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1931 Model A Ford Deluxe Delivery

1931 Ford Model A Deluxe Delivery

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Model A
SubModel: Deluxe Delivery
Type: Delivery
Year: 1931
VIN: A4099543
Drive type: 3 Speed
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Medford, Oregon, United States

Description for Ford Model A 1931

This is a project car, he Frame has been checked for straightness and square, t has been sand blasted and powder coated black, the front axle is the original axle with the heavy duty front spring used on Deluxe Deliveries. We also have the original rear spring, oth items need restoration. Most of the Body sheet metal has been stripped to bare metal and DP90 primer/sealer installed. We have every piece of sheet-metal required to make a complete car, ncluding the very hard to find items such as the step plates at the front doors, he inside rear corners that re-in-force the body. We have the complete wood kit from Classic Wood in North Carolina, hich includes all the wood needed to frame the body. The rear door wood has been replaced and the door skin is temporarily nailed to the frame. We have the rear door hinges, lso the very unique rear door latch. In 1931 the lock was not on the door handle but a separate lock build into the rear door right below the handle. We have the rear bumper brackets which are unique to this car. We also have the center metal roof rib, ll the metal brackets to assemble the wood frame. The gas tank has been cleaned, ressure tested and sealed by a local radiator shop. It is in primer and ready for paint. All rust repair has been made to the front cowl, here is not other rust repair required. The front seats have been upholstered in the correct material as original and are ready for installation.There is very little body work required, mall dents to hammered out and some minor filling of pits prior to painting. The car is from Southern California it was used by laundry, hen after WWII was purchased by a fellow in Fresno, t remained in a container until recently when restoration was begun. The engine has been rebuilt, s has the transmission. The engine has insert bearings, ew pistons, tainless steel valves and a touring cam. We will supply all parts to complete the car, ome are restored, ome not, he unrestored parts are in good restorable condition. We have the special inside rear window frame, he rear door has extra bracing in the new wood to allow for a roll up window, hould someone want to install that feature. We also have the original side gutters which are unique to this car, e also have the original rear gutter over the rear door. We have the correct metal spring cover for the rear compartment. We have a very nice set of 19" wheels, hat have been sandblasted and primed in powder primer, eady for the color coat. We have the correct 1931 Radiator shell and a rebuilt radiator, lso a fully restored cowl band and a set of correct head lights that need restoration.

Other items include the storage pan under the front seat, ery rare item, e can provide additional photographs of any item you like, e have a package of many additional photographs, lease send message and we will forward additional photographs.