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1970 Original Mach 1 Mustang, Adj Susp, Wilwood, Posi | 5 Speed | Vintage AC

1970 Ford Mustang

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Year: 1970
Mileage: 90,000
VIN: 0F0511105566
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 5 Speed
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Gainesville, Georgia, United States
Air Conditioning

Description for Ford Mustang 1970

Up for sale is my 1970 Mach 1 Mustang. I am going to list as much as I can, as accurately as I can. Im open to any questions you might have, and the info I can give you is only what I know of since I purchased the car over 3 years ago, and what was told to me by the previous Owner. First I have to say, I do not want to sell this car, my wife suggested that we pay our daughters school loan off with it. I agreed as long as it sells for a fair price, and I'm only listing it here once, and then if the buyer pulls a non pay, I will relist it once. She agreed.

So, this car is a DRIVER. Its not a show car. Its as perfect of a DRIVER that I can ask for, it checks all the boxes.
Ill get this out of the way first, I didn't touch this up, I didn't wash it, I didn't avoid its paint chips, scratches, dings any of it...Im not going to sugar coat this listing. If you win this auction, youll know EXACTLY what your getting, simply because you should know, and I don't really want to sell it.
Its an original 70 MACH one. It has a 351 or a stroked small block. IT HAS A 5 SPEED. It was born with a 351 Windsor 2V, and an auto, according to my Marti Report.
Lets talk about the motor. The PO stated it was stroked small block as far as he could tell, but he didn't know the stroke. Im inclined to believe him, because even though its not super fast, its damn quick.It MAY be a 351, it runs perfect, I never checked it. This is the cleanest motor inside I have ever seen, that I didn't build. I bought this as a driver, so I replaced upper end gaskets, and when I took off the intake, I was pleasantly surprised that it was spotless...I mean spotless. When I change the oil in this, it comes out very clean.
I had originally purchased a Clevor motor for it. It dyno'd at 725 HP on pump gas. BUT, This car is so reliable, fun and cool to drive, I left it alone. I couldn't bring myself to muck up a car that is this reliable...and its old muscle. That's rare.
This is a Muscle Car, its NOT a resto mod.
It NEVER runs hot. I have driven this car from Atlanta GA, to Boston MA and back, 5 times. I would drive this car ANYWHERE. It has never not started, it gets 21 MPG on the hwy with the 5 speed. It has pertronix ignition, holley 750 DP, the mildest of cams, old headers, dual exhaust. A mechanical fan cools it. Once in Boston, I was in stop and go traffic for 3 hours, it was 90 degrees out side, and I had the AC on. It never ran hot. This car is an absolute dream to drive, if you don't mind manual disc brakes or manual steering. One thing I can immediately say is the separate light switch for the fog lights is hit or miss...on then off...replacing the switch is something I might do before auction end, but I have it set in the off position.
I have the power steering pump and ram in a box. You can take it if youd like. Its a terrible system.
I bought the car with a 4 speed, I replaced it with the 5 speed. I wanted a driver, not a show car. I daily drove this for over 3 years and continue to drive it now...Things that I have done...
New axles and bearings. New 3.40:1 POSI Cragars 15x8 front 15x9 rear QA1 adjustable shocks front and rear Aluminum lightweight driveshaft Wilwood dynalite slotted and drilled discs and calipers up front. Digital radio with aux Holley 750 DP New ALT New Starter T5 5 speed conversion
I removed power steering because it was the old ram type and it was awful. If you CANT drive a car without power steering, this isn't for you. It handles really well and the Wilwoods haul it down immediately. If you like a firm ride, you can adjust it to suit, the rear tires rub ONLY in the oddest of situations...like a massive hole or a dip you would go way too fast for...This car is just a pleasure to drive...
About the inside, the Vintage Air AC blows COLD! I will show the outside damage in the pics, but over all its pretty incredible inside for an old Mach one. E brake has never worked, clock sometimes. everything else that I can think of works perfectly.
Outside. These pics are from 7-23-18, like I said, I didn't wash it or touch it up. It was born with blue paint from the factory, at some point it was painted red, it was black when I bough it. As for the paint, its shiny, its not a super paint job. The upside is I can park it, and not stare out the window worrying. The down side is it has knicks, scratches, and you can see where some black is chipping off it had red under it. I don't care too much. I had an alternator in the trunk that rolled out of the box and dinged the driver side rear qtr from the inside. Ill show my dumba@$$ery in one of the pics.. ill be pointing to it. The paint shop quoted me $800 to fix it, but then I would sweat parking it...Id rather have some stuff wrong on the exterior. Its stress free for a daily driver.
Under the front left fender is some minor metal cracking from where the tire caught the lip in a sharp turn backing up through a dip on the lawn...just a weird thing...again, this doesn't bother me. If it was perfect, I would constantly stress about it. Anyone that has ever had a true show car, wont do it again. I drive this everywhere, I have never had more compliments in any other car I own or have owned. Its a bad mother, and when you pull in everywhere, everybody stares. It has a fantastic grumble, really really angry. I think the way the car sits is perfect. It has a drivable 70's MUCLE look that is very hard to achieve with a car that drives this well. Under the wiper cowl is some original factory blue paint.
It had some floor patch repair in its past, it was done well, the body has ZERO rust that I have seen, if it had it, its gone. I have another project on my lift, so I will take what under car shots I can. I didnt doll up the underneath, nor the engine compartment...Im not trying to trick you with shiny pics.
When you pick this car up, it will have fresh oil, a full gas tank, it will be detailed inside and out. I will have someone touch up the stuff in the pics. I would rather over deliver than under deliver you, this car.
Like I said, it will go anywhere. If you fly in, I can get you from the Airport, and you can drive this back to wherever you came from. In the heat of summer, it has never let me down, its gone all over the southern USA, and to Boston and back 5 times flawlessy... it has a Clean Tennesee title, and I will provide a bill of sale... State of Georgia does not issue titles for old cars, and I didn't turn this title into them because they would keep it, and not issue me one. I registered it in Georgia with the bill of sale.IT has had Full coverage from HAGERTY ins ever since. I will give you the title that I have, as your state might provide you one in its place, but Georgia does not.
Once the vehicle is paid for it is available immediately,OR I will park it in my garage where I keep it. If you are out of town, I can leave it parked for you for a short period of time. I am Taking my daughter back to college in Boston MA, the first week of September, So I can drop it off anywhere along the way for free. If you would like a company to pick it up, I can meet them locally in a large parking lot for easy pick up.
In closing, I don't want to let my car go, but if you have read this far, then you are not interested in a show car, and I feel that if this goes to someone who will drive the crap out of it, that's what it was made for. This is an incredibly driveable muscle car that still has the word Muscle in the description. To me, its perfect.
Text me with any questions Hodge six seven eight fivesevensix sevenfourzerozero