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1991 Electric Geo Metro conversion

1991 Geo Metro

Condition: Used
Make: Geo
Model: Metro
Year: 1991
Mileage: 80,020
VIN: 2C1MR6468M6797360
Color: Blue
Engine: Electric
Fuel: Electric
Transmission: Manual/ but operates like an automatic
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Blue
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Monroe, Wisconsin, United States

Description for Geo Metro 1991

This is a home built ALL Electric car. A 1991 Geo Metro that has been in dry storage for 14 years and in great shape. I don't drive it in the Winter Salt! I have over $8000 in it. It was a project that I just needed to see if it works and probably one of the easiest projects I've done. I have an RV7 200 mph Plane I have built that took me 6 years. This Electric Car was a piece of cake! It really is simple. Just a wiring diagram, and support from the parts vender is great. The motor is in front under the control panel you see. It needs 10 - 12 volt batteries... 8 in the back and 2 in the front, plus an accessory 12 volt smaller (lawn mower type) battery in front for lights and it runs the controller. It is charged from the Main battery bank which together is running as 120 volts. If you were to install the new Lithium Batteries you would have an awesome car! If you wanted to build your own electric car, should a Geo Metro not be your thing...All the parts are there. If you have the car, all you would need is the adapter plate for your transmission. And I know several people who would love to get a hold of the Geo with no rust!!!

The charger is built into the car, and is 110 ac, you can plug it in anywhere.

There is no clutch, though it is run as a stick. You have it in 2nd gear in town which takes you from 0 to 35 mph. To go over 35, you shift it to 3rd gear. No clutch is needed. Just take you foot off the accelerator, move to the next gear with slight pressure and it will drop in, step on the accelerator and away you go. It's really peppy. But that can all be adjusted in the controller.

This car is street legal. I drive it on the highway at 55 mph. It's really great in town. I don't know if I would want to use it as a major Highway type car, but for some highway commuting its fine. How far will it go..... That's the first question I asked of the Co. where I got all the parts. He said, if you are going at 35 mph, on a straight flat road and no stopping..... 90 miles. But I said that is not practical for where I'm at. We have 55 mph highway, hills and stops. He said then plan on 40 to 50 miles till you learn to drive it.

What that means is you don't power into a stop sign, and you take advantage of coasting which this car does very well. I can have my foot completely off the throttle for 2 miles of a downward highway I travel into a stop light, and I can be passing cars! Cost in electric is "0". It doesn't have the resistance of a regular type car when taking your foot off the gas. So it becomes a game in trying to time everything and not using the breaks any more than you have to! I drive it 10 miles home, then 10 miles back to work, run a few errands in town and then put it on the charger at work (let them pay for my commuting) and I'm good for the next day. I really have never pushed it to it limits. But if you run out of electric.... wait about 15 min. and the batteries do a certain amount of regeneration and you can go a couple more miles! It has a Battery meter that gives the % charge.

If I run errands it might drop down to 90%, but by the time I go to leave, it's back up to 100%. Now it doesn't create energy.... that just goes against Physics! But there is the chemical reaction of the battery to consider.

All in all, its a fun car. Gets a lot of looks since I don't have the Batteries covered and they are visible as you walk by! And it doesn't make much noise. Just an electric motor wirrrrrr.

So why am I selling it..... Retirement and not commuting to work any more! I guess as the wife says... i have too many toys!

So I'm not in a hurry to sell it, so I'll list it and appease the little women!

I don't text (old school) but you can e-mail me or give me a call.

Email is bill.bell1@gmail.com and that's a "1" (one) after bell.... looks just like an L! Bad choice!

Thank you for looking