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1966 Ford Mustang || Rare interior package || Excellent Condition

1966 Ford Mustang

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Year: 1966
Mileage: 62,130
VIN: 6F07C151973
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Description for Ford Mustang 1966


1966 Mustang with 5.0L/302 H.O. engine and RARE “Luxury”/“Deluxe” interior package with all the bells and whistles (Rally-Pac, original tachometer, pony seats, etc.). Almost no rust. Beautifully restored inside and out.



My 1966 Mustang is well loved and in excellent condition. It has a few small scratches and nicks on it. It is almost rust-free and has no Bondo. This Mustang is one of only about 11% of all 1966 Mustangs to have the luxury/deluxe interior option, which includes a whole host of additions and which are original to this Mustang. It also has a newer, upgraded crate engine, a monster 5.0L 302 C.I.D. HO (High Output) roller cam crate engine. Most components under the hood have been carefully replaced or restored. It looks sharp from every angle (repainted about 13 years ago with its original color “Emberglo”/“Emberglow”) and drives smoothly. Title is clean. Will appear in TV show “It Takes A Killer” scheduled for release in fall 2016 (filmed in early 2016). Full description below.

LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Because this car is located in a port city, it may be easier (cheaper) to ship this car worldwide.


This Mustang’s “luxury” and “deluxe” options include the following:

“Luxury Interior”/”Deluxe Interior” package, including the “Interior Decore Group,” the “Visibility Group,” and the “Rally-Pac” upgrades

Only about 56k of the 500k coupes in 1966 were “luxury” coupes (Code B)

Interior Decore Group, which includes

Pistol Grip Door Handles (similar, I think, to the T-Bird of that time)

“Deluxe Steering Wheel – Simulated Wood Grain”

R/W Door Courtesy Lights (lights built into the door that go on when driver’s or passenger’s door is opened)

Interior lighting when door opens

“Special Interior Trim”, which means that it had:

Two-toned “Deluxe Pony” seats with the galloping mustangs carved into the seat cushions.

“Special molded deluxe door panels” (i.e., slightly nicer-looking two-toned door panels

Special wood-grained instrument bezel and wood-grained glove box door

Interior trim color code 64 is emberglo and parchment, and the interior was restored to these original colors.

Visibility Group, which includes:

“Day/Nite Mirror,” (special flip for rearview mirror to reduce glare at night)

“Remote Control Mirror,” (adjust the side mirror from inside the car), and

two-speed windshield wipers.

Rally-Pac Group, which includes

tachometer and clock mounted on steering wheel


14”x6” Mustang-style steel chrome wheels

Power steering

Power drum brakes

Dealer installed air-conditioning (currently not functioning – it is nearly ready to go with the compressor and brackets sitting in the trunk; all other under hood AC components such as condenser coil, dryer, hoses, and wiring are still installed on the car)

Full-length center console

This Mustang also has paint code V Emberglo, which was only offered in the 1966 model year. The car was repainted about ten years ago with the original color. The color is a bit more “copper” in person, and the attached photos make it seem a bit more orange than it actually is.

Appears to have had a single-to-dual exhaust aftermarket conversion because there is dual exhaust but the exhaust pipes do not go “through” the rear bumper (they go under it). Dual exhaust is chrome and has a bit of rust on the chrome.


This Mustang originally had a 289 cubic inch V8, but now it has a larger engine, a 302 C.I.D. 5.0L HO (High Output) roller cam crate engine (it’s a monster). It is a crate Windsor engine similar to a 1993 Mustang. The new engine uses a few of the old engine’s parts, including the timing cover, pulleys, fuel pump, oil pan, intake manifold, and carburetor.

C4 Automatic Transmission (“Cruise-o-matic”) – three speed

More detail is listed below


This Mustang has VIN# 6F07C151973. I bought this car in July 2013 from the man who did most of the under-the-hood restoration work on it (Bill, whose full contact information I may provide on request, assuming he is OK with that). Bill bought it in December 2012, finished restoring it, and sold it to me in July 2013. The previous owner before Bill kept it in Louisville and bought it in 2008 or 2009. The interior was restored about 2008.

Here is the work done while I’ve owned it (owner from July 2013 to current):

Replaced accelerator pump diaphragm for the carburetor

Fixed gas gauge, which did not work when I purchased it

Fixed power steering leak. They put a new power steering kit in it, but I’ve held onto the original in case the next owner wants to fix that up and reinstall it.

Fixed door locks, which were too loose.

Here is some of the work that Bill (owner from Dec 2012 to July 2013) did:

Replaced the original 289 engine with a 5.0L 302 C.I.D. HO (High Output) roller cam crate engine (it’s a create engine, but it is a Windsor model, such as in a 1993 Mustang engine). The new engine has a harmonic balancer and transmission flex plate for balance, new chrome Tri-Y headers, and new Ford Duraspark ignition with new distributor. However, Bill retained the following parts from the original 289 engine: timing cover, water pump, pulleys, fuel pump, oil pan, intake manifold, and carburetor (Bill said that the larger 5.0 harmonic balancer and transmission flex plate had to be used for balance reasons). The owner before Bill had blown the engine, which is why Bill replaced it.

The owner prior to Bill had removed the original Autolite 2 Barrel 1.08 interior carburetor and put a big four-barrel in it with a high-rise intake (a tiny bump on the hood shows that that high-rise intake was a bit too high and caused that dent the first time that owner closed the hood). When Bill bought it in 2012, he got the original Autolite carb out of the trunk, cleaned it up and reinstalled it.

Rebuilt the power steering (replaced all components)

Fixed a leak on the power steering ram at the valve-end, and (I think) replaced the entire steering box

Replaced the core

Installed a new alternator, water pump, starter, and distributor

Most component parts of the power brake system were rebuilt or replaced

Prior to Bill, this work was done on it (prior to Bill’s purchase in Dec. 2012):

Transmission rebuilt in October 2010 (transmission runs very smooth)

Power steering ram installed and new hoses

New shocks

Red top battery installed in June 2011

Appears to be a replacement windshield, based on the seal around it

Appears to be a replacement radiator

Replacement back bumper

Appears that the rubber seals and weather strip have been replaced and are soft.

Bill thought the paint job is from about 2003

Upgraded stereo consol, which is now actually outdated (cassette player and radio).

Upgraded rear speakers (speakers, however, are not currently hooked up to the radio)


Interior leather is fabulous with no tears, splits, or holes. Carpeting was new when I bought it, and is still in excellent shape. The instrument panel, gages, and dash pad and door panels are very nice. Headliner and sun visors are nice with no staining or tears. Has aftermarket radio withcassette. Rally pack tachometer works, but reads high. Clock does not work, though it probably just needs a new battery. Center console is very nice with new wood grain inserts.


·Color is the somewhat rare Emberglo, which is the original color. This Mustang was repainted about thirteen years ago to match the original color. While it looks a little orange in a few of the pictures, it is really a deeper, copper color.

·This Mustang is mostly rust-free and has no Bondo. All the lines are nice with smooth opening/closing doors and trunk. There are only a few small marks on the car, which is otherwise flawless. The chrome is great.

·Very nice and even-fitting hood, doors, and trunk.

·Very nice paint job still has a lot of good shine.

·Floors, frame rails and undercarriage are solid with no rust.

·Side and back glass is original and very nice.

·A few small issues: There are some minor chips that have been touched up, and some minor bubbling at the lower front corner of both doors. Hood has a very minor dent in the center. The roof has a minor dent in the center about ¾ inch long. I can send photos of all these, and I can show video.


·Tires are BF Goodrich 215 width/ 70 Aspect Ratio / 14 Rim Size. Rears were new when I bought it, and the fronts were 80% to 90% when I bought it (without much mileage since I bought it).

·14”x6” Mustang-style steel chrome wheels. Wheels are in good shape with some wearing on the chrome.

·The wheel’s center caps were new when I bought it, but I am missing one cap, which I am trying to replace now.


·This Mustang runs and drives as good as it looks. It is tight with no rattles. The 5.0-liter engine provides good torque for responsive takeoffs. The transmission shifts smoothly with no hesitation, and the passing gear works as it should. I don’t take it out on the highway, although I have a few times.

·Front suspension seems nice and tight.

·Exhaust system is tight and had no leaks when I bought it, and I think that this is still the case although I don’t know how to test for this sort of thing.

·I bought this with the odometer at about 61700 miles. Bill told me that he had no idea if these are original miles or not. It now has 62130 miles.

·This car pulls a bit to the right, but not very much. I will try to post a video so you can see about how much this happens.


I have kept this Mustang in a storage unit the entire time I’ve owned it, and I only take it out once a week at most. I generally just run it in the neighborhood, and I’ve only taken it on the highway a handful of times for short rides to classic car meet-ups. I have never driven it more than about 15 miles from home.


I am attaching many photos. Also, if you want any specific photos, let me know and I will take some. I can also use “FaceTime” on my iPhone in case you want to speak and see video of the car at the same time.


Video of my Mustang here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shDV4KBx6oc


The above description is my own, and I have included all the good and bad things about it to the best of my ability. My Mustang is being sold “as is” (no express or implied warranties) and it is the buyer’s responsibility to read the complete description, view all pictures and video, ask questions, have a third party inspection, and make his or her personal inspection to confirm condition and all details BEFORE (NOT AFTER) placing a winning bid.All pre-owned vehicles, regardless of age, mileage, or manufacturer, are subject to cosmetic wear and mechanical failure. I encourage bidders to have a personal inspection completed prior to delivery to help ensure your satisfaction with your purchase.

Winning bid price does not include shipping, tax, title, or registration fees that you owe. It is your responsibility to pay for any state or local taxes and your responsibility to pay for shipping expenses resulting from the sale. For international bidders, I’m willing to work with you on shipping. I live in New Orleans, which is a major port city, so it is probably relatively easy to ship this car worldwide for that reason. I assume no responsibility for damages or delays incurred once a vehicle is in a shipper's custody.

Bidders without any feedback or with very little feedback must contact me ahead of time.

Do NOT bid if you are not serious or do not have funds available following close of auction.


Winning bidder must make a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE PayPal deposit within 48 hours of the auction’s end. The remaining balance of purchase price must be paid within seven days from auction’s end. Acceptable forms of payment include: certified check, bank wire transfer, or cash. If you are paying by check, the check must be cleared by all banks involved in processing of check before vehicle is released. Most likely I will ask that any in-person transaction take place at my bank.

Transferable title with both buyer and seller’s names entered will be provided to buyer or shipper upon taking physical possession of vehicle.