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1989 Country Squire plus a 1991 Parts Car

1989 Ford Crown Victoria LX WAGON 5-DOOR

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Crown Victoria
Type: Wagon
Trim: LX Wagon 5-Door
Year: 1989
Mileage: 234,183
VIN: 2FABP79F5KX212746
Color: Burgundy wt Country Squire simulated wood trim
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic Overdrive
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Burgundy Velour
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Whitefield, New Hampshire, United States
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Windows, Power Seats

Description for Ford Crown Victoria 1989

Car #1: The red one. This is LuAnne the Land Barge. I bought her two years ago as a summer car/collectible. I can't tell you how many compliments and smiles we have gotten, nd kids LOVE riding in the rear seats and yelling things out the window. Since I've gotten her I've done a couple thousand dollars worth of work including: brakes, xhaust, nd tires. I even found the correct hood ornament and reinstalled that. I drive LuAnne all summer on a daily basis. She runs quiet and exceptionally smooth. I love this car and I'm only selling to make way for another car that I couldn't refuse.

The pictures don't really show the dent on the drivers door where someone hit a deer. The door is perfectly functional, t's just that there's a dent there, long with a small dent in the roof and some on the hood. The pictures also don't show how clean and rust free this car is. Everyone that has looked at this car has been amazed - the underside is extra clean. I had it oil undercoated even though I have no intention of ever driving it in the winter. Some things don't seem to work: the heater blows but not hot, he power door locks don't work (parts car does). I see no evidence of oil leaks or oil burning but the car uses a lot of oil. Also the three way gate doesn't seem to function as a tailgate — I see the issue but I'm not sure how to fix it. Refer to the parts car for a solution.

My intention has been to make LuAnne beautiful again. To that end I've been working on her little by little — and that's where the parts car comes in. The two ashtray pics are before and after, took the door trim off the parts car and put it in LuAnne.

The parts car is not mandatory - if you don't want it you can leave it.

Car #2: 1991 Country Squire, he one parked on blue. It's almost identical except, think, he dash and steering column (airbags etc). This is a particularly well maintained car that was owned by a somewhat fussy lady in my area. She sold it to a collector in my town, ut before doing so she ran it through the Ford dealership to make sure there was nothing wrong with it. It has a little over 100,000 miles on the engine and it runs smooth and quiet. Mechanically this car is very good. Also the trim and interior on this one are mint.

My plan has been to switch the engines at some point, s well as the driver's door and maybe the tailgate. The picture is before I started stripping it but all the parts are either on LuAnne or included with her.

Unfortunately for Car #2, he guy who owned it believed that if he kept it oiled he could drive it in the winter as long as he kept it clean. What ended up happening is that the frame is too rusted to drive anymore but much of the topside of the car is fine.



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I bought this car in May of 1998 for my wife, ho wanted something roomy to haul herself along with four kids and groceries in.

As far as the original history, can only tell you that the last owner ahead of me was a Doctor in Smithfield Virginia but the 1989 Colington Harbor sticker on the front bumper and lack of the usual front license-plate moulding option suggests it was originally purchased in North Carolina.

When we purchased it in 1998 it had 138,000 "ACTUAL" miles on it, ccording to the title. After 16 years of ownership, he odometer now reads "32183" which is 232,183 miles, r an additional 94,000 miles. That would be about 5,900 miles per year during the last 16 years and approx. 9,300 miles per year over the entire 25 years.

However, bought my wife a brand new 35+ mpg car after 7 years, o the bulk of the mileage was accumulated between 1998 and 2005. From 2006 onward, he '89 Country Squire LX saw only weekly use for short trips for a while and as a spare car for our emerging teen drivers to get to work.

In July of 2003, e bought a second Country Squire - a 1991 with 159,000 miles on it. With six licensed drivers in the household, aving two of these cars filled a need. Since I was in charge of maintenance and most of the repairs, aving virtual "twins" had its advantages when it came to having practice at certain jobs. Both cars suffered identical door-lock and power window failures in exactly the same sequences at the same years in each car's life! It helped to have already replaced power window motors, ater pumps, lternators, eater cores, tc. on one car and know what was involved in a dealer-rebuild of the steering gearbox by the time the symptoms appeared on the second.

In 2007, y second-oldest daughter spun the 1991 Ford into an embankment after drifting off of the pavement into a shoulder-rut and over-correcting in an attempt to recover. It was towed back to our place and after removing the debis from the fan, drove it under its own power to our remote driveway and parked it for good. The chassis was buckled from the impact and the tailgate had been forced open from inside by a heavy wooden platform that was being transported in the cargo area. I decided to keep the car for possible parts. It had just had new exhaust and $1000 worth of work done to the power steering before the accident. With the tailgate compromised, decided to remove and dry-storage the back doors in a shed. I also began stripping the still-functional engine down to the block. It is currently a fully rolling chassis with four inflated tires.

Since 2010, ll our kids have moved away and started families of their own. The surviving 1989 Country Squire has seen very little use since except an occasional trip to the gas station or recycling center only 5-10 miles rountrip each. My wife and I currently have 3x late model 30+mpg daily-use cars at our disposal and have little use for an 8-passenger wagon.

Please Read the Following Descriptions Carefully

and Review the Videos Before Submitting Questions:(I have tried to include as much detail about the car as possible)



The engine (SEE VIDEO LINK BELOW>>>)

was treated with Prolong shortly after purchase in 1999. It runs smooth, trong and quiet. It does not burn oil, attle or clatter. I drove it about 20 miles at highway speeds just this week and it runs great. Plugs, istributor, ires etc. have not been replaced since 2008. Although it currently runs just fine, tune-up with fresh parts couldn't hurt. I have monitored the area where I park and not noticed any leakage underneath, or any significant oil consumption between oil changes. I have a video on YouTube of the engine running and a walkaround to the exhaust. Please keep in-mind that camera microphones do not respond well to wind and the buffeting from the fan is not avoidable when bringing the video directly into the engine compartment.


engine running hood up and walkaround to tailpipe

The transmission

- shifts smoothly without any jerkiness. Fluid is clean and level. I am not aware of any noticable leaks.

The body

is rust-free with a straight frame. The paint is in fairly good condition for 25 years but looks best at about 10 feet.

It might be possible to do some polishing and touchup to bring it back but it is not worn-through or blistered anywhere as was fairly common for all but the most garage kept wagons. The major defects are on the driver's side and mostly around the front door. In 2000,10 point buck (deer) tried to cross the road in front of us on the way home on night about 14 years ago. We managed to brake and avoid hitting him head on, ut the deer's hooves slipped on the pavement and he ran into our door. The body dented the doorskin and his hooves left two dents in the lower anodized body moulding. Initially, t caused the door to bind on the edge of the front fender, o I removed the fender, orrected the door mounting and was able to undo some of the doorskin denting but it is a long way from being cosmetically "pretty". However, t closes and seals well and is otherwise just cosmetic.

There is also a small indent on the roof, bout 8" back from the windshield where a piece of tree-limb struck it. Otherwise, his is still a very presentable and restorable body.

The Interior

is exterior-matching red velour. The headliner, arpets, nd door panels are in very good condition. There are original floor mats which have taken 25 yrs of use and they are in fair condition. The seats do not have any rips or holes. However, here are pouches on the front seatbacks which the kids abused back in the day. They could use some attention if someone wants the interior perfect. Also, he rear seat was left folded down in the cargo-hauling position for several months and the local ambient humidity corroded some of the chrome plating on the seatbelts and left a few small patches of residue on the velour. It might be possible to brush or shave this off, ut I haven't attempted it. The folding "jump seats" are color-matched vinyl and the covers are in little-used condition.


- Is Ford's original 2-part "Premium Sound" cassette with an amplifier near the spare tire compartment. The display is badly faded, ass/treble/balance/fader controls are stuck and won't rotate. I recall the cassette had slipping issues. Otherwise, t will tune stations and has a usable sound. The power antenna motor runs but doesn't retract the mast.

Climate Control

- was Ford's deluxe Automatic CC as used in the Lincoln Town Car. Early on, omething in the complex control system failed so that the A/C and heat work fine but the fan only works on HIGH blower and a vacuum hose under the dash has to be switched seasonally to allow for heat. The A/C is the original Freon R12 system that was banned in 1996. It has not been recharged or modified and still blows cold.

Central Door Locks

- failed about 10 years ago - One door at a time. The motors were $150 a peice already then. We decided we could unlock a lot of doors for $750. (Ironically the door locks also failed in exactly the same order at the same age on the '91 Wagon two years later!)

Cruise Control

- Believe it or not, just tested it the other day and it STILL WORKS!

Windows - all had their motors replaced and regulators lubricated in 2005. The front windshield is free of cracks and chips. The rest of the glass is in good condition and everything opens and closes / seals as it should.


- window rolls down and up. New Ford tailgate window-gasket was installed in 2000. It locks / unlocks. The internal linkage that allows the tailgate to convert from swinging door to drop-gate is not currently working. The door swings but does not drop. I don't know if there are salvagable internal parts in the '91 tailgate that could correct this or not.

Lights and Horn

- all working. The two outboard 4x6" headlamps are an H4 conversion that use a replaceable H4 Hi/Low Beam halogen bulb instead of the OEM 4651 sealed-beam. They can be reverted back to 4651's by reversing two wires in the headlight connetor plug. The H4 was meant to be a mild custom with better photometrics.

All parking, rake, urn signal, idemarker, nd license plate lamps are functional.

Multiple horns had been added over the life of the car. There are currently 4x horns with 2x apparently non-functional and therefore disconnected. The 2x functioning horns provide a nice HI /LOW fanfare.


- are a typical electrical system weakness for this era Fords, ut these are currently working fine.

Power Mirrors

- both working from driver's side remote control as designed

Speedometer / Odometer

- and trip-set are fully functional. However, ue to a typical problem with a throttle linkage clip that comes off, escends into it, nd tears itup,the transmission was replaced prior to 1998 with a rebuilt one and it apparently has the wrong number of teeth on the speedometer output gear foran '89 wagon. As a result the speedometer is about 5 mph? too slow at 55 mph. Everyone here simply learned to drive with the speedo indicating a few miles under the desired speed and no one ever got a speeding ticket in this car. As I understand it though, t is "fixable" with the right gear - we just never bothered.

Automatic Level Control

- to the best of my knowledge, he pump still kicks in periodically when the car is unlevel due to parking terrain or added weight in the cargo area. New hi-pressure load levelers were installed several years ago.

Shocks and suspension

- seem to be fine. However, he Antique / Historical registration no longer requires a yearly State-certified professional inspection. Rubber bushings and such can deteriorate even without adding miles. I did not detect anything in the ride or handling of the car, or did I notice anything critical when I did the brake repair.

Exhaust System

- is the factory single exhaust with 2x catalytic converters. The system is currently tight with no leaks . It is also whisper quiet. SEE the 1st VIDEO at the walkaround to the tailpipe.

At some point in 16 years,I believe both cats were replaced. ( I recall because the muffler shop had EPA paperwork that had to be filled out each time because aparently the Fed believed at some point that there was no forseeable reason why a stainless steel cased cat should fail and therefore some sort of report had to be filed everytime one was removed and disposed of. The complete system with muffler, rom the cats to the tailpipe, as replaced less than a 1000 miles ago with an "aluminized system". (This was one step better than a standard all-steel exhaust but less expensive than stainless steel.)

I have been asked about the THRUSH muffler sticker on the tailgate, s to whether it has a loud aftermarket exhaust. It does NOT. I had installed a thrush muffler myself, t some point in 16 years, rior to the professionally-installed complete system. The sticker remains, he Thrush muffler DOES NOT.

Gear Indicator

- below the speedo has a cable or clip issue and does not accurately display which gear the shifter is in. We have simply counted the number of "bumps" clockwise when moving the shifter rather than taking apart the dash or column to attempt to correct this.

Fuel Gauge / Low Fuel Lamp

- Permanently indicates E and the yellow "Low Fuel" lamp stays on due to a failed sending unit in the gas tank. This happened about 2004 and the replacement part was already No Longer Available back then. We have had to rely on the odometer trip set, he trip computer, nd remain conscious to top the tank off regularly. The average MPG was about 17 City and 24 highway.

All Other Dash Lamps / Gauges

-such as turn signal indicator, igh beam, tc. are functional. Warning indicators such as Check Engine, il, lt, ot Engine, tc. illuminate and cycle with the engine ignition as they should.

Tires / Wheels

- still have enough tread to pass a state motor vehicle inspection, ut they are at least 6 years old and should be replaced.

As the LX model it came standard with the deluxe turbine (finned) alloy rims.

The factory original with raised "SPARE SPARE SPARE" lettered tread and the factory jack and lug wrench are still stowed in the tire compartment in the cargo area.


- is still the same one-finger, o-effort, ypical Ford P/S that italways has been since 1989.No pulling or drifting. The steering wheel is straight.

No leaks, roaning, r belt chirping when applied. The steering gearbox, ump, nd hoses were replaced at a local Ford dealer about 6 years after we got the car and it has been perfect ever since.


- seemedmore sensitve than usual during the recent drive.I assumed it might be a good idea to replace the front padas a matter of course. Uponinspection, decided togo aheadreplace the calipers, ins, ads, nd flex-hoses, s the calipers seemed a bit sluggish to rebound after release of the brake pedal. I also flushed / bled the brake fluid. Nice pedal responsewithout binding,pulling, hatter, queal, r fade.

Service Repair / Parts Record and Reciepts

- as I mentioned, he car was purchased for my wife as the kid-carrier and grocery getter - just the typical "family car".

. We never had any intention of someday reselling the car as some kind of a valuable classic. There was never any hint that we would still own the car 16 years later and that someday, buyer would be interested in a 12 year old receipt! Shop reciepts and records, s well as auto-parts store reciepts went into the glovebox as long as they were needed for the warranties of those parts or that service. As they aged, nd were no longer relevant, hey were disposed of.

Towing / Hauling

- this car does NOT HAVE A FORD TOWING PACKAGE INSTALLED featuring an auxilliary oil or transmission cooler, oes NOT have a trailer lamp wiring, nd has NEVER had any kind of holes drilled or frames welded to the back of the car for towing.That could be considered a positive asset to the car as these features COULD be retrofitted but up to-date, his Country Squire has never been subjected to the additional stresses on the frame or drivetrain of pulling a heavy boat or trailer.

Use / Driving Conditions

- We live in a rural suburb about 15 miles from any shopping centers etc. My wife as the almost sole -operator, as in her mid-thirtees to early fourties and has still to-date never had a ticket or been involved in an accident of any kind. She is a non-smoker. The car has never been smoked in during the 16 years we have owned it. As previously mentioned, he car saw mostly 35 mph rural secondary and 55mph local highway steady-speed driving and a few longer local trips to nearby cities within a 50-mile radius. It has rarely seen congested stop-and-go city / commuter type traffic. My children, s passengers, ere taught to be exceptionally respectful of personal property and with exception of the seatback storage pockets that did notbenefit fromattempts to store toys in them, here are no food, um, r dirt stains on the interior. The carpets (under the mats) are virtually immaculate. While the occasional home-improvement store purchase was transported, t was never abuse or treated like a pick-up truck. During the few months that my son used the car to travel to and from his job in-town, he vehicle's condition, ileage,and fluid levels were carefully monitored, nd he was constantly reminded of his obligation to return the car to us each day in proper condition or lose his driving privileges.

So while the odometer reflects 232,000 miles, hey have been primarily "highway miles".

Additional Videos:


(radio, orn, indows, ights demo and passing views of the interior)


(remote mirrors demo)


(tailgate demo)



Thiscar has remained in good driveable condition. The engine starts and runs quiet and strong without smoking or leaking. I recently found the brakes seemed a bit sensitive, o I checked and found some tendency to bind at the front calipers. The front calipers and pins, s well as new brake pads and flex hoses have all been replaced just thismonth to insure that there are no pending driveablilty issues.

Otherwise, t starts, ccelerated, urns, nd stops as it should. Things like front brake rotors, heel bearings, lternator, ater pump, elts, hrottle position sensor, EC relay, uel pump relay, ower steering pump and hi pressure hose, teering gearbox rebuild, luminized y-pipe exhaust / muffler / tailpipe, nd other countless things have been done within the last 6-8 years when there was very little annual mileage accumulated.

In the last four years it has become increasingly clear that we simply no longer have a need for this car. I have no intention of giving it a way or donating it. NADA lists the low retail for this car at a bit over $1,500.

I believe this is still a good car with plenty of miles left as-is or a good platform for a restoration.

"High" Mileage an Issue???

Keep in mind that Crown Victoria's were used by most State and local police departments for the first 80-100K miles andthen auctioned off as taxi's to go another 250K miles!!

Also, he 5.0L 302V8 has been one of Ford's most durable. highest mileage engines ever!

This LTD Crown Vic Country Squire LX

was Prolong treated in 1998 and has always had Mobil1. It runs smooth and quiet and does not burn oil!

Want an '89Country Squire LX with low mileage?

See how this car compares in price and condition to an almost identical lower-mileage one:http://www.lemonfree.com/car/Ford-LTD-1989/2FABP79F2KX108425?utm_source=claz&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=claz&utm_term=2FABP79F2KX108425

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1989 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire LX

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I have described the 1989 Ford Country Squire LX as accurately and in as much detail as I could think to include.

None of the photos, ideos, r descriptions are to be interpreted or meant to convey or infer any form of guarantee, arranty, r certification of the vehicle's condition. They represent the unedited conditon of the vehicle at the time of the listing and cannot insure against issues/problems/conditions that were not visibly apparent at that time or may develop afterward. However, his is still a 25 year old car.

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