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MODEL T FORD "C" CAB PICKUP USED IN MOVIES feel free to make an offer

1923 Ford Model T

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Model T
Year: 1923
Mileage: 12345
VIN: 7388112
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Mishawaka, Indiana, United States

Description for Ford Model T 1923

1923 FORD MODEL T C CAB TRUCK MOVIE CREDENTIALS feel free to make an offer

This is my 45th Model T Ford. I have been fascinated by their simplistic rugged engineering and history. They were designed so an average person could quickly and easily make repairs. Any part from a 1908 will fit a 1927 and the same 1927 fits 1908 so there are plenty of used and new inexpensive reproduction parts I have run out of time to restore this one before winter. My Wife insists She gets the garage for her car this winter and not a Model T. These are great cars for Model T tours, parades, teaching the grandchildren to drive The support on Model T Ford Club of America is fantastic. This truck was used in Board Walk Empire ( illegal liquor delivery) and the Movie ROSEWOOD I have all the paperwork for the movie ROSEWOOD and am trying to get copies for Boardwalk Empire. Car has doors on both sides Parts are really cheap What I have done to it so far

replaced battery, starter and starter bendix

replaced ignition switch with new reproduction and new wires to terminal blockage ( all are labeled)

replaced old coil box with high quality rebuild from Morel T Ford Museum annual show

replaced 4 old coils with rebuilds from the best Ron Patterson Kentucky ( folks rebuild parts to like new)

checked head and block for cracks ( dye)

had head milled 30 thousands for smooth head and to increase car compression and horsepower ( note washers under head bolts to take up reduced head thickness)

greased all fittings

changed oil

changed 900 weight differential oil

I will install new stainless steel valves, resurface block valve seats 30, 45 and 70 degrees as required before delivery setting valve backlash at .010 inches

defects needs now starter ring gear COST FROM SNYDERS IS 45 DOLLARS

needs new windshield glass ( cracked) BOTH UPPER AND LOWER APPROXIMATELY 345 DOLLARS ( for tours these need replaced with safety glass to pass inspection)

The truck has numerous metal defects so it will look like they wanted in the movies, a realistic older farm truck Rust along bottom of cab behind doors, on splash apron between cab and running boards and running boards.

Car electric starter and bendix work fine. HOWEVER the ring gear that the starter engages to turn over the engine has some worn teeth What happens is if the Bendix engages the worn spot, the Bendix sticks. You need to rock the car back to disengage the starter.

Spokes and wheels are solid Tires hold air fine with good tread depth but do have very fine weather cracking on side walls

Comes with the Black book on everything you need to know on how to diagnosis and repair any Model T Free 60 day storage with payment

these cars do not have an odometer listed 12345 as milleage to get add posted

I have a second Model T which is the last picture listed This one nothing wrong starts right up on starter or hand crank on battery and magneto This one will be listed next week. It is the one with the 4th of July bunting and not the car for sale right here