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1972 Mach 1 Mustang, 351 C 2V H code, Glow Gold, auto trans 109K original miles

1972 Ford Mustang MACH 1

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
SubModel: Mach 1
Type: Fastback
Trim: MACH 1
Year: 1972
Mileage: 108,920
VIN: 2F05Hxxxxxx
Color: Glow Gold
Engine: 351 Cleveland 2V
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Ginger
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Tomball, Texas, United States
Power Steering, Power Brakes, Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning

Description for Ford Mustang 1972

1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1, H code, Well Preserved Gem of a car. Excellent Driver with less than 109k miles.

This is an original driver grade numbers matching Mustang Mach 1. It is a 3-owner Houston TX car. The previous owner had it for 26 years. This is a original Glow Gold Mustang which was a special order color. The Ginger interior has been restored to high quality driver level. The striking color combination sets off this unique and original Mach 1. It is powered by the optional 2V 351 Cleveland and backed by a 3-speed FMX automatic transmission. The 2.75:1 rear gear keeps the car easily cruising at freeway speeds. It is a late production build and options are verified by the Marti Report.

This Mach1 was equipped with the following options.

VIN: 2F05Hxxxxxx

Engine: H code 351 Cleveland 2V

E70x14 Belted White Sidewall tires

Mach 1 Standard vinyl interior "Ginger"

3 speed Automatic FMX transmission

Power Steering

Power Disc Brakes

Air Conditioning

AM Radio

Tinted Glass

The Mach has been garage kept for the past 26 years. If, for whatever reason, it had to be outside for any extended period it was under a car cover. The previous owner drove it sparingly about 350 miles per year. He purchased it in 1989 with 98k miles. There are various receipts indicating the type of work performed dating back to 1990. It basically was his weekend cruiser.

The second owner performed some nice upgrades to the Mach that brought it up to more of what a muscle car should be. He added a dual factory type exhaust. If you recall the optional 2V H code Mustangs only came factory equipped with a single exhaust system that really hurt performance. He added a MSD ignition box for improved spark and some appearance items like the optional front spoiler and American Racing 15x7 Torque Thrust Wheels. The original 14" steel wheels and covers are long gone.

The previous owner purchased the car new and it was her daily driver prior to the sale to the second owner. My son purchased the vehicle last January as a driving project car /cruiser for local shows and events. Although the second owner maintained the car, it needed some mechanical and interior TLC. My son and I performed the majority of the work over the spring and summer.

Included is a breakdown of the car and specific details of the recent work that was performed.

The interior has new front seat covers and dash. The rear seat cover is original and in excellent shape, it just needed a good cleaning. The dash pad needed to be replaced and the gauge cluster needed a detail and some new bulbs. The AC controller needed to be refurbished and the vacuum lines need to be routed properly for the AC to function correctly. The Mach 1 also needed a good tune up and car adjustment. The front wheel bearings needed to be repacked and brakes needed adjusting. The rear interior ABS plastic quarter panels have been replaced with new reproduction units from Dallas Mustangs. The old ones began to deteriorate with age so new ones were installed and dyed to the proper ginger color. All the window felt has been replaced for rattle free window operation and sealing.

Power Train & Drive Train:

The engine is all original with less than 109,000 miles and has never been apart, except for a rear mail seal leak repair and new oil pan performed by the second owner. Receipts are included. The engine was recently tuned up with new points, plugs, wires and a carb adjustment, the rest is FOMOCO original. The engine compression is within spec. The engine idles smoothly as a mild cam 351C 2V should. She has a little hesitation when cold, seems to be typical of Motorcraft 2300 carburetors. But, after a few minutes of running and warmed up the throttle is very crisp. Funny how we get used to modern fuel injected engines and are not so willing to put up with the idiosyncrasies of carbureted engines.

There are no funny noises or knocking sounds what so ever. This engine runs smooth and shows about 60-65 psi oil pressure when warm at cruising speed. The engine runs cool as the original radiator has been restored. With the AC on in the Houston summer heat, the engine has no issues with overheating. The smog era was upon us and restrictive emissions was the order of the day for anything less than a 4V 351CJ. Although not factory original, afactory style dual exhaust system was added by the second owner which adds the typical muscle car rumble.There are no major issues with corrosion on the exhaust system, except for the typical surface rust accumulated over the past 26 years. The mufflers are in great shape and the car has the V8 sound you would expect from a Mustang Mach 1.

The car can cruise at high speeds with no problems. Remember on Texas Hwy 130 the speed limit is 80 mph “only in TX”. The transmission shifts great and has nice firm shifts when the pedal is pushed to the metal. All gearing going up or down provides for effortless shifts. This is a smooth shifting FMX and the type F trans oil is pink in color as it should be. The trans does have a minor leak from the tail shaft. When I mean minor it is only a couple of small drips after sitting for a few weeks.

The 9" rear differential works fine as a factory peg leg. Sorry no posi here, just a open 2.75:1 rear gear which was a standard ratio for 351 2V and automatic combo when equipped with AC. Again no funny noises or whining coming from the 9" bullet proof rear end. This is a great gear ratio for highway driving. It pulls about 2500 rpm at 70 mph. The mileage is about 16-17 mpg.

Steering & Suspension:

The steeringfeel is the typical Ford power steering. There is no shimmy while driving just the typical light effort that is common on Mustangs of the era with power steering. There are no leaks and the type F fluid is pink as it should be.

The overall front suspension is in great condition as it only has about 5000 miles on the ball joints. As the front end was serviced by the second owner when it had about 103K miles detailed by the receipts. The original springs still provide the proper ride height and they are not sagging in the rear as is typical of high mileage early Mustangs. The vehicle has a great stance and provides for a comfortable ride.

The vehicle runs great and tracks very well on the street as well as the highway. All bushings are in good condition and there are no creaks and groans found on a suspension that is worn out.

Tires / Wheels:

The car has 235-60-15 BF Goodrich TA radials. They are inexcellentshape with about 3/4 tread depth and have only 6-7thousand miles of use.

The factory 14” wheels and covers are long gone. The car now rests on American 15x7" Torque Thrust wheels with a polished lip and grey centers. There are no scrapes or dings, but the finish is starting to show signs of age on the polished lip as they are 26 years old.

The rear full size spare is an old replacement tire. The original E70-14 bias ply is no longer with the car. The jack and lug wrench are intact.


The brakes were recentlyinspected and bled. The front and rear brake linings have about 90% pad material and are in great shape as well as the drums and rotors. The front bearings are in excellent shape and have been repacked with high temp grease.

Body / Chassis:

The body is ingood overallshape with only one sign of rust in the driver's and passenger side trunk drop well where water and moisture must have accumulated over the years in the trunk. There is some rust through where the wheel well and seam meet the bottom seam of the trunk drop. This is a Houston TX car so the rest of the car is really solid. The floors are in excellent shape with the factory undercoating. There are no other rust issues present.

There is no signs of a major collision, the car had a small impact in the right rear quarter that occurred during the original owners care. The driver's side door at one time also had a dent and it was repaired to a satisfactory level by the second owner. The outer skin is fine but there are signs of repair under the door as it was bumped when the door was opened on a high curb. This occurred under the second owners care. The trim / data tag is missing due to repairs, but a replacement data tag is coming in the mail from Kevin Marti and will be included in the sale.

The doors, hood and trunk line up perfectly and close properly.There are no replacement panels. All date code stamps are present on the major body panels.The chassis isstraight and the car does not dog track.


The paint is Fair as it has several areas that have been painted or touched up over the years. There are several areas that retain the original paint such as the rear and rear deck lid and it shows signs of its age and wear. There are several spots that are revealing the original primer on the driver's side roof.

The repair on the driver's door had the body shop spraying about 3/4 of the driver's side of the vehicle. It was done to a fair standard, but not show worthy.

The hood was repainted as there was history of a chemical spill which caused the paint to begin to bubble up. The original single stage Glow Gold finish was reapplied and really pops in the sun. The only issue is that the hood paint being metallic does not have the same shine / reflection at certain angles as the rest of the car. As they say, metallic's need to be painted all once as the metal particles need to lay in the same direction of spray to properly reflect the light evenly across the body. There are a few dings and scratches and rock chips which are shown . If you want additional details pics let me know. Overall I would say the paint is 5 out of 10.

If you want show paint sorry you’ll have to strip her down and start over. When polished it shines pretty nice. There are some thin spots from over buffing on the roof.

Thetrim work could use attention on the rear window frame, but very presentable. The rubber is in good overall condition, but not perfect and has some wear from age. Being original it is in very good condition and still seals well. The window felt was deteriorated and was replaced with nice reproduction units. The elastomer bumper is in good shape with minor paint flaws, no signs of cracking or impacts. You can tell that the bumper was repainted at one time. Overall the paint is fair and presentable a sign the car was garaged most of its life is the overall condition of the body and interior.

The original Ford Carlite tinted glass is in good overall shape. The windshield has some swirls and it could use a polish, but not really necessary unless you desire crystal clear glass when the sun is setting. The driver's side view mirrors are fully functional and can be adjust inside the car. The passenger mirror is in good overall shape as well and retains its adjustment.


This is where the bulk of the work needed to be performed. Thefront seats needed to be recovered especially the driver's seat. The passenger seat had a minor tear on a seam and could have been fixed, but the seat cover was brittle and it may have failed sooner than later. The rear seat is near perfect and original condition. All it needed was a good detail and cleaning. There are no rips or tears. The dash pad has been replaced as well, the original had a few cracks. All the original parts are included in the sale should you wish to retain them.

The door panels are original and did not need to be replaced. the driver's door panel is slightly warped on the bottom where the door repair was performed. The carpet shows signs of some wear but is in good condition and did not need to be replaced.

The center console is completely intact and is fully functional. The head liner is in great original shape and does not have any wrinkles or sags.

The steering wheel is in very nice shape but it does have a couple of small stress cracks showing its age on the back side of the wheel where the spokes meet the wheel. The steering wheel pad does have some wear in the thumb rest area, but it cleaned up so nice and it is still nice and pliable.The horn works as it should again because the pad is in great overall shape.

The AC works and blows cold. It blows hot when set properly. Defrost and Floor setting works and the 3 fan speeds work properly. The only issue is that it was converted to 134 refrigerant so it is not as efficient as the old R12 systems.

Bottom line if it can keep you cool in the Houston summers, it should keep you cool in most hot climates.


Electricsare in excellent condition. The wiring is original and all the wiring is all intact. The voltage regulator was replaced with a factory reproduction unit as were the battery cables. The original radio works fine for a 60’s vintage Philco AMradio. The front dash speaker is not connected, but pair of aftermarket 80's era Sparkomatic 6x9" speakers were installed in the rear package tray before the second owner took possession of the car. They actually sound pretty good with the OEM AM radio.

The gauge cluster is in good condition. The gauges work perfectly and all indicator lights work, however, gauge lights are slightly dim it is possible the dash regulator is not functioning properly. The interior lights work and are bright. An aftermarket mechanical oil pressure gauge was added by the second owner. It shows 75 psi when cold and 60-65 psi when warm at cruise.

The head light high and low beams work. All turn signals, running and tail lights work and the turn single cancel works. The two speed wipers work. The backup light switch just stopped working so I need to figure out what is wrong.


I would feel comfortable driving this car on long trips. If you want to fly in and drive it home that should be no issue whatsoever. I would not have a problem driving anywhere as it is a great reliable car.

If you are really interested in the car I implore you to have the vehicle inspected. I do not want you to have any surprises or expectations, everyone has their own opinion, therefore, I suggest you establish one for yourself before you bid.

As you can tell this car is not easy to let go so it is not going for cheap. Good cars never do and with solid owner history and maintenance record this car will only maintain and increase in value. Certainly better than money in the bank.

If you want the perfect garage queen with low miles this is not your car. But it is local show worthy and can be driven anywhere with confidence.


Body Trim Tag Codes:

Body: 63R

Color: 6F

Trim: AF

Axle: 2

Trns: X

DSO: 57

The Marti report is available for inspection which details the vehicle build if you are a serious bidder.

I have attempted to describe the vehicle as accurately as possible. The vehicle overall condition is very good driver in need of some minor cosmetics and paint. But can be fully enjoyed while taking care of the exterior and slight interior issues. On a scale of 1-5 this is a No. 3 car.

If you are serious the vehicle is located in Houston and can be inspected if you or a representative wishes to see the vehicle in person. The car is for sale locally and if sold, the auction will be canceled.

Please remember, this is a 44 year old car.
I am representing it as accurately as possible based on my knowledgeand have tried to give as much information as possible.
It is being sold without warranty and as is...
Inspections prior to auction end are not a problem however, making an attempt to renegotiate the final bid price after the close of the auction will not be accepted and will be reported accordingly. If you have a poor feedback rating or no rating your bid will not be accepted.

This vehicle is sold as/is where is. The information may include inaccuracies or typographical errors. All such information is provided "AS-IS" without warranty of any kind. I hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to this information, including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. In no event shall I be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of or in any connected with the use of this web site or with any delay or inability to use this website, or for any information obtained through this website, or otherwise arising out of the use of this web site, whether based on contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise.

A $500 deposit via PayPal is required orcashier’s check within 48 hours of auction end.Full payment in a cashiers certified bank check or cash will be the only form of payment accepted and is required within 10 days of auction end.

If you desire you can arrange for a freight forwarder to pick up the vehicle in the North West Houston area, however, the vehicle and title will only be released if payment is paid in full and all funds have cleared the bank.