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1911 Ford Model T Touring A Brass Era Beaudette Convertible FoMoCo Made in USA

1911 Ford Model T Model T

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Model T
SubModel: Touring
Type: Touring
Trim: Model T
Year: 1911
Mileage: 16,397
VIN: 57207
Color: Black
Engine: 4 cyl
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Model T
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Salem, Oregon, United States

Description for Ford Model T 1911

1911 Ford Model T - Touring

Thanks for checking out my 1911 Ford Model T Touring, Made in the USA!!!. The previous owner of this Model T, had owned it since 1972, andit washis pride and joy for many years. He decided recently it was time to let it go, very hard to do since it had been a part of his life for the last 45 years.I met him last year, and this was the first time I saw this 1911. I had purchased another model T Depot Hack that he hadsince the 50's, he has been a long time enthusiast of thesegreat cars.I asked himwhen I was picking up the other car, thatif he ever decided to sell the 1911 I would like to be involved, so here it is before your eyes. Obviously the early Brass T's are the most collectable, but I do like them all personally, they are super fun to look at, and the mechanicals for the time are pretty amazing, and driving them is such a hoot. I have owned probably 10 Model T's in the last 15 years, and there isn't one that I have not liked, they all have their own personalities and unique stories. It is amazing this car is now over 106 years old, simply amazing really when you think about it. Obviously this car being 106 years old, things have been replaced or repaired etc,through the years, it probably isn't correct in every way, but it does have a lot of original parts on it. I don't know everything about Model T's just enough to get me in trouble, lol. But I have done a little researchin general to try and identify things for you, and I am sure that folks watching the auction, will help as well, so check it out, ask questions, and look at the end of the auction, and I will add questions or comments that I feel help peoplewith information about the car in general.So please ask questions I will try my best, study the pictures there are over 75and thedescription,I would be glad to answer any questions that you may have.Thanks, Jason 503-910-2085

The original brasscowl tag looks to be an original tag, I do not believe it to be a reproduction it looks original, I had another Model T gentleman that I know who also had a very original 1911 and he believes it is original in his opinion. It is stamped 57207 which would be July,1911.The body is very original, and has all the characteristicsthatyou see on an original 1911 body.Has B7852stamped under thefront seat as it should be, I believefrom this stamping it is aO.J. Beaudette body, they built bodiess for Ford from 1909-1922, it is known how many bodies they built forFord from 1910-1912. Also you will notice it has thecorrect splash aprons, that bump out toward the rear, and fenders look to be original as well.I know that the running boards are a little later, because of the script directions. The engine is obviously a 1913 engine, it has a date code of 10/13, but someduring some time in its life, restampedthe pad on the drivers side with 57207, if you know Model T's as well you know that 1911 engines had the id on the passenger side of engine.Notuncommon to do during the day,because they wanted to identify the engine with the cars original ID tag. This engine has been in the car, prior to 1972, it was like this when my friend got it then. The frame isearly as well, they did not vin stamp the frames, but the frame looks to be around 1911 as well, I took pictures of the cross members, especially in the rear were it attaches to the body, only the early cars were like this. The window frame upfront, I have been told may or may not be original, so I am not sure on this, don't see any stamping on it. The headlights, and other lights, are not hooked up, there are no stampings on the front headlights, they do have glass mirrors inside, not aluminum, so they are very old, just not sure exactly because of no stamp marks. The passenger side headlight has a crack in the brass around the end on outside about 3", Just pointing out a few things I have noticed in general about the car.

This car does run and drive, I have only driven it personally a few miles, but it seems to run good, and work like it should.I know last summer it went on a localcruise and ended in the town4th of July Parade in Newport, Oregon, 2016, that is the last time it has really been out on the road.The engine sounds good, and does run off battery and magneto.The engine is a1913, you can see the stamping on the side of the block, 1013 (oct, 2013). The transmission I am not sure exact year, I know that it is early, I was told it was 1911, but until it comes apart no one knows honestly. The rear is possible 1913 or a little after. Someone hadI had a friend come over that knows these cars very well to help me identify things in general. He said that the body is a 1911 which obviously is important. The body is very good condition, the panels all look good, no signs of any rust issues or no rust repairs that I have noticed, every thing seems to be pretty clean on it. The fenders are in good shape, as well. The paint is in decent shape, it was painted back in the 1970's so it does have some age to it obviously, it has some paint chips, scratches, but it does have a nice gloss to it, but as you get closer, and look at it from different angles, you will see some light sand scratches, and areas were maybe chips were sanded out, and you can see this under areas of the finish, as paint gets older it shrinks some and ages, so things like that happen sometime. But for a fun get around Parade car, or driver, this 1911 will make someone very happy.

The drivetrain is in decent condition, the engine is a 1913,as I mentioned earlier. It has crank start, it does not have an electric starter on it, they obviously did not have electric start back in the day, so obviously that is a very popular upgrade. The engine does start pretty good, but when it has been sitting for a bit, it takes a little bit to get her going, but when it fires up, it comes right to life and sound great. It does run off battery and magneto works as well. The transmission seems to be in good shape, I think he said it has newer linings installed a few years ago, everything seems to be working transmission wise, high, low, reverse, brakes, emergency brake works as well. The rearend is out of a later Model T, and seems to be good shape. Does it drip oil, absolutely, you will need a drip pan mostly under the transmission, it seeps occasionally as it sits. The engine, a tiny bit and rearend, this is pretty common on these old T's, even the nicest restored ones, seep a little as time goes by its the nature of the beast. The wheels look to be in good shape, the tires are NOSKID, which was an option, and hold air good, but they do have a lot of weather checking and cracking, so if you were going to be doing a lot of driving, you may want to get new tires for it.

The interior is in decent shape, obviously redone about 25 years ago, but over all it looks good, I know one of the button caps is missing on the front seat, but I have the cap, I'll try to secure it.The seats are vinyl not leather likeoriginal. The top is older, but in decent shape, you will see some wear on it in areas it has been used and been on the car a long time, but overall in good condition. The wood on the floors looks good as well, and wood structure of the body, seat frames all look to be in good shape. The cowl looks to be in good shape as well. The lights are not hooked up, so they are not working currently. I am not sure if the window frame or brass work is original to a 1911 model T or not, take a look at the pictures and do your homework to decide for yourself, I know there are lots of variations of items for the time, and everyone has an opinion in general about what is correct and what isn't correct, so be your own judge on those issues. The speedometer, is not hooked up, it is a Jones unit, but it does work, I can take it and spin it at the bottom and the speedo works on it.

I hope that helps a little bit, but for more information take a look below and you will see over 100 photos of this beautiful 1911 Model T Touring!!!

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