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1934 Ford 4 door sedan with rolling chassis (optional parts)

1934 Ford 4 Door Sedan

Make: Ford
Model: 4 Door Sedan
Type: Sedan
Year: 1934
Mileage: 99,999,999
VIN: 999999999999
Color: black/rust
Engine: none
Transmission: none
Interior color: none
Vehicle Title: Salvage
Item location: Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States

Description for Ford 4 Door Sedan 1934

This is the result of multiple purchases, the first was the body, the chassis came from a matching body that I wanted to go in a different direction with (the frame came with a body that I am keeping).
The following brand new replacement parts are OPTIONAL: (add $500) but I think they would be needed** Rockers,** Cowl patch panels,** Front floor pan** Sub Rails
Fiberglass parts OPTIONAL: (add $700)all new, never mounted or drilled, will have minor surface scratches, nothing deep** 3 Piece fiberglass hood, flat sides** rear fenders (one is thinner than the other)** running boards** one front fender=============
The bodyI posted a lot of pictures so there are no surprises, the company I got it from (09-40) did not describe it truthfully, so I'm going to let you know the exact state (as I know it) of the body. A lot of work has been done on the doors and their parts.
The body was shipped to St Petersburg and they did an incredibly bad job of prepping it for shipment, so the sub rails & rockers need replaced. (see optional above), or you can get/make them yourself.Rust: there is at least a light coat everywhere, but the body is solid (except where noted), sometimes the rust is a little too solid and screws need drilled out.All 4 doors have been run through an electrolysis tank and roughly primed to prevent further rust. The two front doors have had metal patch panels done, the patch panels were stitch welded in place.There are a few small daylight holes in the back, but nothing major.Both front window columns have minor cracks that will need welded shut (unless you are going to chop the top). These cracks look to be where the columns were originally welded to attach the roof. There is still lots of solid metal in the areaFirewall is in good shape, no extra holes.Floorpan is shot, ( a front floor pan available in the optional section)There are some holes in the wheel wells, nothing that can't be easily fixed (not visiblewhen tires are in place).The pillars between the doors have nothing to attach to, the wood up top is soft and poor shipping prep killed off most of the lower attachments to the sub rail. The pillars themselves are in good shape.Once the sub-rails are replaced you will have something to attach to.
The project is currently in the state shown in the pictures except for the doors being de-rusted & primed.

Rolling Chassis:It looks like the project stopped in the middle, reason unknown, it was previous to the dealer I got it from.The IFS in the front does not have the springs/shocks yet and general cleanup needs done to welded areas..The frame is partially boxed and has a modified center cross member.It looks to be bobbed in the back so they may have been thinking of doing a high boy.The rear shocks are not there, the coil springs are, I have no idea the type rear end or the ratios..No Title, will include bill of sale
Most of the wood in this body is soft or rotted, I have another 34 ford four door sedan (the one I am keeping) so you can take as many pictures and measurements as you like. I have been replacing the wood in the car I am keeping, and have been detailing & measuring what was there.
Frankly you could part it out and make money on it. It is priced for a quick sale. Even the optional items are at a deep discount.
Once picked up there is no warranty.
I will not ship it for you, that is your responsibility, I have two vendors I have used that I can recommend but who you use is up to you.