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1949 GMC 3100 DELUXE

Condition: Used
Make: GMC
Model: 3100
SubModel: 100 DELUXE
Type: Standard Cab Pickup
Year: 1949
Mileage: 1949
VIN: B228250950
Color: Yellow
Engine: six
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: manual
Drive type: rwd
Interior color: BLACK
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Eureka, Montana, United States

Description for GMC 3100 1949


I have a really cool pickup that I've decided to sell. It's a 1949 GMC that was owned by hall of fame motorcycle racer Clifford "Windy" Lindstrom, and fellow racer Cliff Self. They were partners in the Harley Davidson dealership "Lindstrom and Self", in Oakland California in the 1940's-1960.Windy was a hillclimb racer, and some circle track racing too, but he was known for his dominance in hillclimbing. He was also sponsored by Harley Davidson, as well as having the dealership. The pickup was brought from California to Montana approximately 40 years ago and parked. The black plate is stamped with '63. I'm not sure how long it's been off the road, but quite awhile. Original paint. Business lettering most likely from the1940's-1950's. I found old print ads for the "Lindstrom and Self" dealership and the address and phone number match! I originally thought "Lindstrom and Self" was a joke, but his partner was named Cliff Self, hence the "Lindstrom and Self" dealer name. Windy's 1930 harley, one of six built, was sold at mecum auctions in 2015 for $165,000. The statue in front of the Harley Davidson museum, "the hillclimber", is modeled after Windy and that bike. The museum said I could contact archives and probably find more info and/or pics of the truck and history. This is one-of-a-kind GMC that will be great for car shows or races, motorcycle shows races and events, salt flats, etc..... Thanks and happy bidding. Feel free to ask questions. I can sell it early also. I have MANY more pics I can send. Clear title in my name.


When this truck was brought to Montana about 40 years ago, nobody really documented anything on old cars at that time. If it would have been Evil Knievels bike, yes maybe,but it was not the norm. Some high end collectible American and Import cars were documented, but many were not. Forty years ago a 1949 gmc wasn't worth alot, with or without any history. Cloned/tribute type cars were not popular at this time period except for very famous cars like the batmobile. Windy Lindstrom is not so famous that anyone would clone his dealership truck from the 50's. Here is what I know, and I'm 100% sure the history is legitimate: The exterior paint is original, and the lettering is very old. I have a "barn find" pic of when I bought it, and it had been parked there for a long time.The phone number and address from the lettering is the same as old print ads for this business. I found many, spanning years. Windy sold out his part of the business in 1960. The AMA hall of fame page for Windy also details the "Lindstrom and Self" dealership. The black plate on the truck is stamped with 1963. The license plate bolts are the old-style, and rusted on. The previous owner is 80 years old. I know he lived in the Oakland area at the time period he said, and I know he has lived in Montana for as long as he said also. I have a couple links I will try to include on here but I don't know if that will work but I can send them. Windy Lindstrom is easy to find information on though.




The body on this pickup truck is exceptionally nice for an un-restored survivor. Original paint, with business lettering from the 50's. Considering the age of the pickup, and that it was a "work" truck, the body is very nice. A couple small dings. No filler. No sign of any paint work done ever besides the lettering. At some point it had Kustom turn signals put on it. The front are old vintage cab lights turned sideways. The rear turn signals are off an older impala from the era. The only rust in the truck is on the seam of the cab, under the rear window. That is the only rust-through. The floors are nice and I have pics with the seat out also. Interior dash pieces, interior trim, and window mouldings are included. Doors open and close as they should, as does the hood. The box is nice and the tailgate works fine. Rear glass is gone but I can get one cheap and if I do get one soon I'll just include it. I believe the other glass is usable but may have some cracks and bubbling. I'll double check that. Fuel tank is out and included. Wood trim strips that go over bed floor are bad. I think they're always bad and reproductions are readily available polished or paintable finish. I would personally use the paint as-is. I planned on putting original style painted wheels and hubcaps back on it. I have one of the original painted wheels and may have three more with the hubcap clips. Not sure on that though. I would just get the truck running/driving and use the body as-is. It gets a lot of attention. Classic car enthusiasts like it, as well as motorcycle enthusiasts. The floors, frame, cab, fenders, box, hood, roof, firewall, header, etc. etc. are all in nice shape. The body is really dry and solid for a '47-54 GM vehicle. It would need very little to use it as-is. Doorjam seals maybe, bed flooring.


The GMC has the inline six cylinder. It appears to be the original engine. It most likely is the original engine. I have not tried to run it. I tried to turn it by hand with the fan. It didn't turn but that doesn't mean it's stuck. I did not get onto the crank to try to turn it over. It is common for the rings to rust a bit if they sit along time. In that case, turning it by hand doesn't usually work. I don't know if it will run or how much work it will need. I had intentions on seeing if it will run, but just had other stuff come up and took it out of my shop. I know many potential buyers will probably put an LS in it anyways with an auto. I did have another old gmc inline six cylinder years ago and it sounded cool with a straight pipe lol. This is a three on the tree, manual transmission truck. I'm sure it needs all the brakes done. The rally wheels/tires are included and the tires are usable but have some weather cracking. Rolls and steers fine and the tires hold air.


The interior needs re-done. These don't have much interior to start with, so restoration is pretty cheap. There is no floormat or headliner. The seat needs recovered. There was never any dash or door panel material. Dash pieces, glovebox door, window moulding, etc. is included for the inside. It may need a couple small items but most of it is there. Reproduction parts are affordable for these trucks and readily available.

The GMC is 69 years old, used, sold as-is. Thanks.