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1982 GT Mustang (DSO GT Enduro)

1982 Ford Mustang GT

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
SubModel: GT
Type: Fastback
Trim: GT Enduro
Year: 1982
Mileage: 100,000
VIN: 1FABP16F6CF181473
Color: Red
Engine: 5.0
Transmission: 4spd manual
Drive type: rear wheel
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Persia, Iowa, United States
Air Conditioning, Power Locks

Description for Ford Mustang 1982

Research 1982 GT Enduro/DSO 1FABP16F6CF181473 ********************************** 12/4/04: Took the car to the 100th anniversary event 6/03. There I met Mike Archer who was contracted by Ford. He drove the transport truck. elp promo the M81 project and worked with Gary Kohs who was project leader in building the cars designed by Ford contractors. I learned a lot from these two. They made thirteen cars (1981). There were 10-M81's as most everyone knows 7-Orange/silver (know of three). one each; black (Italy). blue (unknown) and white (states). DSO (dealers special order ) unknown how many were sold. at this time. Three 82 GT Enduro's (One Blue & two Red) The two Red one's were used by Firestone as Promo's for the HPR tires during 82 race season. Suppose to be a couple of 83's? Unknown where they are. ****************************************************************************************************** Since Ford was dissatisfied with the results of the M81 and was introducing the GT again in 1982 with V8 power. They transferred the project to the GT Enduro (Gary Kohs). Also Firestone still wanted to promo their HPR tires in the Endurance Series Races. (IMSA) ****************************************************************************************************** 1/06/05: Made contact with the father of the young man that was the second owner. They lived in Walnut Creek. California and his son had gotten the car from a Mr. Cook who was the general manager of Fremont Ford in 1983. Mr. Cook apparently had the car from new until he sold it to the son in 1983. The son kept the car until his death (think around 2000). The car was auctioned and it ended up in New Mexico with a third unknown party. who repainted it and modified the interior. The drive train was pretty close to original except for the Weber's and 5 speed. I bought it off EBay for $8500. 00. Picked it up in El Paso thru a broker. It now has the correct drive train. Engine built by WAM (Willard Automotive Machine) He built all my race engines for my A Sedan and worked with Kenny Brown in Omaha developing the four cylinder engine for the M81. A very new 4speed. The original Stage three Stewart Warner not VDO as some think. They may have been used in the 83’s. Have better than $15. 00. 00 in the car now. Gary Kohs has verified (thinks) that this is one of the Firestone cars. The bill date is April of 1982 (San Jose Plant). It was original darker red on top and black along the bottom with the Motorcraft Car logo outlined in Red on the doors. I have left it red and used a decal “MUSTANG GT ENDURO” with the FORD emblem on the fender ( shown in photo’s above). I copied the blue one which is probably the only one with this style. Also it’s the only original one that I know of. The other red one maybe in the New York Area. 9-30-07; Also was told that Gary had bought the McLaren Machine shop in Detroit to use the name on the M81’s. They had nothing to do with the cars. There are a few DSO around with the M81 body kits sold thru dealerships. At present only four are known. One in Canada. one in Wisconsin. one in Pittsburg area (originally sold in Nebraska) and know of one that was parted out in Ohio. (note: I was told by Gary they never sold a kit. Some were given to certain dealerships) There were version with the M81 body style that used different style hoods. The blue one original had one of this hoods. Now has the M81 style due to an accident. The 1983’s also used a different style hood. The wings on the rear were made of metal( Ron Fournier and a lot different from the one on the Red one above more like the blue one. Make me wonder! I’m still looking for more info on these cars. I go to various car shows around the country. Normally I’m in the vendor’s area with the car. Have met a lot people involved with the project in some way are another. There are a few that had bad feeling regarding the project due to it’s cancellation and Ford’s handling of the project. Met a gentleman that was in the same Automotive Design School and with Todd Gerstenberger (one of the basic designers of the M81) in California. ****************************************************************************************************** While at the Nashville National 40th Mustang Event. I found that the wing was custom made by some one. it was not Saleen (had them look) nor anyone around at that time. Mike Archer said he doesn’t remember this style of wing on the car went he was showing it. Also he had the drive train taken out to make it easier push in and out of the truck. They put weighs in the front and soften the front springs. ****************************************************************************************************** Sept. 27th. 2007: Update just heard from another owner M81 (Orange/Silver) build no. 005 located in California. He has a spared hood unknown if was made as a spare or from an original car that was junked out. Have had a change to talk to Todd Gerstenberg and Harry Wykes (FORD contract designers). Only new info is that the first prototype of the design was built by a metal man named Ron Fournier in California from sheet metal. They have moved on with their lives and have little if any documents regarding the cars. Gary Kohs took over the project as the builders and some design changes. ****************************************************************************************************** Jan. 21st. 2008: Update just heard from another owner of not one but four of the cars. which includes the cars that raced Daytona and Sebring. The two race tubular chassis M-81’s (not sure if these were included in the original ten car production list). to be varied. These are the ones used by Morton/Klausler for Firestone Racing program in IMSA WC 1981 season. The other is number ten(10) M-81 and it’s Orange. The most important to me. is the metal car which was the mule car built by Ron Fournier in L. A. as the mule car for the fiberglass molds. Which are there also. It’s an understatement to say these represent valuable history of the M-81 & GT Enduro history. Will try to visit the cars in order to preserve the cars history and avoid any misrepresentation of these cars. FORD and Firestone could care less about them. from what I have gotten with their response for information and interest. ****************************************************************************************************** NOTICE : M 81 & GT Enduro Owners Need to centrally located all serial (vin) numbers and assembly number to verify and document the cars as being the original cars. There are some replica’s or body parts of the original cars being or were fitted on regular Mustangs. Most of these owners have been honest with me about their cars. DSO will have value if we can document them and/or which dealer handle the sale. The idea of getting the numbers now is to keep track of the cars as best we can as they transfer to differ owners. None of this info will be given out without the okay of the present owner. Some day some one will have to take over for me on this project. SAAC has done the same for the Shelby’s. We have as valuable cars related to production quantity and their sponsorship by FORD. FIRESTONE. MOTORCRAFT. & STEWART-WARNER. ****************************************************************************************************** 2/22/08 Just talked to Gary. Correction is in order; the guys name that made the metal car was a Dave Kent. Need to find him. (Now I know it was Ron Fournier) ****************************************************************************************************** 2/22/08 Just heard from one of the Red GT Enduro original owners. Hope to get more info. He does not have the car now. But has a good memory of the car and how it was built. ****************************************************************************************************** 11/1/10 Please contact myself for registration of the M81’s and GT Enduro’s. Steve has to take a break and I will be handling the info for awhile. If someone is interested in the cars and would like to take over the registration and history of these cars please contact me. ****************************************************************************************************** 10/02/2013 By deductive reasoning to my great disappointment it appears that the Red 1982. which I own. is a DSO built in Fremont California in 1982 thru Fremont Ford for a Mr. Cook VP Sales at the time. ******************************************************************************************************* 10/28/13: Made a decision to install the OEM louvers and getting ready of the aftermarket spoiler. I Kept hoping it wasn't! Installed the stock 82 GT spoiler I am still baffled by the dark red and black paint job years ago on the car. I still feel it is a DSO. Not the Red GT Enduro. I am trying very hard to find a photo of the car in 1982. ******************************************************************************************************** 10/28/13: Just talked to the mother of the first registered owner in California. She verified. it was red when her son own the car. She is looking for pictures. All I can do is hope. ************************************************************************************************************** 8/21/14 I am almost crippled with arthritis at 72. So. it is very painful to work on the cars now. I will try to make a few Mustang Events with it. Couldn't sell it on EBay at an embarrassing price. I would rather give it away to someone that will treasure the car. It is a piece of art work; not a driver. Driven it less than twenty mile in twelve years. It was a relief to see another 1982 GT Dark Red one in the Portland area. Unknown at present who owns this one. ****************************************************************************************************** Still in the works…………. more info…. gtenduro@yahoo. com© Swilley 2005-2015You can finish the history; facebook. com/pages/Mustang-M81-GT-Enduro