $500 deposit will be retained by Seller as "liquidated damages" and Seller will owe no duty to Buyer or any other purchaser to apply such funds to the final purchase price of this vehicle, r to refund such sum to the defaulting Buyer.
Subsequent to making full payment, ou will be required to contact Greg to arrange having the vehicle picked up. He can also assist you with arranging shipping, r answering any logistic questions you may have.
Shipping of this vehicle, ncluding all costs associated therewith, s solely the responsibility of the Buyer.
Vehicle must be picked up no later than ten days from the date of purchase or a storage fee of $200 per month will be applied and due payable to me prior to the vehicle's release.
Seller conveys no warranties nor makes representations of such nature, ither expressed or implied, ertaining to the sale of this vehicle, nd/or the Buyer's purchase thereof.
Vehicle Sold As Is.
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