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1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 429 Cobra Jet RamAir 4 Speed Matching Numbers One Owner

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
SubModel: Ram-Air 4 Speed Matching Numbers
Type: 2 Door Fastback
Trim: Mach 1
Year: 1971
Mileage: 47,270
VIN: 1F05J196087
Color: Dark Green Metallic
Engine: 429 Cobra Jet
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: 4 Speed Close Ratio Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black Clarion Knit/Corinthian Vinyl
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: New Hartford, New York, United States
Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes

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Private seller

Description of 1971 Ford Mustang Ram-Air 4 Speed Matching Numbers

Hello eBay users. Up for sale isthe culmination of a two year restoration on a classic muscle car. This 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 is a no excuses example of a survivor quality car that was attended to where it needed attention and was left alone where it needed to be left alone to ensure its originality was notcompromised. This carchecks allthe boxes and goes over the top when it comes to paperwork anddocumentation. Please read on to appreciate what this car is and how rare it is.


1 - 1971

F - Built at Dearborn

05 - Mustang Mach 1 Sportsroof

J -429-4V CJ Engine Ram Air

196087 - Sequence number


Body - 63R - Mustang Mach 1 Sportsroof

Color - C - Dark Green Metallic Paint, FORD #3542-A

Trim - 5A - Black CLarion Knit/Corinthian Vinyl Bucket Seats

Axle - A - 3.50 Conventional Axle

Trans - 6 - Four-Speed Close Ratio Manual Transmission

DSO - 12 - Buffalo Ordering District

First and most importantly this car is a one owner car. It was purchased at Koerner Ford in Yorkville, NY on May 6th, 1971. The original owner drove, cared for, and enjoyedthe car until the early 1990's when the car was parked due to acarburetion issue. Unfortunately once the car was parked in the garage it fell further andfurther down on the priority list for the owner as life got in the way and it was never brought out on theroad again. The car retains all ofthe originalpaperwork including the original bill of sale (which is in amazing shape and can be seen in the photographs below), theoriginal payment book, all theoriginal manuals, both sets oforiginal keys, and a hand written documentation of oil changes, gas fill ups, and regularmaintenancethat was completed.
On the same level of importance asthe ownershiphistory is the rarity of the car. This car is 1 of 1 madewith the options that it possesses. That's right, this is the ONLY CAR EVER MADE with these particular options. Included with the sale will be the Elite Marti Report which documents and proves this fact.There were only 556 1971 Mach 1 Mustangs that wereequipped with the 429 Cobra Jet Ram-Air Engine and the 4 Speed Close Ratio Transmissions. Of those 556 only 48were painted Dark Green Metallic.Please refer to the photo of the Marti Report for the complete breakdown showing the 1 of 1 documentation.
This car retains 98% ofthe original parts that were on the car and were able to be used. The only items that were removed were the original radiator and original gas tank. The gas tank had developed some corrosion inside the tank and was unable to be saved. The radiator was pressure tested and ended uphaving a bad blockage and it was recommended to replace it instead of trying to repair.
The car retains its original, VIN stamped, matchingnumbers 429 Cobra Jet engine, matching numbers 4 speed Toploader Close Ratio Transmission, and 3.50 Rear End. The drive line is all original and in fine working condition. Whenwe first attempted to start the car from all those years of sitting wedid some minor tune up work and pulled themalfunctioning carburetor. The correct Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor was professionally rebuilt to stock specifications and put back onthe car. We ran a supplemental gas line and the carfired right up and ran like it had nevermissed a beat. After confirming the motor was fine itwas pulled and thoroughly checked. Due to the lowmileage and the quality of the maintenance that was done by the owner it needed no engine work. The only thing that was donewas replacing the gaskets and seals. Thiswas done strictly asa precautionary measure as we had the motorout and we figured lets do it now while it isout instead offinding a minor leak once it was back in and having to pull it again.
I have heard from several experienced carcollector professionals that nothing drives like an original car. They say that no matter howgood aframe off restoration you do it will never drive as well as one that has never been apart before. I neverappreciated this fact until I drove this car.This car runs, drives, shifts, stops, and performs incredibly well. I have owned and driven several manual transmission cars and this car is a breeze to drive. Some of the older muscle carswith manual transmissions require some skill and experience to drive.Not this car. You can literally shift this car with two fingers on the Hurst shifter, it isthat smooth.Nodisappointments here.
For being an upstate New Yorkcar this car had very very minor rust. The car retains all of the original body panels. The car was only driven in nice weather and was taken care of and that can be shown in the lack of rust that was present on this vehicle. Please see the photo ofthe floor after the carpet was pulled up so you can appreciate how clean this car is.All the original sound deadener was presentand in good shape. The original green paint on the floors was in incredibleshape.I'd be willing to wager thatyou wouldhave a hardtime finding another car in this condition anywhere in the country. The car was sanded downand any minor imperfections the car had were repaired so that it was laser straight. The car was then repainted the original Dark Green Metallic Color with the Argent Silver two tone. The Argent Silver Mach 1 Decals and Hockey Stick stripes were added to finish off the car.
The interior is completely original. The seats have NOT been reupholstered. The interior was so well taken care of that all it needed was a good cleaning and it was beautiful. Any very minor wear that might be noted just adds to the cars originality and makes anyone appreciate how nice theinterior is when they learn it is unrestored. When you look at the photos rest assured that the pictures are not just a good anglewith good lighting. The car is as nice in person as it is in the photos.
The car retains its original Buck Tag, Engine Tag, Door Tag, and all body VINnumbers are present. The car even retains its original spindles which havethe original part numbers on them. The car also has the original 15x7 steel wheels which are FORD stamped. It also has theoriginal trim rings and hub caps which is what the car rolled off the lot with. Try to find a set of these original 15x7 steel wheels with trim rings and hub caps. Any Ford Mustang guy that knowswhat he is looking at will tell you that a set ofthese rims with the trim rings and hubcapsincludedis just about impossible to find and if you do find a set be prepared to spend anywhere from $2500 - $5000 on the set depending on quality. The tires are the correct style reproduction 15 inch Goodyear Polyglas. They arebrand new. If you look at the photos I have a picture of the trunk without the original full size spare installed so you could see the great condition of the trunk and so that nothing could be hidden. I do have the original spare with the jack and handle. I have many more photos of the car that I can send upon request. eBay only allows 24 photos so if you want to see something else please contact me because I probably have a photo of it.
This car is not atrailer queen, concourse, or a "#1" car because it can and should still be driven. It's a very very strong #2 car and can be enjoyed without worrying aboutgetting a stone chip or some dust on it. That being said it is highly collectible due to the originality of it, the paperwork that comes with it, the fact that it is a one owner, and last butnot least it is an original 429 Cobra Jet Ram Air 4 Speed. It was the last real beast on the road before theemissions choke ofthe early 70's came around. The car will come with an Elite Marti Report in a frame. The Marti Report confirmed everything that was already known about this car and how rare it is. This car is actually 1 of 1 as it is constituted.
These cars routinely sell for north of $60,000 at auctions and I haven't seen one yet that has all ofthe things going for it that this one does. Gateway Classic Cars in St. Louis has an almost identical one for sale for $65,000 and it is an Automatic Transmission. I am currentlylookingtopurchase some land so I am starting the auction at $42,000 and letting it go. Someone is going to get an amazing collectible car at an incredible price. If you look at the cars I have sold in the past through my eBay feedback you will see that I sell very collectible cars at very fair prices with nothing but happy buyers and positive feedback.The car is being sold with a clean transferrable NY registration (all pre 1972 cars in NY do not have titles theyhave transferrable registrations).
TERMS OF SALE: This car is being sold as is with no warranty implied. Payment is due within 7 Days ofthe auctions end. A $500.00 dollar non-refundable deposit is duevia PayPal within 24 hours oftheauctions end unless a previous arrangement is madewith the buyer. Any bidder with negative feedback or zero feedback will have their bids retracted unless I am contacted prior to the bid. These auctions cost money so please only bid if you are serious and you havethe funds available to pay for the car. Please check my feedback as I have sold numerouscollector cars with nothing butpositive results and happy new owners. I take a lot of pride in that so please bid with confidence. Ihave my eBay/e-mail sync'd to my cell phone so any questions will be answered promptly. You can also feel free to call me on my cell phone 315-868-7452 my name is Jim. I would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you mayhave. If you would like to personally come and inspect the car or have someone come and check it out that's fine Iwill domy best to make myself available.I am open to some trades but I would ratherjust sellthe car out right. Thatbeing said the worst I cansay is no so feel free to send overany offers for trades or just cash offersthroughout the auction. I doreservethe right to end the auction early should the car sell prior to the auctions end.
Ihavehad a few requests for video of the car so here is a link to YouTube so you can see a video of a walk-around of the car with it running… eBay will not allow video links any more so if you go to YouTube.com and search "1971 Mustang 429CJ Walk Around" it will show up there. Thanks for viewing!