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The Ultimate Pro Touring Mustang Fastback 1970 Mach 1 Pro Touring

1970 Ford Mustang

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Type: Fastback
Year: 1970
Mileage: 1,200
VIN: 0T05H113455
Color: BLACK
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: BACK
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Palm Beach, Florida, United States

Description for Ford Mustang 1970

Unique opportunity to acquire The Ultimate Pro Touring Mustang during Scottsdale's Auction week.

Starting tonight until next week auction houses Russo and Steele, ooding and Co, M Auctions, onhams, ecum, uctions America and Barrett Jackson take over Scottsdale AZ for the biggest auctions of the year.

There is not one single Modified Mustang Fastback in any auction lot that even comes close to this car we are offering out of the thousands of cars being offered this week in Scottsdale. Do your diligence and see for yourself. Mustangs like the one we are offering rarely come to market as the market is saturated with budget builds and bad Eleanor clones.

The real deal is right here!

The Ultimate Pro Touring Mustang Fastback

This is a bold statement but considering the offerings on the market over the past 5 years we feel this build clearly justifies our claim. Cars of this caliber RARELY come up for sale as most owner's commission top tier builders all over the USA to build their dream car and they sit in private collections for many years. Some of the wildest Pro Tour Mustangs built have had blank check funding totaling up to $700,000. The last incredible 69/70 Mustang Fastback to be sold to the public was the Ring Brothers Dragon which sold for $385,000+ buyers premium and sales tax 2 years ago in Scottsdale. The final cost was well over $400,000 for that killer car and there hasn't been another in that level since. These cars are Hot and in demand right now especially for one that is done right like what we are offering here. This Pro Touring Ford Mustang Mach 1 can be shown nationally at any Goodguys event with honors due to the level of craftsmanship and detail throughout. It can compete in the Optima Street Car Challenge and any race class eligible for such a vehicle. The Mach 1 was originally built for a private VIP client of ours who meticulously demanded the best so we designed and developed this car over the course of 2 years. The car is properly sorted and turn key. The brake system and suspension was developed and fine tuned for months by industry leading experts and professional race engineers and team drivers. The engine is so fine tuned you can drive it in 3 hour long traffic easier than a new 2016 Mustang and it runs cooler. This car not only looks incredible but it drives unlike any other custom build Mustang in the country and will out handle any other Pro touring car on the market with the right skilled driver behind the wheel and planted in the Porsche 997 seats. The excitement that this car gives you when you hunker down and fire it up is visceral and no modern car can ever compare. This Ford Mustang Mach 1 Pro Touring is a balanced and well executed masterpiece. Tenaciously fabricated and built with the precision of true artisan craft with the goal of creating the ultimate modified Mustang fastback in the world. Not overdone and Hot Rodded with shaved door handles and airbag suspension or dated Billet wheels this car is the perfect mix of original classic styling with the proper modern touches juxtaposed perfectly to create the masterpiece that it is.

What started with an original September 1969 built Mach 1 according to the Marti Report was meticulously transformed into a work of art after over 3000 hours of true artisan craft was dedicated towards this build. The parts cost on this project was over $150,000 not including all labor. The donor car was $52,000. This build cost the owner well over the current asking price. Do the math and realize a top tier build does not come cheap but starting with a rust bucket and inferior bolt on parts never makes any sense in the end. Thisauthentic Mach 1 wears all original sheet-metal and you know how rare this is. The body modifications are so subtle while we retained the true classic lines of the original design by enhancing just the right areas without going to overboard on the theme which usually takes away from the styling. Our parent division ACS Garage, team of highly trained custom car builders and performance engineers who have built multi million dollar cars over the past 25 years, xotic, uscle and Concour level restorations. ACS Garage partnered with the BEST vendors in the industry to make this project a reality. We didn't use bolt on components from a mail order catalog or some unreliable airbag suspension system. This car was built to drive, andle and perform beyond the levels of most custom car builds. The majority of components on this build are one-off. We turned to the most dedicated racing circle of industry experts in the world by using Nascar engineers and companies to offer the best of the best in performance parts. The level of components that were designed, ngineered and perfected for this car all come from Nascar country.

The vehicle has garnered worldwide appeal because car enthusiasts know it was built right. Our partnering vendors still say it is one of their favorite builds as they regularly blast the car on social media. Detailed top to bottom from the stainless steel screws and hardware throughout that are all expertly polished and aligned to perfection to every square inch of the custom patterned and tailored Italian leather interior that would be at home in any Hermes workshop. The craftsmanship is impeccable inside and out. The body is straight as an arrow and the black paint reflects like glass. The car can be shown with mirrors under it as all of the hardware is polished stainless steel and all other components expertly painted or powder coated to perfection. The exhaust system itself is a work of sculptural art.

This car will not be given away cheap, he owner will not entertain unrealistic offers so do not waste your time or ours. We are currently in the design phase of another project for this client as we are building him a 1965 Shelby GT350R with a wide body and a new 5.2 ( 8 stack Voodo engine and suspension from a 2016 Shelby GT350R ) which we anticipate to unveil at Goodguys Columbus in 2017. Our client would like to sell his Mach1 since it is finished and should be enjoyed by someone new but if he doesn't get what he wants it will remain in his private collection.

Invest wisely and buy a top tier car built the right way and one that looks and drives unlike no other. There is an abundance of junk on the market these days and if anyone is knowledgeable and knows quality you can pick those cars out quite easily. This Mach 1 has serious mass appeal inside and out, he best parts you can source and some of the most amazing custom car talent and engineering thrown in for good measure. We have over 2000 photos documenting the entire build which will be included on 1TB hard drive in the sale along with testing and development media, oftware files for different fuels and driving conditions, pare parts and detailed support for the next owner on set up, lignment, raking, ideos, hotoshoots etc.

If you have the financial means and patience to commission any top builder be ready to spend well over $350,000- $500,000 for a similar build and a 2-5 year wait. Take the timeand call them and ask. Remember - solid original donor car + Best Parts + Time and Materials = $$$$$$$. You know the market and what real cars cost to restore and build so do not hesitate to contact us with your serious inquiry today. Life is too short to not enjoy such an incredible vehicle sooner than later.

We will assist in worldwide shipping to AU, Z,UAE and Europe as we have a brokerage team we work with.

If you have any questions please direct them accordingly. Serious inquires only. Thank you. This auction will only be listed for the week of January 22- 30th to coincide with Scottsdale's Auctions.

Payment for sale is to be made within 7 days of auction close by bank transfer only. We reserve the right to sell this vehicle outside of the EBay platform as it is being privately marketed through our extensive network

Remember you will not find another Mustang Fastback like this on the market now or anytime soon unless you commission your own special build and wait years for completion.

Brief Specification List


1. Original rotisserie restored body with all original body panels including NOS rear quarter panels

2. PPG Urethane Concept Black 9300 Paint

3. Custom Rear Carbon fiber bumper tucked and sectioned to fit the body

4. Custom rear lower valance which deletes OEM back up lamps and exhaust cut outs. Panel was formed on an English wheel to perfection and is a One Off Piece.

5. Custom cut, arrowed, ectioned and tucked front steel bumper painted body color

6. Custom shaved front valance panel with deleted holes for the original license place bracket

7. Hand -made carbon fiber hood scoop to fit Mach 1 original hood, ainted Satin Black ( One Off)

8. Satin Black Boss 302/ Mach 1 adjustable rear trunk spoiler with aluminum brackets

9. Engine compartment had holes in aprons filled with metal, poxy prime and sealed Satin Black

10: Detroit Speed Shock tower close out panels modified, IG welded and blended smooth with the fender aprons

11. Detroit Speed Rear Notched Frame rails for MINI TUB

12. Detroit Speed Rear Mini Tubs that were modified for 3.5 inches of extra clearance on both sides, ne Off

13. Custom made Billet Anodized black Hood Hinges

14. Front lower spoiler cut and modified and painted body color gloss black

15. Functional hood scoop feeds air directly into the 8 throttle bodies

16. Underside of the car is epoxy primed, ealed, M Seam sealed and sprayed with 4 coats of UPOL Raptor reduced for a fine matte black finish.

17.Custom one off aluminum grill with high polished face and satin black detail.

18. Custom carpeted front and rear inner fender liners similar to all new Bentley. Ferrari, ston Martin models to reduce any road noise when driving over road debris.

19. Fender emblems shaved and holes tig welded. trunk emblems shaved

20. original stainless fender wheel welltrim shaved


Complete Detroit Speed Mustang Conversion

1. Detroit Speed Torque Boxes and Chassis Bracing with frame rail channels

2. Detroit Speed Rear Notched Frame Rails 14 gauge

3. Detroit Speed Trunk and rear floor Reinforcements

4. Detroit Speed Rear Quadralink Suspension with Optional Sway Bar and Swivel Link Track Bar

5. Detroit Speed Front Aluma Frame Conversion with Corvette C6 Z06 Front Hubs and Spindles

6. Detroit Speed JRI Adjustable Coilover shocks with spring perch roller bearings for adjustments

7. DSE Front 500lbs coil Springs DSE 175lbs Rear Coil Springs

8. Detroit Speed Narrowed Ford 9 inch rear end housing TIG welded brackets and fixtured. Narrowed 7 inches to our specification. Powder-coated gloss black

9. Detroit Speed Tuned 12:1 Power Rack and Pinion with C6 Z06 tie rod assemblies

D Detroit Speed Splined multi piece fully adjustable front sway barassembly with Z06 upright swivel link

Borgeson High Polished Stainless steel steering U Joints and DD Steering Shaft

11. Modified Original Tilt Factory Steering column with machined firewall front bearing for Rack and Pinion Conversion and shorter length for more leg and arm room .

12. Completely rebuilt factory Tilt Steering column with all new bearings, leeves, hafts, ilt mechanism and all parts machined new for perfect tolerance and zero play

13. Detroit Speed Aluma Frame Ford 427 W engine mount kit with aluminum shims and rubber isolators

14. Custom Billet bottom feed Power steering aluminum pump with adjustable flow and pressure valves to fine tune steering feel. CNC Machined billet polished and black anodize fluid reservoir.

15. JRi Double Adjustable Coilover shocks front and rear with properly tuned spring rates and DSE valving.

Extra spot welding and stitch welding throughout chassis and frame to increase torsional rigidity


1. Custom one- off FORGELINE Concave SC3C 3 piece wheels. Brushed Gunmetal Centers to match OEM Mach 1 Rocker Moldings. Inner barrels Brushed with Gunmetal. Outer Barrel is high polished. Valve stems are hidden. Wheel hardware hidden option. One- Off Machined and Polished Billet aluminum MACH 1 center caps

Wheel Size Front 19X11

Wheel Size Rear 19X13

Tires: Michelin Pilot Super Sports

Front 285-35-19

Rear 345-30-19


1. Ford 427 W Based Engine by Ford Racing and Roush. Ford Racing Z Cylinder heads Engine rated at 600+hp at 5900RPM and 635ftbs

2. Custom One off Canton Rear sump oil pan and pick up powder-coated gloss black

3. TWM 8 Stack induction throttle bodies with an Inglese Roush Ported individual runner intake manifold

4. Fully Sequential EFI tuned by Roush Yates ( Nascar)

5. 4 Speed Wide Ratio Toploader Transmission Rebuilt by Jericho (Nascar)

6. HURT Competition Plus Shifter assembly

7. Custom One Off Billet Shifter level with Custom Black HURST Ball and Gear vendors switch

8. Gear vendors Overdrive unit attached to the Toploader has a 1200hp rating

9. DSS designed and engineered custom Carbon fiber 1 piece driveshaft with 1350 yokes and 31 spline input (Nascar)

10. Centerforce Billet Steel forged flywheel, eutral Balanced Made in USA

11. Mcleod RXT Twin Disc clutch system Made in USA

12. Tilton Hydraulic throw out bearing

13. Goodridge hydraulic clutch lines

14. One Off CNC Billet aluminum black anodized clutch fluid reservoir

15. Strange Nodular S Tru Track Ford 9 inch differential with 3:90 Motive Gears

16. Strange Competition 31 spline race axles with Timken bearings and axle seals

17 Strange Engineering 1350 Chromoly Yoke and driveshaft hardware

EXHAUST: Designed and engineered by PRO FAB (NASCAR with assistance from Roush Yates).

1. Custom 304 stainless steel long tube headers with V Band Connectors. These are the ONLY true race header designed for this engine and DSE suspension conversion. We were the first shop to finish one of these conversions and the first to use a 427 engine with 9.5 deck height. Headers feature true 1.875 primaries with 3 inch merge collectors and dual wide band O2 sensors.

2. Full .065 gauge stainless steel 304- 3 inch true dual exhaust over the axle and out the back

3. Borla XR1 Mufflers under thefactory exhaust pockets and two additional round cylindrical Stinger XR1 out back to really give this car an incredible tone.

4. All V Band Connectors throughout exhaust system for ease of vehicle maintenance are also polished

5. Exhaust system was meticulously high polished front to rear including mufflers and hangars

6. Custom Chromoly Rear exhaust hanger brace and chassis rail support


1. Wilwood Z06 Aerolite 6A Brake Conversion front 6 piston calipers with 2 piece slotted 14.5 rotors and black aluminum anodizedhats. Rotors were Cryogenically treated prior to installation

2. Wilwood Aerolite 4A ZO6 rear brake conversion with internal parking brake with 2 piece slotted rotors. Rotors were Cryogenically Treated prior to installation

3. Carbotech XP Brake Pads, ilwood BP40 pads ( assortment of pads and compounds come with the car for your own needs)

4. Goodridge Stainless Front Flex lines

5. All stainless hard line is 3/16 polished with stainless fittings and hand formed throughout for optimal PSI at all 4 calipers

6. E Stop Electronic hidden parking and E Brake system.

7. Wilwood Parking brake cable assemblies and lines

8. ATE Super Blue DOT Race fluid

9. One off Billet Anodized master cylinder correctly tuned for brake system and piston bore by leading brake engineers

10. Correct manual brake pedal assembly for the proper pedal ratio for piston area and pad clamping force, his car STOPS like a modern sports car.

11. Billet Anodized black proportioning valve with custom bracket mount.


1. Custom handmade and TIG Welded 20 gallon fuel tank with internal sump and two drain release plugs. Brushed Aluminum finish

2. Aeromotive Phantom Internally Baffled sump and fuel pump for high horsepower up to 1200hp

3. All Aeroquip PTFE Stainless braided lines throughout entire fuel system

4. All Eaton Aeroquip AN fittings STEEL and all ORB fittings throughout

5. !! Much Fabrication Billet Black Anodized fuel tank vents and filters assembly to eliminate all fuel odors in the car and outside the car.

6. Stainless steel line clamps with tapped and threaded ¼-20 allen head stainless screws throughout. Custom made filler neck using the OEM flip down fuel door assembly.

IGNITION and EFI Systems:

1. MSD Pro Billet Dual Cam/Crank Synch Distributor for full sequential EFI

2. MSD Steel Gear for Hydraulic Camshaft

3. MSD Black Distributor cap

4. MSD Phase adj rotor assembly

5. MSD Super Conductor Custom Made 8.5 MM wires

6. Autolite 3924 Spark Plugs

7. MSD Super Blaster 2 coil painted to look original

8. MSD Digital 6 Spark Output control box

9. MS3 Pro master EFI system fully sequential

10. MS3 Pro Custom EFI harness all terminated properly and loomed in fire rated 1200 degree black woven carbon Kevlar loom with triple wall black heat shrink

11. MS3 Pro fully data log capable with map switching for fuels, ace gas and specific applications.

12. MS3 Pro Blue tooth capable for tuning, ata logging and map switching.

13. Custom Stainless injector wire feed rails to conceal the wire under the hood.

14. Twin Bosch O2 sensors for data logging and tuning

15. Custom Secondary fuse and relay box specifically controls the EFI and Ignition system outside of the cars secondary electrical system for factory accessories.

16. Map sensor, AC, ir Temp, PS and CLT all adjustable

17. Engine tuned by a Roush Yates NASCAR engineer.

AUDIO/VIDEO Entertainment:

1. JVC KDA AVX 77 Head unit and Control center. Plays CD, VD, luetooth, at Radio, phone Compatible, D Radio, pod Compatible, pad Compatible, P3 Player. Screen also plays videos with flip out front panel

2. Alpine 4 channel Amplifier

3. Custom Made speaker pods and baffles all laser cut and flush fitted to the factory steel kick panels.

4. 9 inch full range Audiophile Point Source High end Pro Audio speaker drivers housed in the kick panels in enclosures that are full dampened for sound and vibration.

5. Autolite Group 27 Class Battery

6. All Custom Cables Power and Ground

7. Custom stainless steel battery terminals


1. 2013 Porsche 997 Turbo front seats all modified, ails cut down to fit to the mustang original seat pans. Original SRS modules all removed and each seat was custom upholstered in a new pattern with better foam and bolstering. Seats are Power and Manually Adjustable.

2. Custom made passenger seat fire suppression unit holder with billet mounts and a Safecraft unit in Gloss Black

3. Porsche 356 Spider German Wool gray carpeting with all black leather binding custom cut and meticulously fitting to the interior as a Rolls Royce carpet is hand fitted and trimmed.

4. 12 full hides of the finest black Italian Edelman leather was used throughout the interior.

5. Custom Modified dash pad assembly all wrapped in black Italian Edelman leather with consistent french stitching along the contours.

6. Custom modified and molded door panels all wrapped in finest black Italian Edelman leather.

7. Custom Door panel inserts mounted and molded to aluminum backers then affixed to each door. All chrome and trim is brand new on each door.

8. All Glass is clear and brand new PPG Carlite throughout the car.

9. All weather stripping and trim is all new including correct screws and hardware.

10. Stainless door sill plates powercoated matte black with hardware and trim.

11. Custom made lower kick panels all wrapped in black Italian Edelman leather.

12. Custom Rear seat delete all fabricated perfectly and wrapped and patterned to match the front seats and door panels in Italian Edelman leather.

13. All Rear interior panels were meticulously hand-made and modified including the steel rear trap door to accommodate the 3.5 inch left and right wheel tubs. All panels were trimmed in the finest Italian Edelman leather in 1 large piece with french stitching following the contours from the left side to the middle to the right as one consecutive flow of design. Look at thestitching flow and detail, otal perfection and craft!

14. Custom Sparco Suede Steering wheel with center marker stripe in matching gray.

15. Custom billet pedal assemblies with Lokar adjustable throttle pedal assembly.

16. Powercoated lower dash and glove box door matte black texture.

17. Custom Billet Floor shifter surround with custom black leather shifter boot assembly

18. Custom One off gear level assembly that matches the arms of the pedals and hood hinges.

19. JME Drivers instrumentation with custom faced full gauges and Passenger side Mach 1 clock

20. Dry Carbon fiber inserts on drivers and passenger side cluster bezels

21. Passenger side Clock bezel was cut and the recess for the OEM logo was removed and Tig welded flush for a cleaner look.

22. Custom Radio bezel with chrome edge and dry carbon theme. Multiple flip switches and LED lights for the gearbox are mounted in this panel.

23. Custom One Off CNC machined MACH 1 passenger foot rest

Porsche 997 Retractable seat belt assemblies modified for the Mach 1 and fully functional for safety


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