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1963 Ford Econoline Falcon Club Wagon

1963 Ford Falcon

Make: Ford
Model: Falcon
Trim: Falcon Club Wagon
Year: 1963
Mileage: 96,000
Color: Green
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Rear Wheel Drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Santa Cruz, California, United States
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Description for Ford Falcon 1963

Well. I think I am about ready to tap out with this van. it is just too expensive for me to keep on the road and it is a little too fragile for me. As you can see below it has had a A LOT of work done in the last 3 years to keep it running while it has been my daily driver. The main issue seems to be that parts can be hard to find. Honestly this thing is running great so it pains me to get rid of it. I just have no business in the classic car game at this point. It has good compression. brakes. transmission. starts. stops. idles. all that stuff with no problems! This is the Falcon model van with the windows all around but the rear seats have been removed. The engine was replaced with a rebuilt one but no record of odometer so I don't know how many miles are on the engine. I had the cylinder heads re-machined because unleaded gas was damaging them. so now they are good to go. All work has been done locally. and I have all the receipts for over $14K in repairs and maintenance. Other details:Rear door only locks from inside. there are some leaks around some of the doors and windows in the rain. steering wheel has a little squeak when you move it. slight pull to the right when you brake. it's been in a small accident but I had the frame pulled straight so the alignment is good. some rust and dings that you can see in the pictures. but pretty sweet for a 50-year old car. and style points out the wazoo! History of Work Done to Van:Date____________Mileage____Description09/01/2011______66. 30_____Radiator Flush/Fill 09/05/2011______66. 81_____Oil Change & . . . 09/10/2011______66. 59_____New Tires09/13/2011______66. 89_____U-joints installed10/12/2011______67. 65_____Compression checked. Drag-Link installed11/08/2011______68. 37_____Fuel Tank installed. Brake adjustment11/28/2011______68. 37_____Fuel Sender installed01/27/2012______69. 79_____Suspension Check02/03/2012______69. 21_____Flush Coolant. Rebuild Heater Core04/10/2012______?__________R & R Cylinder Heads04/19/2012______70. 63_____Replace L Motor Mount. Front Outer Tie Rod End. Two Wheel Alignment06/25/2012______71. 52_____Replace Front Leaf Springs06/26/2012______?__________Pull L Front Frame Rail @ Spring Shackle08/13/2012______72. 02_____Rotation & Balance08/28/2012______72. 13_____Replace Carb10/04/2012______?__________Check Choke. Lube Suspension10/09/2012______?__________Oil Light Switch purchase & install10/22/2012______73. 92_____Radiator fix. new Therm. . new Water Pump10/26/2012______73. 75_____Oil Change11/02/2012______73. 16_____New Fuel Filter11/21/2012______73. 09_____Replace Fuel Pump03/22/2013______76. 05_____Oil Change. Rotate Tires. Tighten Exhaust Flange05/07/2013______76. 11_____Replace Rear Brake Drums & Shoes; Right Front Brake Drum. Flex Hose. & Wheel Bearings05/13/2013______76. 50_____Replace Brake Fuse06/04/2013______77. 20_____12V Alternator Conversion08/29/2013______80. 00_____Oil Change09/12/2013______80. 95_____Replace Rear Axle Bearings. Seals. Wheel Cylinders12/19/2013______82. 05_____Replace Starter01/15/2014______82. 95_____Rebuild Carburetor. Tune-Up. Rebuild Turn Signal Switch02/26/2014______83. 39_____Valve Cover Gasket Repair. Oil Change. Electrical Fuel Pump Install3/10/2014_______84. 94_____Install Alternator6/11/2014_______86. 80_____Oil Change9/23/2014_______90. 46_____Remove & Reseal Engine Oil Pan. Remove & Replace Rear Pinion Seal. Remove & Replace both rear U-joints. Change Rear Differential Fluid. Fuel Filter & Hose Replacement01/02/15________95. 00_____Oil Change. New Master Cylinder. Fix Hydraulic Hose. Replace Trans. Fluid w/ Synthetic02/10/15________96. 00_____Replace carburetorLet me know if you have any questions. and thanks for your interest. Also let me know if you'd like me to deliver it somewhere. I'd be willing to work out some kind of deal. I'm confident that that this van would be able to complete a road trip to pretty much anywhere in the country.