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Hot Rod / Rat Rod Truck

1948 Ford Other Pickups

Make: Ford
Model: Other Pickups
Year: 1948
Mileage: 3,200
VIN: F1R1HM24636
Color: Brown
Engine: 272 Y Block
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Brownsburg, Indiana, United States

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First, if you have no money, or are planning to bid, only to then ask your wife or husband at the end of the auction if you can buy it, don't bother. This is a contract for purchase, not a virtual reality dream you are participating in. Sorry, I don't want to sound like a jerk, but you all know how some people operate in this world, so thanks for understanding.

The Truck:

Very cool Hot Rod, not by any means a Junk Rod, or like some of the typical "Clown Cars" you see on here, that look like they've been thrown together without an eye for proportions, stance, ect. No goofy spider webs, welded wrenches or goofy looking, old body on a modern IFS suspension frame, just old school cool here baby!

  • 1948 F2 Cab (titled as a 1951), chopped 4" in back, 4.75" in front to give it a more aggressive yet subtle hood line. This model is not easy to get right, due to the roundness of the top, but this one looks good! I'm 6'5" and fit easily in this truck. The room inside the cab will surprise you.

  • The bed is a 1930's Dodge Brothers (from the best I can tell), that's been shortened and bed skirt added to keep the lower body lines in sync with the cab.

  • Original steel 1932 Ford Grille.

  • 1956 272 Ford Y-Block. Still, true old school cool, but with much better power than a Flatty. Motor is all original other than all new gaskets, new water pump, new oil pump, new fuel pump and I pressurized the rocker arms, for tremendous oil flow up top. The engine has less than 10k miles on it. Yes, that's not a typo, 1956, all original y-block with under 10k original miles on it. This baby is mint, and you won't be like every other guy at the car show, that has the same old boring 350 in their car. Edelbrock 553 3x2 intake, Holley Carbs, which operates great. Dicks Hot Rod Carbs set up this triple deuce. Both secondary carbs have new vintage speed bases, which close securely when secondary's are not in use (No vacuum leaks).

  • New Valve Covers.

  • New Radiator and New Trans Cooler

  • New "Spin on" modern oil filter adapter added.

  • New PCV valve added, feeding back to block/intake added, so the old Y-Block ventilation/breather tube is capped off. No oil puddles on your garage floor!

  • New Glass wrapped, custom Lake Headers, with turn outs and removable baffles installed.

  • New MSD Dizzy, New MSD Coil and New MSD Wires.

  • 1931 Model A Headlights

  • New modern style headlight bulbs, with the turn signals inside of the headlights.

  • Tail lights are traditional bulbs that are solid and flash (no goofy Led lights), and the red tail light covers are glass, not plastic.

  • New custom made, Ididit steering column.

  • New 1940 Ford Steering Wheel (Speedway Motors Re-pop 15").

  • New Lester Wide Whites on Front, with less than 2k miles on them. 16x6.50

  • New Lester Wide Whites on Back, with less than 2k miles on them. 16x7.50

  • All wheels were custom made and powder coated black by "The Wheelsmith".

  • New Hub Caps "The Wheelsmith".

  • 1959 Buick 45 fin front brake drums. No missing, chipped or damaged fins, tons of meat on these drums. Pure old school cool !!!

  • New Speedway Re-pop Front Bendix Style, self-energizing backing plates, with all new hardware and shoes (less than 2k miles).

  • New Manual Brakes, custom mounted at 90 degrees under the dash, so it's not under the car where it could be damaged by road debris, or sticking out into the motor area. Nice and clean engine bay, tucked away, for a clean look.

  • Front hubs are 1946 Ford (Outside mount), machined down to fit the Buick Drums. Not the later Ford hubs that make the drums stick way out and look goofy.

  • All new hub bearings.

  • All new brake lines.

  • New Ford front Spindles.

  • New Cast, low profile steering arms.

  • All Steering components, Rods, Hardware, ect, are New.

  • New Pete and Jakes "Shorty" front shocks.

  • New RPM 6" drop (Ford Style) tube Front Axle.

  • New Front and Back Radius Rods.

  • New reversed Corvair Steering Box.

  • Rear Axle is a Ford 8.8, 3.73 gears that had 48k miles on it when I got it.

  • Rear drums and all brake hardware and shoes are New.

  • Rear axle bearings all replaced and new.

  • New Heidts, Coil Over Rear shocks.

  • New custom made driveshaft made by Denny's Driveshaft.

  • New custom made Hot Rod Seats.

  • New gauge insert and gauges.

  • New 32" Lokar Shifter

  • Newly rebuilt Turbo 350 Transmission. (Less than 2k miles on it).

  • New torque converter.

  • New Wilcap Y-Block to TH350 Adapter was used, with new mini Mopar starter.

  • New Battery

  • The frame was built by me, as well as all of the suspension mounts and engine mounts. Frame is 3/16ths thick and all mounts are super beefy with support gussets. Great welds and fish plated, so it is as strong/safe as any hot rod on the road. I take my kids in it, from the interstate to downtown stop and go traffic, that's how safe I feel it is. Never had an issue.

This truck in no trailer queen, and has areas that do not look perfect (part of the style), but it is a solid truck. If you are looking for power steering, power brakes, A/C, Stereo and something that rides like a Cadillac, a Hot Rod is not for you. If you want something to jump in and cruise around town in, and have people break their necks and grab their phones for video and photos when you drive buy, this is your truck. When you stop to do something as simple as get gas, this truck draws crowds. You will get thumbs up left and right in this truck, because it is a great looking truck that sounds great. It is loud, fast and smells like a little exhaust mixed with gasoline, just the way it should and it is an absolute blast to drive!

I do not flip cars, and did not build this truck to sale, I built it to keep, so as you can tell from the parts I used, no expenses were spared. My son is getting a little older, so I want to build a car with him, so I just need the room. I do not need help to sale this truck, and I won't accept less than the starting price, which is no reserve. You are free to come by and look at the truck, prior to the end of the listing and I reserve the right to end this auction at any time, due to having it posted elsewhere. Thanks for looking at my listing and have a great day.