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1932 Ford Model B 66312 Miles Gray 4-door 201 cubic inch inline-4 Manual

1932 Ford Other

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Other
Type: 4-door
Year: 1932
Mileage: 66312
VIN: B5141068
Color: Gray
Engine: 201 cubic inch inline-4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Sedan
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only

Description for Ford Other 1932

Handsome Model B ready to tour. Upscale Deluxe model with sidemounts, trunk rack, and cowl lights. Minor upgrades for touring, recently serviced, and a lot of fun to drive. The look of a V8 for 30% less!
This car has never been fully disassembled but rather restored as needed over the course of the last 90 years. The dove gray paint was surely refreshed at some point, but it was long enough ago that it could almost pass for original today. A bright red pinstripe and traditional black fenders are a great look and there’s no way to miss the fantastic ’32 Ford grille. It remains in very good overall condition and I’d advise against chasing perfection with this car—it has just the right blend of patina and appeal to make it usable without worries. Nice chrome, good glass, and all the little dress-up items (look at those wind wings!) make this seem like a much more upscale car than the price would suggest. There are no serious points of wear or major defects, and the car has a great all-of-a-piece look that suits it quite well. And as a car that has never been apart, the doors fit well and close with a reassuring sound that’s out of character for a car in the low-price field. There’s just no angle from which this car doesn’t look great!
We believe most of the interior is original, save for the carpets. There’s some modest wear on the driver’s seat, but nothing out of character and certainly nothing that will require you to spend money. The steering wheel is pure Model A, but the feel is markedly different, starting with the engine-turned instrument panel in the center of the dashboard. Controls are simple and include choke and throttle knobs on the dash, headlight control in the center of the steering wheel, and speedometer, ammeter, and fuel level gauges. An accessory oil pressure gauge was added under the dash, along with a South Wind heater, which is a neat period piece that works pretty well. Bright door hardware, a spacious back seat, and lovely little bud vases again suggest a lot of car for the money, both then and today. Drive this car back-to-back with a Model A and you’ll see that the improvements were quite significant, primarily in terms of interior comfort.
The 201 cubic inch inline-4 looks like the Model A engine, but Ford engineers added a long list of significant upgrades for 1932, not the least of which was 25% more horsepower. With pressure oiling, a balanced crankshaft, improved carburetion, and a proper fuel pump instead of gravity feed, it’s significantly more refined and energetic than a Model A. This particular car is fitted with an aftermarket Tollitson updraft carburetor and an electric fuel pump with regulator, so it’s an easy starter and a great runner on the road. The factory ignition system still uses flat copper leads to the plugs and there’s a fresh leakless water pump with a stainless shaft up front. It isn’t detailed for show—again, it’s mostly original in there—but you can see signs of conscientious maintenance over the decades, including new hoses, some new wiring, and a recently re-cored radiator. It fires quickly and easily and idles well, and if you’re familiar with Model As, you’ll probably be pleased with how much more eager this engine feels. It’s the same, but different, and they managed to keep all the things that make Model As so beloved while making it more capable in every way.
The chassis of the ’32 Fords was also extensively revised, including a longer wheelbase, improved brakes, and a more comfortable ride. The 3-speed manual transmission has synchromesh on 2nd and 3rd, a big step up from the Model A, and there are more friendly 3.55 gears out back, so it’s pretty comfortable at 55 MPH. We don’t believe the body has ever been off the frame, so there’s some grime and surface rust on the undercarriage, but nothing structural and there is no evidence that this car has ever been wrecked or rusty. The front toe boards are wood, but the rest of the body is steel and the metal floors are in excellent condition with no issues. An older reproduction exhaust system makes the right sound and the brakes, while still mechanical, are plenty adequate for the car’s modest performance. Handsome 18-inch welded steel wire wheels were the only choice, with these carrying Allstate wide whites.
An affordable way to own one of the most iconic cars of all time, and it’s a fantastic little machine in its own right. Don’t be disappointed that it isn’t a V8, because that doesn’t tell the whole story. This car is handsome, comfortable, bulletproof reliable, and every bit as fun to drive as its siblings, all at a 30% discount. Hard to go wrong with that, so call today!
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