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1973 FORD Bronco - Uncut - ORIGINAL Paint - Limestone Green

1973 Ford Bronco

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Bronco
Type: Wagon
Year: 1973
Mileage: 81,261
VIN: U15GLR62257
Color: Limestone Green Metallic
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Parchment / Wimbledon White / Green
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Campbell, California, United States
Power Brakes

Description for Ford Bronco 1973

We are selling our 1973 FORD Bronco.
We hope that our picture package does a good job at showing the Bronco's condition along with this write up below that describes it in detail.
From what we remember we are the 2nd owners of this Bronco, ossibly the 3rd?
This Bronco was originally purchased from Capitol FORD in San Jose, alifornia on April 13th, 973.
I remember the last owner used to use the vehicle a lot with his family going to nearby lakes and pulled a fishing boat with it on some of the trips.
The mileage on the odometer reads 81,261 which very well could be the actual mileage based on the original paint condition and the valve cover / engine paint but since these Broncos only go up to double digits on the odometer, t could possibly 181 as well?
Since we have owned it, e have spent time fixing odds and ends on the Bronco, riving it around town and just enjoying it as a cool truck that gets a 'thumbs up' everywhere we go.
As for the condition, e have seen other Broncos in terms of rust, aint, ents, riginality and we think ours is pretty nice for its 42 year old conditions. These Broncos are known to gather rust in certain places and ours did in just a few areas. The floors are known to gather rust from the condensation/water that gets trapped between the metal floors and the stock rubber floor mats that come originally with these Broncos. Ours did take on this effect over the years so we cut out the lower floor pans and replaced them with the factory re-manufactured stock ribbed floor pans. The inner fenders also gather rust on these Broncos and ours does show small signs of it on the inner fenders, ake a look at the pictures included. The last part that is common on the Bronco is water getting trapped in the lower tailgate and shows signs of rust. Ours did get some rust in the lower right tailgate as well but does not affect the functionality or the exterior appearance. We decided to keep the original tailgate making this Bronco complete with all its original body panels except for the small floor areas that were replaced. There is a couple of dings on the body and we took pictures at the best angles we could to show them. The original radios tend to get replaced over the years and ours did back in the 80's, he original radios are available but we never got around to replacing that. We do have the dash pad that was taken out and fixed with an original fit dash cover. The windshield needs to fold forward to install the pad and we just never got around to installing it, he dash pad will come with sale of Bronco.
The front seats were re-upholstered back in the late 80's and are original to pattern. The rear seat is still original and is in pretty good condition. The steering box is still in pretty good shape but does have a little play for being 42 years old. All the windows/glass is original to the Bronco except for the windshield, think by the name of the glass it has been replaced at one point. As far as the paint, es it is the original paint job from the factory. The paint on the top of the hood/fenders has gotten thin over the years which is why the wear is showing.
The front grill area, part of the hood and fender the last owner sprayed some primer on them to protect the metal. We ordered the original color code 'U' Limestone Green Metallic and had those surfaces touched up. The paint touch up looked way better then the metal showing or the grey primer. We chose that route because the rest of the Bronco still holds its original paint and luster and we didn't want to lose that patina or history. The hood, art of the L fender and the R fender all have either a blem or the paint missing. The grill had primer on it so that was repainted completely with the touch up paint. The Limestone Green is a very unique and rare color for these Broncos. To find a Bronco retaining its original paint over 42 years is rare so we chose to just touch it up here and there. Not sure what else we can tell you about the Bronco as far as defects or anything that might come across as a negative.
What we have seen and been told is that body is still very straight and clean and that the original paint looks cool. The body was looked at by a person that knows these Broncos and said that the body and especially the rocker panels and underside inner of these rocker panels are very clean and that those areas usually retain rust. Both doors open and close nicely, he rear tailgate opens and closes nicely and the rear hatch opens, loses and seals nicely. The 302 motor runs good with brand new exhaust that we added not too long ago. The motor does have a small oil leak which comes from the rear of the oil pan. The upper motor is oil free and very clean, n fact it still retains the factory stickers and yellow stamp on the valve cover which reads "EB OCE". We ordered the original factory 'Data Sheet' which list all the specifics on this exact Bronco. We also kept any original pictures and paperwork that came with the Bronco which is organized all in a folder that will come with the purchase of this Bronco to retain and respect its history from this point on.
Lets see, hat did I forget?
The Bronco has new shocks both front and rear - Monroe Gas Shocks
Bronco has a nice heavy duty receiver style hitch
Bronco has its original Blue and Yellow California license plate
Bronco has the tire carrier (not mounted but comes with the sale of the Bronco)
Bronco has the dash pad that comes with sale of the Bronco
Bronco has power brakes which work nicely
Bronco has brand new electronic points
Bronco has 3:50 gearing
Bronco has a Dana J-Shift Transfer case
Bronco has very good Cooper Radial 235/75R/15 All Terrain Tires
Bronco has the original paint on both the hard top and 95% of the body
Other then that I think the pictures will best describe the Bronco and its conditions.
Please ask any questions or request any pictures and we will do our best to answer any request.
On Sep-26-15 at 09:28:53 PDT, eller added the following information:

The oil leak could be the rear main or the U gasket on the back side of oil pan, ere not sure? The oil tends to flow backwards towards the trans after driving so its hard to detect exactly where it comes from but it seems to start at that middle point. I have heard of some engines being able to slip in a new rear main 'rope style' if that is the source? Or they also said it could be the U gasket on the cradle of the pan? Not sure but it would be nice to have that leak all clean.
I have had a lot of comments on how nice the Bronco looks. Yes it is a nice looking Bronco other then those paint blemishes on the grill, ood, assenger fender and the complete driver side front fender. It would be cool if the driver side front fender and grill were professionally painted to match the original patina of the rest of the Bronco, hose 2 other blems give it character..
We really hope the pictures and description describe the Bronco and its paint flaws and character? We could only list 24 pictures and to show all areas of the Bronco was a task. It is also hard with the sun to show the true color that the Bronco really is and it is hard to show the blems and touch up paint on the drivers side fender and grill. The grill paint looks almost original in the pictures but that is re-painted and the drivers fender is repainted with some dryness/chalky to the appearance?
Please feel free to ask any questions and request any pictures, hank you.

On Sep-27-15 at 09:25:55 PDT, eller added the following information:

we have got some questions regarding rust and or if we would be willing to sell the Bronco outright.

As far as selling outright, e are planning to let the Bronco run its auction out and give all these people a fair chance to own the Limestone Bronco.

We can tell you the Bronco was a factory or dealer undercoat model so the body was protected a lot but then there is those very common spots that did take on some rust. Right where the water spits up from the front wheel which hits the inside of wheel well, here is a little there. There is that spot on the upper inner fender on the passenger side that I show in the pics. The floors which were replaced. The tailgate which we think is worth leaving there or possibly one day getting the front drivers fender and grill painted and then getting an original tailgate to paint as at the same time? The frame and axles and leaf springs are solid but have that random surface rust in places. As far as rust, would say the existing rust is not bad at all but I guess all personal exceptions vary. Please ask questions or request pictures if there is any concerns? We find the Bronco structurally sound and very nice looking.

One other thing that I forgot to mention in the ad, he e-brake cable is not hooked up inside the cab so is not functioning properly, he pedal sags down and cable needs attention.