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WELL BUILT 1968 Ford Shelby Mustang Trans Am Terlingua Tribute Race Ready Car!!!

1968 Ford Mustang

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Year: 1968
Mileage: 2,581
VIN: 8R01C130260
Color: Red
Engine: V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Mission, Kansas, United States

Description for Ford Mustang 1968

1968 Mustang Trans Am Race Car


VIN: 8R01C130260

This 1968 Mustang Coupe was originally produced at the San Jose Mustang plant and was delivered as a "C-Code" 2V 289 powered variant. It was eventually purchased by the owner of R&A Motorsport in Lee's Summit, Missouri (a shop specializing in the restoration of Mustangs and Shelby's outside of Kansas City) who set about building the clean coupe into a race car in the style of the 1967-68 Shelby run "Terlingua" Mustang team cars.

The car is powered by a 331 stroker motor with custom alloy heads which transfers power through a Ford toploader transmission. Both the motor and transmission were fully rebuilt last spring by Eagle Machine in Buffalo, NY. The car has not been raced since the rebuild. The engine is girdled throughout and, according to the last owner, will rev at 7500 RPM all day long without breaking a sweat. Although not dyno'd upon completion, the last owner as well as the engine builder claims the motor to be conservatively mid 400 range on horsepower and probably 410-420 on torque. The car is currently running 50 weight racing oil and runs best on 112-120 octane racing fuel. The motor runs through a set of hooker headers and features an original Shelby GT350 R Model oil cooler, Aviaid oil pan, electric fuel pump, a catch can for excess oil, a new quick fuel racing carburetor, MSD ignition and distributor with the ignition module hidden under the dash, and new alternator and starter.

The transmission features a new diaphramed pressure plate and new clutch. The transmission work totaled to over $1800 and is ready to be run. The transmission is difficult to get into reverse which is the product of the last owner making the modification in order to assure that a driver does not put the Hurst shifter into reverse when attempting to shift into 1st on the track. The next owner may choose to rebuild the linkage to make reverse easier to find but also might see value in how difficult it is to engage reverse.

The suspension features front brakes which are vintage Trans Am specification. The front brakes are cooled at each caliper by ducts which were purchased from Cobra Automotive and the brake rotors are hardened and were also purchased from Cobra Automotive.

The rear end is a 4.11 ratio in a Lincoln Versailles/Ford Granada differential which features rear disc brakes. The car is also running Koni shocks at all 4 corners, override traction bars in the back, axle limiting cables, racing springs, and a driveshaft safety loop. Observers will note that the car had subframe connectors welded in but they were cut off when the lap times went up due to the modification!

The car is running a 3 inch straight exhaust all the way back and the collectors have been cut off the headers to allow for better road clearance. The car has a fuel cell installed, dual master cylinder, and torque thrust wheels at a custom offset (the last owner believes 7.5 in back and 6 in the front). Those wheels also feature titanium lugnuts. Further, the car has a master kill switch installed on the passenger side along with a transponder already installed as well.

Overall, the car is built very close to the specs of a 67/68 Shelby Trans Am "Terlingua" Mustang even down to the vented axle to keep axle grease from concentrating on one side of the axle during hard cornering.

This car has been raced by its last owner since 1999, running at such tracks as Hallet Raceway in Oklahoma, Willow Springs, the Virginia City Hillclimb, Heartland Park in Topeka, Infineon Raceway, Sears Point, and others. The car comes with a log book as well as a number of pictures of the car running at various venues.

Please note that this car is built as a race car and is ready to run. The car is built to CVAR regulations but could surely be modified slightly to run under a number of sanctioning bodies. The last owner states that the seat belts could likely use an update and surely the next owner will want to go through the car before running it at speed on the track, if only for his peace of mind. The car could continue to participate in road racing under the next owner or could be a great autocross car. Truth be told, the car has working taillights and headlights and, in result, the car could be converted to street use as a mean looking Terlingua tribute car without much effort. Simple detune the drivetrain, add mufflers, and add bumpers.

Cosmetically the car is very nice...for a race car. The car is a very straight Mustang Coupe but should not be judged as a concours restoration. The fenders do not align perfectly and the paint has no shortage of chips and scuffs (although the car is very presentable for a race car). The car has a great look to it and the cosmetics of the car are certainly better than most of what you see running around on race tracks most of the time.

All in all, this 68 Mustang race car presents an interesting opportunity for anyone who would like to go racing or is looking for a Trans Am tribute car. For the price of entry, you certainly could not build this car for anywhere near the car's reserve even if you managed to find a 67/68 Mustang coupe with paint nice enough to simply allow for modification to race specifications. In today's market, clean Mustang coupes such as this range from $15k-$22K conservatively...before any race prep or modification comes into play!

This car comes with a clean Missouri title which will be re-assigned to the purchasing party. The car retains its original dash tag as well as the appropriate VIN numbers on the inner aprons which are covered by the fenders. The car is missing its original door tag but the door tag on Mustangs is for warranty reference at dealerships only. The legally binding areas on a 68 Mustang are on the fender aprons as well as the dash tag..

I specialize in the sale of original Shelby Mustangs, Cobras, and performance Fords in general. I generally find myself dealing in street specification cars and I certainly am not a scholar of the 67-68 Shelby Trans Am cars. Because of that, I have done my best to provide a number of glamour shots but I do feel that the more important pictures are the almost 100 pictures I have taken with my phone of most every square inch of the car- top, bottom, interior, and trunk. These photographs should give serious inquirers a pretty good idea of the specifications to which this car is built and also the standard of quality to which the car is built. I have also made a video so that interested parties can hear what this beast sounds like!

With additional questions, please reach out through eBay or call me (Vernon) at 913.232.2136. I will be glad to answer any and all of your questions!

LINK TO VIDEO!:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux0HOg1vN5Q