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Model A Pickup Truck All Steel Custom

1931 Ford Model A

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Model A
Year: 1931
Mileage: 217
VIN: Uponrequest
Color: Black
Engine: V8
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Excelsior, Minnesota, United States

Description for Ford Model A 1931

This is a custom All Steel 1931 Ford Model A Custom Pickup. Professionally built.WE HAVE PUT A VERY CONSERVATIVE RESERVE ON IT TO SELLRECENT APPRAISAL IS ATTACHED

The Model A is of course completely rust and damage free, and has all steel body panels. Virtually every panel on the vehicle has been modified in some way, shape, or form. The main body section or cab has been chopped three inches and the entire body has been channeled four inches. This results in a very purposeful and dramatic stance and silhouette.

The hood and side panels are a custom configuration that allows for some viewing of engine components, while also covering critical pieces from the elements. Compounding matters was the requirement of accommodating the “Lakester” style exhaust, and the additional need to clear the dropped axle front suspension. A custom black grille shell out front begins the visual process that then flows effortlessly back to the cowl. With the engine pulling air from through the hood, and exiting spent gases out the side, the motor becomes an integral part of the exterior design, without being even close to fully exposed.

All of the panels on the vehicle are extremely smooth, and the gaps on all the sheet metal are superb. The doors are especially well crafted, being a great fit and opening and latching shut with little effort. The retention of a stock outside handle is the perfect touch in keeping a wonderful balance to the over- all theme. The box is itself a work of art. Each side panel has a sort of ground effects extension panel fashioned along the bottom, and the tailgate has exquisitely crafted curves built in to each corner. These corners were originally a ninety degree configuration. Many hours of skilled work, a subtle result visually that only an appreciative and informed eye might catch.

Up front, beautiful custom halogen headlamp assemblies also house very subtle built-in turn signal assemblies. Out back, perfectly sized and shaped tail lamps hang perfectly off of each side of the box. All glass in the vehicle is lightly tinted.

A beautifully crafted custom polished aluminum tonneau cover hides the custom fabricated polished aluminum fuel tank.

The paint on the Model A is House of Kolor black, and it is beautifully done. The level of gloss and depth is superb. There are no nicks, scratches, runs, sags, sanding marks, sinking, fish eyes, or contaminants. It is as perfect as a paint job can get.

All of the brilliant body work and paint was orchestrated by none other than Bo Vescio, at Vescio’s Customs in Rogers Mn. Bo is gaining a national reputation for building very outstanding cars, and this effort continues to elevate his already enviable reputation. The metal workers and painters at Bo’s facility can be counted as among the best in the world.


The interior on the Model A is as exquisite as the exterior. It is a full custom that is very tastefully done. The materials utilized are of the highest quality, and the design features numerous creative and gorgeous ideas.

Leathers of varying grains and hides are used throughout, with dark brown being the central theme. The careful use of stainless steel accents also come into play. The headliner is beautifully done, with a rectangular impression molded into the material. All garnish mouldings are finished in highly polished black.

The instrument panel is a combination of black with a stainless steel panel holding the Classic Instruments. All knobs and switches are period correct and perfectly situated for appearance and functionality. Crazy Colors did the incredible pin-stripe job on the dash. A vintage Cal Custom steering wheel is in place along with a very unique turn signal assembly . Offy aluminum pedals control gas and brakes. Very cool.

The door panels are individual works of art, beautifully designed and crafted by Premier Upholstery in Rogers Mn. Brian at Premier is noted as one of the finest designers and stitchers anywhere, a true industry leader in innovative design and top quality workmanship. These door panels brilliantly exemplify that standard and reputation. A striking balance of hardware, leather, and stainless steel are brought together in just the right balance, to accentuate the tough street rod nature of this beautiful beast. Polished aluminum bomber style seats have been perfectly fabricated, and then skillfully covered with dark brown flawless leather. A custom console that is itself a work of art, undoubtedly took countless hours to design, build, and install. The end result is stunning.

Beautifully tailored high quality brown carpet is very nicely installed. The over-all visual impact of this interior is remarkable, given its size and the fact that there is not a great deal of glass area with which to view it. While getting in is no simple task, once there, one quickly realizes it was worth the effort, as the eye delights in being drawn to one visual highlight after another.


Power is provided by a nicely detailed 350 cubic inch Chevrolet crate motor, with numerous period correct features and accessories. This would include an Edelbrock aluminum three deuce intake, polished copper fuel lines, Edelbrock finned aluminum valve covers, and custom Lakester style headers. Actual horsepower rating is unknown but one could safely estimate it to be North of 300, easily.

Moving this power down the line is a 700 R4 GM Turbo-Hydramatic, beefed up with heavy duty components from TSI. A custom configured driveshaft with heavy duty u-joints brings the power back to a 9 inch Ford rear differential.


The under-carriage of the Model A is state of the art, in excellent condition, and is very well sorted and functional. The vehicle is driven, on the street, on a relatively regular basis, during the summer months.
The Model A sits on a Pete and Jakes chassis. It carries a 4” drop and is considered a “Zd” chassis, to get it to sit with the body, exactly the way it does- which is down low and purposeful looking.

All lines and cables are new and in excellent condition. All are nicely routed and bracketed. All surfaces are protected with varying finishes such as paint, powdercoating, etc. There is no rust or damage underneath the vehicle. There is no grime or residue build-up. With a gentle detailing, the vehicle would be showable at any time.

The engine compartment is clean and very uncluttered. Components that can be tucked away have been. It is an uncomplicated engine compartment. It has a simple, straight-forward, purposeful appearance. An aluminum high capacity radiator with electric fanning is in place. All linkages and lines are nicely detailed and well sorted. The engine area reflects solid craftsmanship and good taste- less is more.


All suspension components including springs, shocks, bushings, radius arms, and spindles are new and in excellent condition. A traditional dropped I beam axle is in place out front, and the rear diff is mounted via hair-pin rods. A classic, sound, traditional approach to suspending the vehicle . All of the suspension parts are nicely detailed in black.

The wheels are one of the strongest visual components of the entire package. There are two sets of wheels and tires for the vehicle, and each set brings with it a unique look that dramatically alters the look and feel of the truck.

The installed set at point of inspection are tall and narrow. They are custom made at a large expense. They are Will Smith Forged Aluminum wheels, that find their design foundation in the classic rims of the late 20’s, 30’s, and early 40’s. They feature beautifully polished rim edges with brilliantly finished spoke areas in black. Around the perimeter of the highly chrome plated and polished Ford hub caps we find superbly applied gold leaf striping, done by Mike Iverson.

Stahl Sport Radials which have an old school bias-ply look are blackwalls in a 5.50 R 18 configuration out front, and a 6.0 R 18 bringing up the rear. The wheels and tires add immensely to the over-all look and feel of the truck. The other rims were not inspected, the vehicle owner states they are much wider in nature and give the truck an even higher performance look ( by modern standards).


All of the brake components are new and in excellent condition. The truck has disc brakes in front with drums in the rear. The vehicle owner reports that the truck stops very nicely, in short distances and very straight.

The exhaust system is comprised of Lakester style headers that obviously create a true, dual exhaust system- that is surprisingly quiet at idle. At all rpm levels, the truck sounds incredible.

A new, custom built wiring harness is concealed in the body and/or chassis wherever possible. It is in excellent condition, and the owner reports all accessories work well, along with both the charging and starting circuits.


Whenever a project of this nature is started, thereis no guarantee that it will culminate in a well done, good looking, great driving custom car. Great deals of money can be spent, indeed wasted, because the end result has the wrong look or feel, or does not perform well, or even safely.

For a street rod to work, a theme must be identified and followed, and it must be timely in terms of what the market demands currently- but also be innovative just enough to be out front and a little different from everything else out there. It is not unlike when a car company is compelled to introduce a new model. Ford failed miserably with the Edsel, but six years later broke world records with the Mustang- sales records that remain to this day.

And so it is with this street rod. It is a shining example of what can be created when the right people are involved, with a shared vision of what is right, fresh, and new. Especially unique in this instance is the marvelous blending of old school, traditional design and build touches, coupled to state of the art components and an over-all package that has never quite been done like this.

As many disgruntled street rods will reluctantly tell you, it is very easy to get “upside-down” on a build- having thousands more in it, than it is ultimately worth. Sometimes though, when the hot rod Gods are with you, a car turns out just right and low and behold, is worth what you have in it, maybe more. Other hot rodders don’t really even care about that- they build the car to love and enjoy, and let the financial chips fall where they may.

Values on these cars are determined by the build quality, who did it, how it looks, how it feels, how it sounds, and how it scoots down the road. Also to be considered are amenities, ergonomics, ease of entry/exit, and over-all practicality, even with-in the parameters of occasional use. Vehicles at this build level typically bring $75,000-$125,000 or more. With all things considered here, I am placing a value on this Model A truck of $85,000.00.