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65 Mustang classic project muscle car

1965 Ford Mustang

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Year: 1965
Mileage: 400
VIN: 5fo7c672786
Color: Gray
Cylinders: 8
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Tracy, California, United States

Description for Ford Mustang 1965

MWhat we have here is a 65 Mustang with a story behind it. I bought this mustang for $5,000 when I was a kid. I rebuilt the engine the first time cheapest way possible 1100 and it broke down within 3 thousand miles. so I got fed up and said I'm going to restore everything to the best standards I can get for the money I had so I had the engine rebuilt by a guy who does NASCAR stuff, owned his own shop. I upgraded the Pistons to Keith Black forged pistons and upgraded the cam to the second-highest cam available, because the highest one would suck gas faster. I used a kit that was recommended by the builder. So once the engine was done, I said I might as well rebuild the transmission even though there's nothing wrong with it because the whole car was taken apart. So I had the transmission rebuilt stock, nothing extra. Next was front end & tie rod bushings. The front end bushings were a little worn, so I replaced them all with the a new front end kit. When I bought it, it had back air shocks in the back and front regular shocks I got rid of them all and replaced all four with KYB gas shocks. This was all done between the years of 2002 & 2005. It was now ready to be painted. Well a lot in life happened. My house was foreclosed on my brother came and took the car and try to keep it and lowball me on the price. I then took it and start fixing it up to get it ready to paint my brother had just disconnected a bunch of stuff, I took it to a mechanic who fixes classic cars, he reconnected almost everything,but never finished.I told him I was going to come pick it up and sell it as is.When I was on my way somebody smashed into the fender, so I couldn't sell it. Then they tried to keep the car saying that it was abanded on the street. So I took it back and here I am. I originally started its fix it up to rivee it because it was yy favorite car out of the 11 I had, and then pass it on to my son. Well I lost my son, & don't have any real family to keep it in the family, so that's a no-go, and I have no patience, time, or place to work on this car to fix what's been done to it. The car needs body work, needs to be fine-tuned a little bit the engine and transmission both have less than three hundred miles on it as well as the front end kit. the interior is pretty decent, there is one small rip and the front driver seat, as you can see in the pictures. Fully restored these cars go anywhere from 15000 all the way up. I'm selling this car as is. and if you do all the work yourself, and get the parts needed from CJ Pony Parts on their Black Friday, Memorial Da, or Labor Day sales you can get all the parts needed for under $1,000. I hope this car goes to a good home and get finished, because it's been along project, but there's always been somebody along the way to stop it from being finished, as far as I'm concerned me and this car are done. somebody else can have better luck. I can guarantee the engine I guarantee the transmission we can put it in writing as long as all fluids are changed and everything is maintained.The front disc brake conversion has already been done. Any other questions or comments or inquiries feel free to message me I will get back to you when I have time. Also if somebody is interested in just engine and transmission message me and maybe we can work something out, that would come with everything under the hood connected the brand new radiator everything. Starting bid $7,000 I will not Part the vehicle out unless somebody buys the engine which I will not sell less than $3600. But if somebody shows interest, in the case that event happen, I will part out the rest of the car, and then it's open season on the rest of the car or parts, highest offer takes everything, individual parts, or the rest of car without engine. Car is drivable and can be delivered at buyers expense, or shipped at buyer's expense even internationally. Free local pick up of course. Good luck to anybody interested.