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1939 Ford Sedan 327ci auto cruser rod, GORGEOUS one of a kind, FREE DELIVERY!!

1939 Ford Sedan 2 door

Make: Ford
Model: Sedan 2 door
Type: Sedan 2 door
Year: 1939
Mileage: 22,880
VIN: MVIN2050731ND
Engine: 327ci
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Henderson, Kentucky, United States
Air Conditioning, Power Seats
CD Player

Description for Ford Sedan 2 door 1939

To begin, there is a BUY IT NOW price on thisRARE car that may or may not appear on the main screen. The price will be good for the entire sale up until the last 12 hours, after which eBay will not allow me to end the auction. To be fair, you should know that ALMOST ALL of my cars sell with the BUY IT NOW option so don't wait until the last minute to bid as it may not be available by then.The BUY IT NOW on thiscar is $31,500.00 and that INCLUDES free delivery to anywhere in the continental USA.I will also discount that price by $1000.00 if you want to come and pick it up. Sorry but I cannot include Alaska and Hawaii in free delivery. I may be able to include some parts of lower Canada. Please see details below on delivery. If you want to use the BUY IT NOW feature, all you have to do is contact me (call 270-577-1821) and we can work it out and I will end the auction.Please understand that the free delivery is ONLY with the Buy It Now option. If you make an offer of less, and I accept it, you will not qualify for the delivery unless we have agreed to it in advance of the end of the sale.I want to restate that about 90% of thevehiclesI list sell before the end ofthe auction. If you want it, call me. Don't be upset if you try to wait it out and it's gone!Now let's get to the details on thecar!As an offer of extra security to distant bidders, I want to make it plain that we are not in the business of misrepresenting our cars like some folks do. I try to list every single thing thatthere is to know about the car. I am human and can miss something but I do personally inspect, drive and check-out each and every car that I put on eBay. If there isANY problem that I can find, it will be listed. It will also be address, when possible. If you buy the car and make the required deposit, when you come to get the car, if there is an issue that I was not aware of, you will have the option to walk away and get every cent of yourdeposit back. Now we cannot be responsiblefor your transportationcost but we are notEVER going to keep a deposit if the car is not right. This does not cover items that are mentioned in the description or that should be plainly visible or for sillythings like youor the wife do not like the paint color or the way the seats "feel". But it is intended for items that may have been missed that have a serious impact on the car's value or function. We will do ourbest to correct anything that we did not notice or we will refund thedeposit. If you are having the car delivered,different circumstances apply but that iscovered below.It is rare in life to have an opportunity to buy a completed, super nice street rod for a lower price like this. This auction is for anice1939Ford 2 door sedanwith only 22,880 actual miles since restoration! It is completed withthe awesome327engine and anauomatic transmission!!. This beautiful car is glossSassy Orchidwith a raregorgeousgrai and orchidinterior that looks like new! This is not a project car. This is a 100%completed showcar and is an extremely nice example of the model. It won numerous awards across the country at regional shows and is ready to be shown in your area. This car has traveled the country by trailer, including many Florida and Arizona shows. Itis more than capable ofbeing driven to shows, as well.The known details are listed below. This is the FIRST time this car has ever been offered for sale in the last 20 years.. The owner isretiring and wants to sell most of his collation.
Please note that the car does have a Vintage air conditioning system and it works well. Also important is the fact that this is an ALL STEEL car and no part of it is fiberglass. I have photos of the car before restoration and it was in excellent condition. There is also no body filler in it! It has 4 wheels disc brakes.
The exterior of this beauty is actually much better than most. It isa blazinglybrightflashy gloss lavender called Sassy Orchid. The paint is awesome.Itisin excellent condition with noissues. There is absolutely no damage anywhere on the entire car. The paint is great with a very high gloss and no problems. NO dings, nicks,or paint issues, dull spots, runs,oversprayor other issues. The paint has a depth that is amazing. Thedepth shows through in bright sunlight and it looks incredible!This car has been protected withno expense spared,. There is no evidence of ever having previous damage. It is a 327 V8 and the car is a blast to drive..All chrome is perfect and gleams.. The car also has perfect rubber seals throughout. The door, hood and trunk window jambs are in great shape andI have extra photos of them, if you need them. This car has thehighly desirable327 Chevy engine.The floors are great and the engine compartment is perfect. I also have photos of those. I can only put 24 pics on eBay so if you want more, I will have to send them to you. The car has perfect conditioncustom chrome wheels withnewer black walltires, both of which give it a great look. I have found absolutely no issues with the car at all..I did drive it extensively to see how it was before listing it. It was great! Started easily, ran strong and handled wonderfully.I want to emphasis that this car is NOT some hack job like you sometimes find on here. This is about as nice of a custom rod that you will find unless you spend $100,000.00 on building one yourself, Body seams are nice, body gaps are as they were from the factory, paint is factory perfect as is the interior. The front of the car is very clean and not chipped or nicked up from driving. The entire body is excellent.I have several extra photos that I can send and will take others if you need them. All I ask is please don't wait until the last day or hour to ask for special photos. The car is stored in a warehouse 50 miles from me and I will not be able to get them on short notice.
A special note. The windshield of the car was custom made for it. It is not a two piece, like most builders use. This one is a one piece and custom bowed and curved to match the body contour. This gives you an example of how much effort was put into building the car. Plus. the car has working Vintage brand air conditioning!
On to the interior.This one hasthe totally cool and ultracomfortable gray cloth interior withlavender pipingthat matches the exterior color!We have had hundreds of classics and rodsover the last few years and this is one of the very best. Most cars just have the plain black cloth but this car was done right!The dash isgreat with no wear, cracks or fade. It hasperfect shape and has not bent like so many ofthem do in the center. It was made to match the exterior of the car. The interioris in great shape. The seats are comfortable and modern. They are also power.Some of thephotos may show the carpet to appear faded but that is not the case. It is just the camera flash glaring. The carpet is in excellent condition. The car also hasmatching style floor mats.Correctmanual windows and locks. They all work, as well. The car hasanaftermarketAM/FM/CDradiomounted in the dash. It is anice unit with agood sound.The door panels are also in excellent condition inthe samestyle as the seats and are also in the photos. The interior is in GREAT condition. The headliner is also in new condition. All the gauges work so you can monitor all of the engines activities. The interior on this car is one of the things that makes it special. It is a beautifulmatch to theOrchid exterior and has a great appearance.And now for the mechanics. This car has enough powertoimpress all ofyour friends! It is theChevy 327 enginewith allcustom components andit is connected toa stock3 speedautomatic transmission. No major modifications have been made to either the interior of the engine ortransmissionand both are in excellent condition.Performance parts include: Competition cam, Competition bearings,Competition roller rockers, Competition push rods, Competition valve springs, Competition screw-in studs and more.The engine and engine compartment are of the same quality as the rest of the car. It has factory dual exhaust There isa great sounding rumble to it. It is not too loud but gets the proper attention. Again, I have numerous other photos, it has great oil pressure and no internal noise. The trans shifts well and grabs as it should.. Again, this car only has 22,880 actualmiles.The engine runs like it is brand new and of course. there are no leaks or problems of any kind. The car is beautiful and ready for you to enjoy as a showpiece or investment!__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Questions and answers:Let me cover a few questions that I am sure I will get 100 times while this auction is running. Also, please check the eBay question and answer section below the photos to see if your question has already been covered.* Will you trade for my ................. (fill in the blank)?The owner would prefer not to trade. He is trying to reduce his collection so trades willnot help him in that quest..* Does this car have airbagsand seatbelts?Yes to seatbelts andno to airbags. Itdoesnot have airbags as it was not made with any. It is not required in any state because of the age of the car..* Will thistruck pass emissions in my state?I have no idea. I am in Kentucky and we have no emissions testing here. Ihaveno way to test it for any state and I have no idea what your state requires. Some states make exceptions for antiques. It is 100% up to you to check on these items for yourself. If you buy the car, you buy the car. It will be your responsibilty to make it meet whatever requirements your state has. There may be no changes that need to be made since it is an antiquebut keep in mind that you will not be allowed to back out of the sale shouldyou notput any effort into finding out BEFORE you bid. Please refer to the last paragraph that covers non-payment. I don't mean to sound likea jerk here but the last time I failed to mention this I had an idiotin California complaining that their1978VWBeetle convertible did not have acatalytic converter on it!They were notmade with converters in 1978 and there is NOTHINGI can do about it.* Will you ship internationally?Yes, I will but it is your responsibility to find out the costs.I am happy to helpmake the arrangements and have shipped numerous cars internationally. If you use the Buy It Now, or pay extra for me to do it, I will get it to a shipping port. Please understand that a price a shipper gives you is from a port city. We are not on the ocean and the car will have to be transported to the port. That will be extra. I WILL NOT accept money orders, cashier's checks or any other check for international shipping. Payment will be made by a bank wire transfer and by no other means, except in some cases with Canada. I WILL NOT accept anything but the deposit through Paypal as their fees are too high to process large amounts through.* Will this be a good car for myteen-agedson/daughter? They really like it and want me to buy it for them.This simplest answer to this is that you would be an idiot to buy a car like this for a teenaged driver. Not only is it too expensive toput a youngperson in, it is WAY to powerful and would just be plaindangerous. This isa classicvehicleand young people need to be only passengers in it. They DO NOT have the experience required to control this car, and yes, that includes your child. I don't mean tosound like an ass but I am stunned at the numberof adults who write or call me when I run a car like this and want to put a teenager in. Young drivers have no idea what is involved in caring for a car like this nor the amount of money needed to keep it nice. Parents should usetheir heads and putjunior in a Honda or Toyota and leave cars like this to experienced owners and drivers. Again, DO NOT buy this car for a young person! The car is up to par but, to be direct, your teenager is NOT!* Do you have any documentation on this car?Some. Remember that thecar has beenowned by a collector for many years. Some cars we have lots of paperwork on, some very little. I do not know whatwe have on each and every car as we have more than 600 butwhatever paperwork the builder/owner provided us and you are welcome to it.I have numerous photos of the underside of this car and many of other sections. I will be more than happy to send them to you but you will have to send me your direct e-mail address. I cannot send photos through the eBay mail system as they will not allow it. Below covers delivery and shipping options as well as ways to contact me directly should you want to discuss anything at all._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________A little about the owner. He is a life long collector who specializes in Fords. He has collected for over 50 years and even had his own automotive museum.He has retired and no longer wants the responsibility of taking care of so many nice cars. He has decided to sell most of them. All of the cars I list for him will be show quality unless I say otherwise in the description.As for the free deliverymentioned above. The details are simple. If you use the Buy It Now, I will deliver the car or truck anywhere in the mainland US for free. I may be able to include lower Canada but you must check with me on that first. There are rules that apply to importing into Canada and all taxes and tariffs will be the buyer's responsibility. If I am delivering, I solely reserve the right to decide on how thevehicle gets to your location. I may have it shipped by professional car delivery service, I may delivery on my personal trailer or I may drive the car to you and fly back home. Driving it to you likely won't happen with a classic car. I will usually trailer it or ship it. If I drive one this will, of course, add a few miles but that can't be helped. Since I am paying for it, I have to consider distance, expense, time I have on hand, ect. Payment must be made IN FULL before thevehicle will leave our location. No exceptions will be made, not even to dealers!An important factor that you need to know. The owner holds a clear title to all cars listed.Fees and taxes.In most cases, taxes will be paid by the buyer in their own state. No other fees will apply unless ou request something special..Bidding and payment termsare pretty simple as well. DO NOT bid of you have no money! These auctions are expensive and I will not allow zero or low feedback bidders to bid. If you do, I will cancel the bid and block you from bidding again.Zero feedback is the same asnegitive feedback as far as I'm concerned. If you are not new to eBay but have no feedback and feel you should be allowed to bid, contact me and we'll work something out. My cell is270-577-1821. Don't wait until the last minute to do this as it will be too late. As for payment, I expect a $300.00 deposit via Paypal within 48 hours. The remaining amount should be paid within no more than 7 days. I accept any reasonable form of payment but checks must clear before the car will leave here. If you are picking it up, don't expect to show-up on Saturday or Sunday and write a check and leave with the car. Best bet for a weekend pick-up is cash or mail the check in advance so it will clear before you arrive. We will be happy to store the car indoors after payment for as long as needed, within reason, until you can come and get it. If the Buy It Now is not used, I may be willing to deliver the car for a fee but we will need to discuss that in advance. I always welcome deliveries to Florida as I can always use more vacation time!Where we are: Henderson, KY is in Western KY which is close enough to several major cities that you can fly into them. We are about 150 miles from Nashville, TN; 120 miles from Louisville, KY; 180 miles from both Indianapolis, IN and St. Louis, MO. The closest airport is a regional in Evansville, IN. We can make arrangements to pick you up free in Evansville and Louisville, KY. For any of the other airports, we can get you but we'll have to have some help on travel expenses from the buyer. You are more than welcome to call me at any time to ask any question. My cell is 270-577-1821. I can also assist in finding any decent sports or luxury car that you may desire and can get them at less than what you will find them for elsewhere. We thank you for looking and wish you the best of luck in the bidding! Please see our other auctions for more Jaguars, Porsches, ect. as time permits and the weather gets warmer.I absolutely HATE to have to add this paragraph to my auctions but due to recent events, I feel I have no choice. I have lost more than $1000.00 in eBay fees just this month due to non-paying bidders and I'm sick of it! This is not a game. I am an auto dealer and a lot of people rely on these auctions to make their living, to pay their bills and to feed their families. Not only my auctions, but lots of auctions on eBay. When I list a car, it automatically costs me $187.90. When it sells, I send it to get ready for the buyer to pick-up, By the time it's ready to go, I will have spent $300.00 on it. If the buyer does not pay, I have to spend another $187.90 to relist it. This is in addition to the money I have already spent on it. So when one sells and the buyer does not pay, I will have about $700.00 tied up in it. I am no longer going to tolerate non-payment. Understand plainly that if youwin and do not pay, I will expect and demand that you will pay the full amount of the expenses that I incur in fees. Not the auto prep fees but the eBay fees. If you do not pay immediately, I WILL file suit on the matter for the full amount of the vehicle, all eBay fees, court cost and attorney's fees. I have not lost a single case in dealing with these issues. I also report to the credit bureau. Cases will be filed in Henderson County, Kentucky which will require that you travel to KY for court. Should you fail to appear, KY law (KRS 514.040) says that I will win by default. I will utilize all options to collect the amounts owed including liens on property and payroll attachments. No excuse will be tolerated. If you make a mistake, do what's right and correct it. If your mistake costs someone money, it is your moral and legal responsibility to pay to correct it. If you don't, then it is my responsibility to protect my business, my employees and my family and collect what is owed me. I fully intend to do so. I don't want to be a jerk and this will not be an issue if everyone plays be the rules and does what they are supposed to! A note to parents: You are responsible for your children's actions. Should you fail to supervise your child and he or she wins an auction, expect that you and that child will be dealt with in the above manner as well, if you don't take care of the expenses that the child causes. Do what's right and avoid all this!!