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1966 Mustang Coupe Shelby GT-350 Trans Am road race tribute 289 4 spd AZ driver

1966 Ford Mustang Shelby add ons

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
SubModel: Trans Am Road Race Tribute
Type: Coupe
Trim: Shelby add ons
Year: 1966
Mileage: 125000
VIN: 6F07C188179
Color: Red
Engine: 289 4v
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Tucson, Arizona, United States

Description for Ford Mustang 1966

1966 Mustang Coupe
V8 4 speed
cool tribute car built about 30 yrs ago

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or tablet to get the most out of our large hi-def pics.
These are the best style Mustangs to own, dont have
to worry about minor chips or scratches and they get
just as much if not more attention.

1966 Mustang Coupe - basically this car was built back
in the 90s to kinda resemble a Shelby coupe style car that
maybe would of road-raced back in its hey-day. The car is
an original A code car, but may of possibly been a GT model.
I say this because the factory foglight wiring is still on the
radiator support and the hole in the support looks oem.
The car has been in Az for many yrs and for the most part
a very rot free car, but did get some minor rust just from
age. I drive the car at least once a week and its really
fun to drive just as is. It gets alot of attention getting gas
or parked on cruise nite. If I were to keep it, Id change the
rims and tires, but prob not much else to be honest.
No idea how many miles are on the body but the engine
was suppose to only have about 30k on it or less.

Check out the pics and more info below...thanks

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These cars are getting harder to find esp in this condition
that are still affordable to most buyers

DRIVETRAIN: the sbf (289 or 302) has some mild bolt ons for
some added hp. The aluminum intake looks like a factory SHELBY
4v intake, could be original. Sounds like it may have a mild cam but
cant say for sure. What I can say is I dont see any major oil leaks,
it starts all the time for me, idles and runs well. A little cold blooded
like you may expect. The 4 spd is being navigated with what I believe
to be a Hurst Super Shifter. Pretty sure its a toploader (see pics)
Sometimes the shifter is hard to to get into
1st gear, a competition plus shifter imho would be a better choice.
but for the most part it runs, drives and brakes fine. Clutch
feels good too but the t/o bearing is a little noisy when the pedal is not
depressed. Id have no problem driving this everyday if needed and
take it to a local SCCA event on the weekends too. Non power brakes are decent too. No frills here. The tires are probably the first thing I would
swap out for safety, and new rims for a better look. It has a nice sound
to it, but nothing too obnoxious, think it has Magnaflows on it for a
nice rumble. Its not a HiPo 289 to my knowledge, but no idea whats
under the valve covers. Milodon large sump road race style oil pan is

INTERIOR: take a look, for the most part it will need a full
restoration inside. Alot of stuff has been removed and getting
ready for some resto, but obviously not finished. Its more for Go
and less for Show at the moment. Some rot did get into the most forward
floorpans, mostly from when the carpet got wet yrs ago when the
heater core went out and the carpet got wet and wasnt allowed to
dry for many months. Fuel gauge works, and think the amps do too.
Check out the pics and if you have questions please ask.
Rear seat springs frames intact, but not covered. All the glass is good.
Lots of road noise inside while driving as you may expect !! Maybe
add some door panels and carpet, and that alone would give it a much
cleaner look and make it a little more comfortable inside....for
date nite :) Speedo cable isnt connected at the moment but I may
mess with it this week and reconnect it.
The front buckets are blue and in good shape. Wipers work.

EXTERIOR:the body is good, the paint is at least 30 yrs old and
think before clearcoat was being done. The faded decals and paint
add to the "retired" road race car look, which most people love
when they see it. Added of course are front racing apron, glass hood
side scoops and glass rear ducktail-decklid. Could be from Maier Racing
but not sure. Both head and taillights work, and think the blinkers do too.
The chrome on the car is in really nice shape for its age. Door hinges
too are in good shape and door shut well with no sag. The Shelby style
Hood is only held on by front hood pins, it did tear where it was bolted to the stockhinges a few yrs ago. Obviously has some GT touches too it
also. I think it could of been a GT originally, but no way to prove it.
Original color was Tahoe Turquoise which you can see on the bare floors
and inside the trunk some areas. Tow bar mounts where added to the
front as you can see, and the body is very rust free. Only place I noticed
some bubbling was the bottom of the both front fenders on the body.

SUSPENSION:the suspension looks to me like it has been dropped
maybe an inch or so. I did see lowering blocks in the back. It does
have under-riding traction bars, a monte carlo bar too for improved
handling and add to the road race look.
Even with the older smaller tires on it, the car handles really well
and fun to drive. Not sure what springs are on it. While under
the car I noticed some rust back lower drop offs mostly (see pics)
offs on the rear quarters. I saw Monroe shocks on the rear. Front
upper ball joints look new. Larger front sway bar is up front, probably
a 1". Rearend looks to be like an 8", not sure what gears, but maybe
somewhere around 3:50s.

Check out ALL the pics below ----->

it may take a full minute for them all to load ifyou have a
slow connection, so be patient AND looks for the extra scroll
bar on the right side.
Az gets maybe 9" a yr of rain and Az very dry climate.
more infoAFTER the pics etc. There are 100 large pics.

There you have it, probably The BEST represented Fords
shown here on Ebay.

Shows you all the good as well as any bad, hope you them
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paying a body shop to hopefully fix a rust bucket for months.
Also, if you buy a car thats been "restored", who knows what
surprises are hidden under new paint or thick undercoating.
People are flipping cars all the time when most of the jobs are
fast, for a quick buck and quality suffers.

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On Oct-13-19 at 23:28:18 PDT, seller added the following information:

UPDATE: this car does have Disc Brakes up front which we forgot
to mention, and the brakes feel very solid and predictable. Not sure
if this car came with disc, but Ill add some pics with the front wheels
off tomorrow.

On Oct-14-19 at 00:58:52 PDT, seller added the following information:

UPDATE: the paint was done when clearcoat was used as you
can see the clear mostly peeled off, prob done back in the early
Also, for some reason the battery in there is a side post style
and should be swapped to top post in my opinion.Also, there is no battery hold down on it at the moment, but could
use one.
Some interior parts not IN the car do Come with the car too, shown
in the pics. thx