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1921 Ford Model T Black in Great Condition

1921 Ford Model T

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Model T
Year: 1921
Mileage: 1000
Color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Concord, North Carolina, United States

Description for Ford Model T 1921

What a beauty! This Model T is in fantastic shape. This has been in our 1920's themed coffee and ice cream shop, The Percantile and Creamery, as the main attraction for 2 years! It's been featured all over social media. Why are we trying to sell it? Sadly, it takes up too much room to keep. We plan on expanding our retail and seating where the footprint of the Model T currently resides.

A little info:

TheFord Model T(colloquiallyknown as theTin Lizzie,Leaping Lena,jitneyorflivver) is anautomobileproduced byFord Motor Companyfrom October 1, 1908, to May 26, 1927.It is generally regarded as the first affordableautomobile, that made car travel available to middle-class Americans. The relatively low price was partly the result of Ford's efficient fabrication, includingassembly line production instead of individual hand crafting.

The Ford Model T was named the most influential car of the 20th century in the 1999Car of the Centurycompetition, ahead of theBMCMini,Citroën DS, andVolkswagen Type 1.Ford's Model T was successful not only because it provided inexpensive transportation on a massive scale, but also because the car signified innovation for the rising middle class and became a powerful symbol of the United States age of modernization.With 16.5million sold, it stood eighth on the top ten list of most sold cars of all time, as of 2012.

The Model T was designed byChilde Harold Wills, andHungarianimmigrantsJoseph A. GalambandEugene Farkas.Henry Love, C. J. Smith, Gus Degner andPeter E. Martinwere also part of the team.Production of the Model T began in the third quarter of 1908.Collectors today sometimes classify Model Ts by build years and refer to these as "model years", thus labeling the first Model Ts as 1909 models. This is a retroactive classification scheme; the concept of model years as understood today did not exist at the time. The nominal model designation was "Model T", althoughdesign revisions did occurduring the car's two decades of production.

  • 1917–1923 – The hood design was changed to a tapered design with a curved top. The folding hinges were now located at the joint between the flat sides and the curved top. This is sometime referred to as the "low hood" to distinguish it from the later hoods. The back edge of the hood now met the front edge of the cowl panel so that no part of the flat firewall was visible outside of the hood. This design was used the longest and during the highest production years, accounting for about half of the total number of Model Ts built.