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1966 Ford Ranchero Custom- 302ci | Hurst Kit | Magnaflow | Ton of Work Completed

1966 Ford Ranchero Custom

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Ranchero
SubModel: Custom
Type: Coupe-Utiliry
Trim: Custom
Year: 1966
Mileage: 250,000
Color: Red
Engine: 302 / 5.0 From Early 1980s
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Red / Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Hudson, Massachusetts, United States

Description for Ford Ranchero 1966

Trying to simplify my life... I have too many toys, interests, hobbies and work too much to enjoy this.
I have owned this car for 18 months, and have had a local mechanic address all major found issues
($4000 invested by me since purchasing the car in late 2014 - see below for detailed work done).

My asking price is LESS than my purchase price + investment... by a lot.
This is a perfect father / son running, driving, resto project. Is currently a great driver, looks good and is on it's way to becoming a great resto! Sounds amazing with the magnaflow exhaust, 4 bbl carb and 302. Old school muscle car sounding! All heads turn when this comes around... again, sounds amazing!!!
Link to a Video of the Car Running
My daily driver in nice weather (spring - summer - fall), I drive it everyday (never in rain...).
Mileage Unknown, but listed/titled at around 90k (likely way off, read more below).
What we have here is a nice, complete and fine running 1966 Ford Ranchero Custom. Original dealer printing on the rear of the car has this coming from Saskatoon! Has the 1967 Fairlane/GT Ranchero front end - was told by the former owner, and was also confirmed by several online owners "in-the-know" that Ford did this for the late 1966 model years. I do not have 100% confirmation on this fact, but what I do know, is that it certainly has the 1967 Ford Fairlane GT / Ranchero Front End. Much nicer in appearance than the 1966, in my opinion. Side Note: I was actually offered $1500 recently for the front end by a local guy looking for a 1967 front end for his Fairlane.
Before I acquired it:
1. A mid 1980s 302 engine was put into the car about 5 years ago... The engine itself runs strong, quiet and cool. A mildly aggressive cam was also installed.
2. The engine was mated with a late model 4 barrel holley carb, with a manual choke. This carb is wonderful, and was tuned not long ago.
3. The engine also had a dress up kit installed, but it is a bit older, and has some dirt. Would clean up well.
4. Headers were put on, but are showing surface rust. The exhaust system is a Magnaflow exhaust, about 5 years old. Sounds amazing!!!!
5. Points were changed over to an electric ignition, with a flame thrower ignitor.
6. Much of the suspension was rebuilt.
7. New(er) transmission installed (c4 from the early 70's). Convert from manual to auto (the clutch is still there, tucked away under the dash like a fossil, lol).
8. New front seats installed. I think these came out of a 70's lincoln... big and plush. And power...
9. New headliner
10. Tonneau cover!
I have done the following to the car since acquiring it in the fall of 2014:
1. The tranny was pulled, all gaskets replaced, tranny service kit installed. $600
2. New rear main seal and oil pan! $300
3. Brake lines bled, and new brake fluid. $80
4. Put a new starter on ~$100
5. Changed the alt to a 1-wire "Tuff Stuff" performance alternator ~$120
6. Rebuilt the e-brake mechanism and spreader bars ~$100
7. Turned all 4-drum brakes ~$200
8. Replaced the passenger manifold gasket ~$80
9. Rebuilt the steering system - This involved getting a NEW steering box, and a rebuild of the power assist system. Altogether ~$600. Handles and steers like butter!!
10. New front tie rods - ~$120
11. Converted the column shifter which was having issues (wouldn't stay in park!!!!) to a Hurst quarter stick floor shifter. HUGE improvement! ~$500
12. Put in a guage package from Sunpro for alt/temp/oil ~$150
13. New Tires all around - 14" cheapo, but NEW from Sears ~$550
14. Installed rear air shocks with a separator kit - each shock is independently controlled. ~$250
15. New battery ~$80
16. New Radio - Kenwood with bluetooth and USB ~ $150
17. New big air cleaner $80
So, in the last 18 months, I have put about $4000 into this car (on top of what I paid for it... yikes)
What does it need?
- Paint/minor body work: The car needs a paint job or a good touch up. From 20 feet, it looks great, but up close it shows it needs some attention. A prior owner took the car from the original red to black (not sure why). I suspect it was the $800 Maaco special. They didn't remove the old paint and prime the car down prior to painting, so what's there is a black paint job, with "red sparkles" coming through. Not terrible, but noticeable on a bright sunny day.
- As with any 50 year old car, needs "odd's and ends"... minor body work (but the body is overall very nice!!!, some minor rusting underneath in non-support areas, has some bolts missing, interior could use some touch-up, etc.
- Needs a fuel sending unit... the gas gauge doesn't work (more of an annoyance than anything). The alternator light and temp gauge have also been disconnected, with a Sunpro guage cluster replacing them for more accurate information.
- Gas tank? When the gas tank is 100% full, and it is parked on an incline, it leaks a bit. Could be the tank, but I wouldn't be surprised if it simply needed hoses, etc.
Overall - The car drives and handles awesome. ... it is a 50 year old car, with a built up engine that excels between 25-50. Once the car is in third, it moves. The car handles amazingly well for a 50 year old car. With the rebuilt suspension, new steering box and rebuilt power assist, it likely handles better now than brand new.
The powerplant is amazing to listen to. Someone did a super nice job with it. Not much (if anything) is needed for the engine/cam/carb/radiator/accessories, etc... Brakes were recently all looked at/adjusted and were bled.
Minor leaks here and there... but again, we just did a full transmission gasket and service (pulled apart the tranny and installed ALL NEW GASKETS), and also while the tranny was out we did the rear main seal!!!
The car runs at a constant 190-200 degrees... stays cool even in hot weather!!! New radiator, fan, belts, etc... Does not overheat even standing at a light in 90+ degree weather.
Car passed an inspection (Sept 2015)... the car does not have reverse lights - when I switched to the hurst shifter, I did not install a reverse light switch. Can be bought on Summit racing for about $40. Otherwise, she likely will pass again, unless you know an inspector that would overlook the reverse light.
As-is, the car is road ready, could be a DAILY DRIVER, is comfortable and has plenty of power. With some love could be a show-car, and with a restoration could be a $35k trailer queen.
Interior needs some odd/ends, needs some love could use carpet, etc. Headliner is awesome.
I drive it weekends and some (nice) days to work. Never driven (by me) in any bad weather, kept in my garage (every night parked inside).
I cannot remember a time I drove it that I didn't get nods, thumbs up, people stopping to look and remarks about the car. It is a fairly uncommon car (most ask what year El Camino it is... lol).
Brought to 2 shows this past summer, many smiles for this car!
I wouldn't hesitate taking this car cross-country as it is.
Welcome to come and take a look at it, but please only come if you are serious about buying it, and have the resources.
I have a clean/clear MA title in hand. It is currently registered, insured and inspected.