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1931 Ford Model A A Panel Delivery Deluxe Optioned Panel Delivery Rat-Rod Patina

1931 Ford Model A

Make: Ford
Model: Model A
Year: 1931
Mileage: 88000
VIN: 4872447
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: West Point, Virginia, United States

Description for Ford Model A 1931

1931 Ford Model A A Panel Delivery.

Third time's the charm!

My apologies to the 9 bidders from the most recent listing: According to eBay rules, I had to cancel the listing to insert the missing description.

The previous High Bidder claims he “CANCELLED” his bid (didn’t know you could do that!) before the auction ended, but the truck still ‘sold’. I am finally able to re-list it, so I’ll try again:

I’ve had a great time putting this old truck together!I believe it started life as the truck pictured in the black-and-white photo attached, from the Denver Police Museum. I believe it shows my truck back in the day. Ford only made 41 of these trucks, ever.

My research shows the unique features that identify it as a Deluxe Police Patrol 285-A, and the evidence that ties it to Denver Colorado. The truck still has remnants of the county property stencil on the firewall, and an engine rebuild tag from the Denver Ford Dealership.

I took the truck down to the frame rails; I cleaned, greased and adjusted everything. I inspected the main and rod bearings (they’re on the loose side, but have plenty of material left). Pistons are .040 over. The engine doesn’t smoke much, but you can hear everything moving in there while its running. I straightened and painted the original long splash aprons and running boards, hood and cowl. I rebuilt the carb, lapped & adjusted the valves, replaced 2 head studs,replaced ALL the wiring, added period fog lights, cleaned and lubed the speedo, converted the whole thing to 12v negative ground, installed an NORS water pump and a new replacement aluminum fan blade. I located the back-half of a 34 Panel Truck and fabricated a foundation for the married parts. The rear cargo doors are 30-31 AA. The wood-framed front doors are original to the truck and they’re 36” wide so I was able to locate the driver’s seat far enough back to be comfortable for a 6’ 4” 230lb driver (me). The wood framing in the doors and panel body is temporary at best, for mock-up. I've driven it less than 50 miles, at speeds up to 45 mph. It is calm and well-behaved at speed. It does not overheat. The brakes are pretty good by AA standards, at least while the truck is empty. I have driven the truck another 25 28 miles since the last first listing. It’s still a blast!

Please contact me withquestions. I’m happy to provide any pictures or details I can.

**Please, no drunk bidding or asking the Wife afterwards.It’s unfair to the serious bidders and a real pain for the seller!**