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1962 Ford Falcon GASSER

1962 Ford Falcon Gasser

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Falcon
SubModel: "Hound Dog" patina Gasser, 545 ci BBF, 4-speed
Type: 2 door coupe
Trim: Gasser
Year: 1962
Mileage: 2
VIN: xxxxx
Color: white w/ Patina
Engine: 545 Cubic Inch Big Block Ford
Cylinders: V8
Fuel: Q16
Transmission: Johnny Hightower 4-speed
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: retro GASSER
Vehicle Title: Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed
Item location: Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States

Description for Ford Falcon 1962

1962 Ford Falcon GASSERHound Dog"One Gasser to Rule Them ALL"
You are looking at one of the fastest Gasser's in the country! This 1962 Ford Falcon was found in Memphis, Tennessee as a vintage Gasser and lettered "Hound Dog" as you see on the doors. The early life and vintage race history is still currently unknown, but this car has made quite a name for itself over the last 4-5 years running in the South East Gassers and manyexhibitions on the east coast. This cars exterior is original sheet metal and mostly original paint. The vintage patina look to the exterior may fool you but a closer look will show you this is a purpose built "New" race car with vintage parts to keep the original Gasser theme. This car is fresh and ready to race (and WIN…)! If you have ever wanted to be a part of the Gasser "scene", and only the best will do, here is your chance (for a fraction ofthe cost to build a car of this caliber)! This is a very well sorted Gasser race car! Do not miss thisopportunity to own one the FASTEST Gassers in the country!! VIDEO Below
-545 cubic inch stroker Big Block Ford (fresh with 2 heat cycles, 2 330ft passes, 1 500 ft pass, 1 full pass)
-Lunati forged crank
-Lunati rods
-Diamond pistons
-All ARP fasteners
-Kaase P51 heads (extensive port work by Robert McAllister) tytanium valves, T&E shaft mounted rockers, Comp springs, etc.
-.890" lift roller Comp Cam
-Weiand vintagetunnel ramthat appears stock, but has had extensive work done to it. The intake was split into qtrs, and we realigned the runners for perfect port matching. Ported then shotpenned to looklike a original cast intake. Spent over $6k on intake work and portingalong...
-2 950 cfm Quickfuel carbs
-MSD ignition
-Magna Fuel Pro Star 500 fuel pump (will support 2,000 horsepower)
-Custom built one-off Headers-Professional wiring
-Full aluminum interior including floors, tubs, removable trans tunnel, firewall, and trunk pans
-Chrome Moly 12 pt cage-Custom chassis/frame
-Glass winshield and rear window, blue lexan side glasses
-One piece tilt frontend
-Vintage 3 1/2" magnesium frontrunner $2400
-Vintage 10" American Racing magnesium rears $1600
-New set of 28" and 29"× 10.5"w slicks
-Wilwood disc brakes front and rear
-33" ladder bar rear suspension with QA1 double adjustable coil overs.
-Custom 9" Rear, backbraced with a aluminum strange 3rd member 4.88 gear, spool and 40 spline Moser axles
-Moly driveshaft from Carolina Driveline
-Strange billet yokes
-Fresh custom built Johnny Hightower 4-speed, with his latest pushrod shifter
-Ram Sinter Iron adjustable base pressure clutch set-up with adjustable counterweight pressure plate
-Quicktime Bellhousing
-Aluminum Radiator
-Original Vintage Mooneye's fuel tank (notrepop)-Vintage Custom race seats-Vintage Stewart Warner gauges-Vintage Tach
Car runs consistently in the low 5.50's at 128-130mph weighted race ready.Has run in the low 5.40's...
Motor makes someserious Horsepower...
This car is sold on a Bill of Sale only! No Title (its a race car)!This vehicle is sold as-is where-is. Buyer is responsible for shipping, however I will be glad to assist a buyer with any arrangements he or she may need.A $2,000 deposit is due within 48 hours of auction end. The remaining balance is due within 7 days of auction end. Please ask any and all questions before the auction has ended.
If you would like additional information, more pictures, or would like to make a appointment to view this car please call 864-494-4485 (if you receive a voicemail, please leave a message I will return your call).
Please do not bid unless you intend to buy. See a video of this item

The Hound Dog's Biography from Chris Cantrell

I’m going to tell you the story of a January day in 1992 that changed my life forever. Growing up poor in upstate South Carolina hunting wasn’t just a past time, it was a necessity. Like many others, I was very proud of my rabbit dog pack. As time passed my dogs earned the reputation of running a rabbit where no other could. My true pride and joy was a small frame brown and tan named Maggie. What Maggie lacked in size, she made up for it in heart.

My phone rang on the morning of January sixth 1992. I was in disbelief as the gentleman on the other end line introduced himself as Michael Barbre. Michael Barbre was a wealthy cattleman from Memphis Tennessee. He was known for raising world renowned hunting dogs, and some of the rankest bucking bulls this side of the Mississippi. He’d heard about Maggie and the pack, and wanted to invite us up to Memphis to hunt alongside his dogs. With no hesitation I loaded up the troops and headed out.

We reached Memphis with no problems, and as I settled in to the bunk house, Mr. Barbre got his first look at Maggie. Mr. Barbre informed me we had a very exciting weekend ahead of us. On Friday night we were going down to the local arena where a up and rising bull rider named Tommy Lumley had challenged Mr. Barbre. If he could ride Michaels rankest bull [Frankenstein] two outta three in one night, Mr. Barbre’s ranch would sponsor Tommy for the upcoming rodeo season. On Saturday morning we’d hunt a 250 acre tract of growed up pastures and briar thickets that backed up to the Kings Property. The property was once owned by the Presley’s, and was sold in the early 80’s. The property had sat dormant ever since, and this was the first time it had been hunted since purchased.

When Saturday morning rolled around, me and the pack were chomping at the bit to get in the briars. As soon as Maggie’s feet hit the ground, she opened up on the heels of a cane cutter. The other dogs gave chase, and that quickly the hunt was on. Maggie did great that day and by lunch, we had nine rabbits in the bag. Mr. Barbre was impressed to say the least. Now this is where I should’ve loaded up the dogs and called it a day. But, knowing when to quit isn’t my strong suit. Michael’s dogs kicked up a rabbit, and we agreed to run one more. This time when they left out, that rabbit must have run a mile. After waiting about 20 minutes we decided to go after them. We found them on the back side of the property circling a briar patch that must have been 100 yards deep. Thickest briars I’ve ever seen, and the dogs didn’t want to go in. We decided to give up the rabbit, and when we started leashing the dogs, I quickly realized Maggie was missing. We called and called, but to no answer. I knew in my heart she was in that briar thicket. We looked for her till dark, and against my better judgment I let Michael talk me into leaving her for the night. I didn’t sleep a wink that night, and made the decision that at first light, I was going in that briar patch. At 6:30 I was on my hands and knees crawling into to the only small hole I could find. Slowly and painfully I made my way through. After what seemed like an eternity I come across the most amazing sight id ever saw. There sitting in the middle of that thicket was a Ford Falcon drag car. A true straight axle gasser! The car was faded white with faded lettering. Blue windows, blue headlights, and some old M-50’s hanging out of the quarter panels. As I made my way around the car the passenger door was slightly open, and I made out the name on the side of the door.. “Hounddog”.. As I looked through the window, there laying in the old bomber seat was Maggie curled up comfortable as she could be. She was as glad to see me as I was her! I scooped her up, crawled out of there, and headed back to the ranch. I never spoke a word about what I saw that morning, but for years to come I never forgot about that racecar.

Fast forward 15 years. Through hard work and a little luck, I managed to build a successful glass company. Once I was financially able, I purchased that piece of property. In July of 2007 as I anxiously looked on, a D6 dozer pulled that old Falcon out of that briar patch. The car was in amazing condition, and with very little effort, we had it running. With some minor safety upgrades, we had the car on the track. I actually raced the car at first with the original lettering. I’ve since relettered the car, and only upgraded the bare necessities. I’ve done hours and hours of research on the car, and have never found any information. No one remembers the car being raced locally, and I’ve never found an original owner. It’s almost as if the car was built, but never made public.

Could this car have been built for someone rich and famous who never got the opportunity to race the car? I guess that’s a possibility, but id only be speculating.. What I do know is this. In January of 1992 a cowboy named Tommy Lumley rode Mr. Barbre prize bull 3 outta 3 times, and went on to be a bull riding legend. Maggie ran rabbits that Saturday morning with a passion I’ve never seen in another dog since. And as for me, I found the “HoundDog”