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1967 Ford Mustang Coupe - Branded "Mod" Top, 9" Rear End

1967 Ford Mustang "Mod" Top

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Type: Coupe
Trim: "Mod" Top
Year: 1967
Mileage: 129,936
Color: Gold
Engine: None Supplied
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: None Supplied
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gold
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Cassette Player

Description for Ford Mustang 1967

1967 Ford Mustang non-fastback style


This 1967 Ford Mustang is a single-family car. Originally purchased new by my parents from Santa Monica Ford in California, it became mine in around 1973.

Starting as a daily driver, it eventually became a “test bed” for every horsepower enhancing idea I could come up with at the time. When I had the opportunity to get a 429 cu. in. big block and its companion C-6 automatic, the 289 and C-4 were removed and sold. The big block and transmission were built up and installed in 1976 and were run on the street and strip until 1983. The engine was pulled out that year to install in a drag hydro (recently sold). The car has not had an engine since that time.

The C-6 transmission with 10” high stall torque converter remains and is currently for sale BUT is NOT INCLUDED IN THIS AUCTION.

The vehicle was moved to Indianapolis, Indiana in 1987 and has been stored in varying locations around this area since then.

Configuration (as purchased)

This vehicle has a non-fastback, “notch” style, hard top roof. It was a simple, vanilla 289-2V car with single exhaust. The only remarkable item in the as purchased configuration, was the vinyl (“mod”) top-- part of a rare, dealer branding package. You can search for branded Mustangs Online to find out more. One site that has info on this is at: mustangattitude.com.

A Marti report is included in the auction to verify this stated, original configuration.

Configuration (As Auctioned)

Drive train & Suspension:

  • Engine: NOT INCLUDED

  • Transmission: NOT INCLUDED

  • Rear End: Upgraded from 8” to 9” housing, obtained from 1969, 351w Mach 1 Mustang

    • Gear Sets: includes 3rd members with the following gear ratios- 3:50:1, 4:57:, 5:14:1 (5.14 case has crack at pinion bearing support)

    • Axles: 28-spline

    • Spool: Open spools believed to be configured with all gear sets

  • Brakes, Front:

  • Upgraded from drum to power disc with parts from same 1969 Mach 1 Mustang

  • Breaks, Rear:

  • Lakewood Velvetouch Metallic, with 1970 Torino ventillated drums

  • Springs, Front: 428 CJ front coil springs (needed for 429 engine) 289 springs NOT included

  • Anti-Sway Bar, Front: .91”

  • Anti-Sway Bar, Rear: Not Installed

  • Rear Springs: Stronger leaf springs installed from a fastback-style Mustang

  • Traction Control: Slapper-type traction bars installed on rear leaf springs.

  • Shocks, Front: Monroe 90/10

  • Shocks, Rear: Monroe Max Air Shocks


  • Vinyl top not perfect but in remarkably good shape

  • Both front fenders replaced with NEW units from Ford in 1982

  • Both headlight fender inserts replaced with NEW units from Ford in 1982

  • 14 “ Cragar S/S wheels all around with E60-14 and L60-14 bias ply tires

  • 7” CIBIE' H4 halogen headlights

  • Unique, functional hood scoop

  • Ace-Keyed hood locks

  • Tow Bar, removable front

  • Towing Mods: Cut springs were installed and front-end alignment changed, in order to tow car without engine. (1969 428 CJ coil springs are included)


  • Headliner in good shape

  • Steering wheel: Aftermarket

  • Shifter: Floor opening was enlarged for a Hurst Autostick-1 (shifter NOT included)

  • Stewart Warner oil pressure, water temperature and vacuum gauges, integrated into dash

  • Autometer tachometer

  • A cassette and 8 track tape deck although uncertain if they are still operational

  • Vintage Pontiac spring reverb system (configured for stereo) with fader controls

  • Stereo headphone jacks

Under Hood:

  • Wired for trunk-mounted battery (Battery is NOT INCLUDED)

  • Four row, custom radiator (for 429 engine)

  • Delta capacitive discharge ignition unit

  • Modified power booster for brakes

  • Original Ford power steering pump and related components

  • Engine oil cooler

  • Transmission oil cooler

Loose accessory items:

  • An extra hood: (Lightened, lift on/off) 1968 with rectangular hole to fit tunnel ram intake manifold

  • Front spoiler (needs repair)

  • A rear anti-sway bar

  • Water pump (429)

  • Various front grill parts, including 2, 1967 chrome “mustang” grille ornaments

  • Original front and rear seats

  • Fiberglass racing seats (front)

  • Dual exhaust system with vintage Thrush “round” mufflers (in good condition) made to originally fit the 429 engine with Hooker headers

  • Original steering wheel

  • New turn indicator lever

  • Various Ford and Mustang insignia

  • A “California Car Cover” cover is included

Condition (current) Details

While this car was in very good shape and fully operational prior to going into storage, years of sitting took its toll. In on of the storage locations there was a time when water leaked into the interior from a few places and caused the carpet to mildew and the interior metal to rust or corrode. As a result, I stripped out all carpet and sound abatement materials. Some of the seats still have a mildew smell also but no visible fungus growth.

Almost all interior rust is “surface”. There is however a structural rust issue where the cowling connects to the heater. That sheet metal has rusted through and will need to be repaired. I can't see if there are any other issues under the dash.

At one time, I had a minor rear-end collision which damaged about 2-3” of the front hood, and cracked the pot-metal that the headlights are mounted in. As a result, I purchased all new, original Ford components to replace all of those that were damaged, except the hood. The hood was repaired with bondo at the time and is now cracking. in that front area. I don't believe there was any damage to the unibody frame or any other component that wasn't replaced, in that incident.

The rear bumper is slightly bent and has a “ding” in it from pushing against a metal pole. There may be other dings in the rear section of the car. The rear wheel wells have been “pie” cut to accommodate slicks without using a narrowed rear end. There also is a hole drilled behind the rear windshield that was used for a CB radio antenna.

As mentioned earler, most of the car interior and exterior rust is cosmetic or surface rust and doesn't effect structural integrity. Note that there could be an issue with proper brake operation due to rust however.

The Cragar S/S rims have mostly been cleaned up but will need to be re-plated, due to corrosion damage.

If you are REALLY interested and you can't find an answer to your question either in the pictures or in this text, PLEASE DO contact me through Ebay. Also, do not ask to buy it outside of the Ebay system.

This will be a customer pick-up purchase only. It has a tow bar but that is recommended for short distances of a few miles or less due to the “oversteering” effect of the front bias-ply tires. I recommend using a trailer for (safer) longer transport.

The high performance C 6 automatic transmission with high-stall torque converter is available for separate purchase and NOT INCLUDED in this auction.

I really hate to sell this car for obvious sentimental reasons. However, I just don't have the time for a restoration project like this. Hopefully, someone else will and be able to enjoy the finished product.