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Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Type: Fastback
Year: 19650000
Mileage: 1379
VIN: 5F09A296738
Color: Red
Engine: 302 CI
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Boulder City, Nevada, United States
Air Conditioning
Cassette Player

Listed by
Private seller

Description of 19650000 Ford Mustang FASTBACK A-CODE PRO-TOURING GT350 TRIBUTE 4SPD


1965 Ford Mustang Fastback A-Code

Pro-Touring GT350 Tribute

Complete Restoration • 4 Speed Manual

Brand New Steering, uspension, rakes and New Wiring

Power Front Disc Brakes • New Air Conditioning • 17-Inch Shelby Wheels

302 Cubic Inch Pro-build Engine • 4spd Manual Transmission

Full New Interior • Power Steering • Chrome Dressed

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Because it's fun and it gets your attention. After all, his is Las Vegas. What more could you expect?

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But included with this sale, he winning bidder that does complete thetransactionwill receive all digital photographs of the vehicle and the models if they want them.

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Before you send me that awful question, what's your reserve or bottom line", et's take a moment to explain market values and how to get a deal on eBay. There isn't any "Book Value" from the Kelly Blue Book or NADA Guide on a car like this. Figures both selling and buying for cars like this are subjective in nature and the only number that counts, f you are the seller, s the one from a serious buyer that makes you an offer. Over 28 years in thebusiness, ealers like myself, uy and sell by looking at what it must have taken to build a car like this and take a rough guess as to what someone might buy it for. Do I have an asking price, ure if you want to hear me shoot at the moon, ut that number will have nothing to do with what you may offer whether that's higher or lower. That is why we sell exclusively on eBay and at other reputable auctions. The numbers or offers come from the buyers that are serious and just like me, ake their own minds up as to what they are willing to spend. We arehere to sell cars. With thirteen yearsexclusivelyon eBay and perfect feedback, t's obvious we do.

How? Well, hat's easy too. Real buyers with serious offers in mind call us. They almost always want to talk to the person in charge; that's me. I want to talk to you too and help you own this awesome vehicle. It keeps me in business. So, f you want a fantastic vehicle like you see here, ne that is far above the average in condition, erviced and documented like this, simply call. Asking through email for my bottom line? Well, I just think you're not too serious or willing to make an offer; makes it a waste of my time and yours. If you just want to know what the market value is, o what we do, ook atKelly Blue Book andNADA Guideand other online sources. Does that mean we always hope to get exactly book value, above or below? That's a loaded question. Depends on the rarity, iles andcondition. Most important though, ince you "are" a serious and capable buyer, all me and let's talk. I don't wear a Plaid Coat, don't talk really fast and I am the guy in charge, he owner, nthusiast and purveyor of some of the finest cars on the internet...not to mention the best thorough presentations.

Let's make a deal...Call me


1965 Ford Mustang A-Code Fastback Pro-Touring

VIN: 5F09A296738

Showing on Odometer: 1,379 (exempt)

Engine: 302 cubic inch Pro-built engine

Transmission: 4-Speed Manual

Exterior: Red

Interior: Black

Over 186 high resolution pictures below.

Cool Stuff

302 Cubic Inch Pro-built Engine

Performance Built 4-Speed Top Loader

Cast Iron Block/Aluminum Heads

Holly 4-Barrel Carburetor

Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Aluminum Intake Manifold

Ford Racing Chrome Valve Covers

Ford Open Element Air Filter

Tri-Y Long Tube Headers

Adjustable Electric Cooling Fan

New Brake System (complete)

Front Disc Brakes

New Steering and Suspension with Poly Bushings (complete)

Front (coil) and Rear (leaf) Lowering Springs

New/Larger Front and Rear Sway Bars/Links

Gas Adjust Shocks

New Wiring Harness

Modern AutoMeter Carbon Fiber Cluster

Vintage Air Conditioning System

Full New Interior

Kick Panel & Rear Deck Panel Speaker Enclosures

Shelby Fiberglass Hood with Open Scoop

All New Brake/Fuel Lines Vacuum Hoses with Rubber Isolated Attachments/Fasteners

Chrome Oil Pan

Carpeted Trunk

AM/FM Stereo with Auxiliary Connection

American Racing Shelby Aluminum Wheels with Spinners (17x7 front/17x8 rear)

Sumitomo HTRZ II Steel Belted Radials 235/45ZR17 (front) 245/45ZR17 (rear)

Standard and Optional Equipment

15" Corso Wood & Aluminum Steering Wheel

GT Fog Lights

Thru-Valance Rear Exhaust Exit

Folding Rear Seat/Pass-Thru

Silent-Flo Ventilation

Padded Dash and Sun Visors

Day/Nite Mirror

Floor Carpet


Front & Rear Mustang Emblem Seatbelts

Right and Left Hand Outside Mirrors

4-Way Emergency Flashers

Courtesy Lights

2-Speed Wipers

Tinted Windshield

Billet Aluminum GT Fuel Cap

16-Gallon Fuel Tank

Cobra Snake Door Locks

The first thing you'll notice about this beauty is her stance...(look at the picture below). Yes, erfectly posed to give the onlooker that understanding that this Pony is more than just a gentle ride. When I came upon the opportunity to buy this car, ll I had was a few pictures of what appeared to be a beautiful Mustang Fastback with a 4 speed. First and foremost, hey are getting very difficult to find and own. Nice ones, ven more so. So, ith caution due to the lack of quality information, made my trip to view the car that had a proud price tag on it. When I showed up to meet it's seller in a parking lot, here was no question from 1000 feet down to 1 foot of initial inspection that I was not going away without the prime ride. Lines were spectacular, aint finish the same and it just kept getting better and better. It had the wrong wheels for sure, t needed steering and suspension work but overall, he was astounding. 30 minute later and a deluge of $100 bills I held the title and buckled myself in for the long ride home.


And that is exactly how you will feel too. Satisfied and proud to own this spectacular Pony.

Read, iew and pour over hundreds of pictures. We don't hide anything and we have years of satisfied clients as you can see in our feedback. This is not an average restoration or build, t is a high quality, igh end pro-touring road ready Mustang Fastback A-Code. The quality of this build can be seen up close and appreciated and we show that in our pictures, etails and disclosure so you can feel confident in making an offer that can buy this car. If you want this car like I did when I saw it, hen make it rain $100s and watch how excited I get to see you win and own this car. That is what I am about. People ask me all the time, have you ever wanted to keep one?" Of course I have, ike this one, ut I love selling dreams and seeing people reach them. I get them, rive them, show them, eet great new friends with them and get to have all the beautiful models pose with them for a permanent record of my fabulous collection of thousands of cars over the last 13 years. You get to do the same if you want...or just sit there and wait until someone else calls me and makes an offer that buys your dream. Nah! Pick up the phone to make your deal with me, ou won't get figures any other way unless you bid and hit the reserve. Good Luck and talk to you soon.

Extreme Quality restored, igh-end pro-touring 1965 Ford Mustang A-code Fastback. Full professional build 302 with long tube headers throaty exhaust. Fiberglass Shelby hood and brand new 17-Inch Shelby wheels wrapped with brand new Sumitomo HTRZ II high performance rubber. Spectacular body and paint, stunning exterior bright work and new interior, ustom cluster with a 4 speed transmission. . . .

Complete, ll new steering and suspension and late model power steering with every single link, olt and (poly) bushing replaced. Car lowered on fresh springs with gas shocks, ear sway bar and larger front sway bar. Doors, ood and trunk close solid, windows roll down smooth and all glass is crystal beautiful . . .

GT equipment, ood scoop and a straight body define the classic shape and design goals of this rare quality, ro-touring diamond.

Acceleration is strong, he transmission shifts perfectly and the car corners and handles like a dream . . .

Dialed in stance is muscle car perfect from any position and exhaust tip cut matching GT rear valance looks deadly serious.

Every brake line, very vacuum hose and every fuel line is new with all new rubber isolated attaching hardware.

A casual look underneath reveals pricey new parts and invites a closer inspection.

Lights, ipers and HVAC all function smooth and new. Exterior trim is clean with no pitting and all lenses are bright and clear.

Imagine getting in and flooring it with the wheels turned like this. (opposite lock steering input, ire smoke drama, eople smiling, ou smiling)

This Mustang's potent curbside swagger exactly matches the sizzling performance and modern reliability its Hollywood good looks suggest. Acceleration, andling and braking all live up to the image projected. Inside, o stiff heater controls or floppy old seats - just a cold working air conditioner, eliable defroster and firm support. Original restorations are fun to look at but nostalgia is a poor substitute for the spine-tingling experience of actually piloting a well sorted '60s hot rod. To properly enjoy an American classic on today's roads demands expensive, atest-tech upgrades, ld car savvy and patient commitment to details. That painstaking process with this Mustang has created a one-of-a-kind pony car that literally defines the pro-touring genre and commands top dollar . . . today and well into the future.

Front Disc Brakes can be seen through the Shelby wheels. (17x7 front/17x8 rear)

Shelby spinners, ray inner wheel and high polished outer rim are exquisite.

Brand New interior with matching door panels, rm rests and a Corso Wood steering wheel finish this spectacular interior. Modern air conditioning blows ice cold through original under dash unit. Autometer analog cluster with new interior lighting, M/FM stereo with front and rear speakers and auxiliary connections. Carpet, ead liner, ash pad and all interior lighting crisp and sparkling . . .

The original feel of a 1965 Mustang is preserved with carefully considered upgrades and restraint.

Professional Build 302 Cubic Inch V8 Engine

(Marked as a 289 to show originality)

Holly 4-barrel carburetor, dlebrocl RPM Air Gap aluminum intake manifold, oated tri-y long tube headers, Painless wiring, ord Chrome Dress up valve covers, djustible aluminum radiator electric fan. All hoses and wiring new throughout.

Complete disassembly and replacement of all steering and suspension system pieces with new springs, shocks, oly bushings, arger front sway bar and installation of rear sway bar . . . Undercarriage showcases the exceptional quality of this build

All new fuel and brake lines, ew parking brake system, ew fuel tank with steel line and dual exhaust with trumpet tailpipes.

VIN Decode: 5F09A296738 model year 5 1965 assembly plant F Dearborn, Michigan body style 09 Fastback 2+2 engine A 289/4v 225 horsepower sequential production number 296738

New brake pads . . .

New suspension pieces and brake line can be seen as well . . .

A note from the owner.

I am a “used car dealer” but before that, I’m an automobile enthusiast. I love original rare and high quality modified vintage cars and over the past decade I’ve been in business, ave come to appreciate an expanding selection of high-demand, igh value vehicles. I specialize in and am always on the lookout for cars and trucks that were cherished by their previous owners. I have an experienced eye for quality but I’ve discovered that my preferred buyer can instantly discern such a vehicle and I have therefore, uilt my business and reputation around finding these kinds of cars for this type of customer. Super low miles and/or gentle ownership are strict requirements but a car must do something for me on a personal level if there is any hope of convincing you, he bidder, hat this is an above average, xceptional vehicle. If nothing about the car excites me, t probably won’t do much for you either and I would soon be out of business.

With just four employees and no sales people, realize how unusual a “dealership” like mine may at first glance appear. It has taken great care and effort to create such an organization and often, n unusually high investment in a particular car we are about to list. To sell the best it is critical to have a trusted expert in my corner and Chris, wner of A-Best Auto Repair in Henderson, evada has my back. He and his crew can fix anything; from a low budget beater to the absolute most expensive exotic you can name, o job is too big and no small detail unimportant. They do an exhaustive 130 point inspection on each and every vehicle and nothing escapes their methodical investigation. Experience has shown that everything I spend making a car truly “right” will come back to me not only with a higher selling price, ut a happy customer that says good things about me. Moreover; it allows my writer to describe the car with ease and confidence, omething that simply is not possible unless he thinks it is true. If major issues are found or the cost of fixing the car the way it should be makes it too expensive to sell, y choice is an easy one. I simply absorb a few hundred dollars loss for my trouble and sell it at auction.

After the vehicle is fully sorted it arrives at our facility where it encounters the suspicious eye of Tom, y writer that creates the presentations you see on eBay. He believes absolutely nothing I or anyone else tells him about the car as he combs over every inch, researches its history and documents originality and authenticity. Historical significance, arity, pecial features, ossible modifications and much more are used to accurately describe the vehicle with integrity and honesty. Most important for the potential buyer are the 100 to 150 high resolution pictures that I take myself. The pricey equipment I use would be right at home in the hands of the very best professional photographers and I’ve developed a logical format that walks you around the entire vehicle with close-up shots of every square inch. I provide detailed views of the interior, nder the hood and then put it on a lift to show the undercarriage and confirm that the beauty of the car you are considering is not merely skin deep. Even our detailers are enthusiastic about the cars they so meticulously clean. This reconditioning can sometimes take several days and I’ve converted a paint booth, specially prepared for the professional clay bar and polishing each car lovingly receives.

Usually, ’ll also include a high definition video that shows the car doing its thing. If it’s a fast car, e film it going fast. If it’s a 4x4 you’ll see it crawling up a hill. In every case you will hear things like a rumbling exhaust, orking sound system and watch the temperature fall on a digital, aser thermometer pointed at an air conditioning vent. How many “dealers” will video a Lotus Esprit doing a buck-eighty? We do.

No “dealer,” on-line or in the real world, akes it to this level. No other seller or organization provides you, he buyer, ith so much information. I do this because it is the only way I can convince a person; often a world away, nable to touch or feel their purchase, hat my vehicle is for real and what I say is the truth. All the above is necessary for me to stay in business while keeping integrity intact. I want every buyer to be happy and I need glowing feedback on eBay. To accomplish that I need satisfied customers that are as thrilled with their purchase as I was when I bought it.

If you have any questions at all, lease call me on my cell at: 702-353-7500. If your inquiry is sincere and your offer serious, ou’ll find me the most accommodating business partner you’ve ever dealt with. If you call or e-mail asking for my reserve or “what is my bottom line” I will be looking for ways to politely end the conversation. Until you are ready to actually pull the trigger, will happily quote you the absolute highest nationally advertised suggested retail price I can find – a number we both know will not buy the car so, on’t waste your time, r mine. I am after all, “used car dealer.”

Serious buyers know the maximum they can offer. I then must simply decide if I can sell for that number.

If you hit the reserve, he decision is no longer mine. I must sell at that number.

OFFERS GET MY ATTENTION: 702-353-7500 or Doug@vivalasvegasautos.com

If you want to make a deal,

pick up the phone and talk a serious offer.


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Terms of Sale This vehicle is safely stored in our beautiful climate controlled showroom in Boulder City, evada. We are just 25 minutes from Las Vegas International Airport (McCarran) and welcome the opportunity to meet the winning bidder there and drive them to our facility for vehicle delivery. We have years of experience with vehicle shipping, ationwide and across the globe. We stand ready to help with whatever arrangements are necessary at the buyers request and expense. This vehicle will not be delivered or released for shipment until complete payment is received and all funds have cleared.

Third party, re-purchase vehicle inspections are welcomeBEFOREthe auction ends. We are happy to answer questions about this vehicle and resolve any concerns you may haveBEFOREYOUBIDandBEFORETHEAUCTIONENDS. . .THEREARENOEXCEPTIONS. If you are in the Las Vegas area, e invite you to stop by for a demonstration.

A$1000non-refundable partial payment must be received 24 hours from the end of this auction . NO Exceptions! We prefer bank to bank wire transfers for all funds including deposits but we may accept credit cards or PayPal if necessary.

Full payment must be received within four (4) business days of the end of auction. Cashiers-check, irect deposit or cash in person are acceptable butBANK to BANK WIRE TRANSFER IS PREFERREDfor US winners and required for all winning bidders outside the United States. Loan checks can be accepted only after prior approval from the owner, oug Williams. M/Os willNEVERbe accepted.CHECKS in ANY FORM MUST BE CLEARED as CASHABLE FUNDS before delivery of any item.

Free and clear title is in seller's possession and will be transferred upon payment in full.

Important: Winning bidders for automobile transactions are not obligated to purchase nor is the seller obligated to sell to any winning bidder according to eBay's policies, ee (pages.ebay.com/help/policies/non-binding-bid.html). Bidders that win an auction and then do not pay, poil the integrity of the eBay experience and cause sellers to incur additional costs and losses due to the non-paying bidders negligence and disregard for honest dealings. If you win this auction and we collect your non-refundable deposit via credit card, aypal or any other means, ou agree to waive your right to claim your deposit back with any arbitration to your bank, redit card issuer or PayPal.

If you do not intend to complete this purchase,DO NOT BID.

If your User ID contact information is not up to date on eBay,DO NOT BIDuntil your correct it. We cancel bids when we find contact information invalid.

If you bid just to see what a reserve is then cancel your bid, e will immediately cancel your ability bid on any of our auctions in the future.

We want to have a very positive experience on eBay, ust like you do. Don't use eBay as your playground to bid without responsibility or commitment. eBay's auction system promotes irresponsible bidders because there is no accountability whatsoever as there is for sellers. Most bidders never have any real intention to complete any transaction but we do as responsible sellers, o don't play irresponsibly online, e don't.
We will happily do whatever is required to assista legitimate bidder that intends to purchase the vehiclewith their transaction.

This vehicle soldAS-IS,with no warranty. This is not a new vehicle, t is used. A used vehicle will have normal wear and tear congruent to its age and/or mileage. This vehicle may have dings, cratches or other indications of use because it has been used. Terms such as "perfection," "flawless" or "mint" may not be subjective but all other descriptions are.

When you bid, ou understand and agree to these terms.

Please call Doug @ 702-353-7500 withANYquestions.Email:Doug@VivaLasVegasAutos.com

Sales tax, mog and title fees may be applicable to Nevada residents.

A Document Fee of $250.00 will be added to the closing auction price.

An Optional 15 Day Drive Away Permit is available for $18.25.

New eBay bidders with (0) feedback or international biddersmustmake contact by

email or phone at least 2 hours before bidding.

We reserve the right to cancel bids if necessary to protect our clients.

Research for this ad was done with all due diligence toward an accurate presentation of the facts. All information herein represents our sincere effort to be correct. If we have made any obvious errors or provided information later found to be inaccurate, t is still your responsibility to inspect the pictures for verification. Descriptive words like "perfect" or "flawless" are subjective opinions because nothing is perfect; flaws are inevitable. If you question what you see, eel free to inspect our vehicles in person or by a professional inspection servicestrictlyprior to the close of this auction. Post auction inspections are unacceptable and we reserve the right to sell to the follow up bidder immediately.

Viva! Las Vegas Autos, nc. 707 Yucca St. Boulder City, evada 89005 Office Line - 702-889-Viva (8482) Fax Line - 702-889-8486 Dlr # 26850 Doug Williams Owner Direct Line - 702-353-7500 Win Victoriously, our Way!

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