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1970 GMC Sierra 1500

Condition: Used
Make: GMC
Model: Sierra 1500
Trim: standard cab
Year: 1970
Mileage: 99,999
VIN: CE1341Z61220
Drive type: 3 speed manual
Item location: Peyton, Colorado, United States

Description for GMC Sierra 1500 1970

This auction is for a 1970 GMC truck. This truck has a clean CO title.

The engine is NOT the stock motor. I am told it is from a 70's chevy nova. The motor is VERY strong. Runs very clean. NO smoke not even at start up. We used an Offenhauser intake, nd Cal Custom valve covers and air cleaner with a K&N element for the vintage feel. There is an MSD distributor with MSD cap and rotor, SD wires and Delco plugs all new. There is a 650 Edelbrock carb that has been rebuilt with a new fuel pump, new fuel lines and new filter. The front 2 motor mounts are new. New High flow aluminum short water pump, new upper and lower hoses, new aluminum radiator with a new cap. New power steering and alternator belts. For the exhaust, e have a set of Hedman headers made for a jeep conversion to clear the clutch linkage. They run to a set of 2.5" pipes that turn down just behind the cab and include a set of Flowmaster mufflers and an H pipe done right behind the trans for clearance with new hangers. This truck has been converted to power steering using all stock parts from a 1970 camper truck. The trans is a 3 sped column shift that works VERY well! Has a new performance clutch as well. Driveshaft is a shortened 2 piece shaft for clearance that has also been balanced.

The suspension includes a set of stock upper and lower arms with the front lowers being cupped with 8" pipe for the clearance of the 2500 bags. There is new shocks that have been relocated for clearance and travel. A set of 2.5" drop spindles help get it down the rest of the way. The upper and lower ball joints as well as the inner/outer and tie rod sleeveshave all been replaced with a recent alignment to keep it straight. For the rear, e got rid of the leaf springs and installed a set of 2 link arms with a custom longer panhard bar for better suspension travel. We installed and welded in a CPP notch kit. Used 2" drop blocks to locate the axle. And used a set of 2600 bags to lift and lower it. The 2 link arms have new poly bushings installed. New longer travel shocks were installed and they had to be relocated to fit.

For the brakes, e installed a 6 lug disc brake conversion withnew bearing and seals. The brake lines and hoses were replaced for the entire system. This includes a new master, new booster with bracket and a prop valve from a square body mounted on the frame rail under the radiator. The rear brakes checked out fine with very little wear, rums were ok and the wheel cylinders looked recently replaced with no leaks so we left that alone.

Wheels and tires come by way of Detroit Steel Wheel and are 20x8 front and rear all with a 4.5" offset for clearance. These wheels were drilled and tapped to mount the factory hubcaps. Paint is a fine metallic black and satin on the inside. Tires are new 245/40 Nankang tires.

Air system is operated by an Accuair switch speed system. This system includes the 5 gallon raw tank, xo mounts,VU4air manifoldandtwo 400c compressors. New airlines and fittings to go on the new bags, 500 front and 2600 rear. Controller runs through the floor and lays on the seat. Plenty of room on the cable to relocate it if you want to. This system is mounted under the bed behind the rear axle, ith a new 6 gauge cable running from the battery to a circuit breaker on the frame by the air sytem.

Electrical is simple. Factory. I repaired some wires from the starter to the firewall. Then rewrapped them. The only thing I changed was to remove the factory alternator plug and wiring. I added a 6 gauge cable with new ends from the battery to the alternator which is a new one wire alternator. The battery and tray are new and in the factory location on the core support. The cables and ground cables are also new with a new lock and tumbler in the ignition switch. The fuel gauge is being temper mental and works on and off. Everything else works.

For the interior, t was already red and orange. We wanted to leave that alone. The seat had already been recovered. It has a new dash pad, new floor mat and new arm rests all from Brothers Trucks for that perfectly worn look to match the exterior.

This truck has been shortened from a long bed. Where the frame was shortened we boxed it for strength. The bed sides were cut to match. We shortened it to be the exact length of a short bed truck. The bed wood kit is a new short bed kit from Brothers trucks. We custom stained it and cleared it. The bed floor is raised 1.5" to clear the rear axle when it is dropped all the way down. The wheel wells were also raised. The bed floor is built using 1.5x1.5" angle iron ran where the bed strips mount to keep it solid. We haul motorcycles quite often. So it had to be able to handle the load as pictured. For the hood we used Porter Built hinges so we could have the clearance of the bigger wheels when laid out. We had to replace thecore support due to rust from a leaky battery some time in it's past so we also replaced the core support mounts while we were at it. The tail gate is in pretty bad shape. But it does operate correctly.

This is a fun truck to drive. We drove 300 miles round trip less than a week after it was finished and have been driving it ever since. So she is proven. Averages 90-95 at 3100 RPM down the interstate. Drives very straight. Handles very well. If oyu need more pix, r have questions. aks away. I would be happy to satisfy that request.

As far as rust goes, here is some on the rockers and forward floor supports. The worse being the rocker on the driver's side and the hole in the floor support on the pass side. Both pictured. There is no rust in the floors themselves, ab corners or fenders. The bed side has some surface rust on both sides behind the wheels.