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Other Makes Honda N600 (Highly Modified)

1972 Honda N600

Condition: Used
Make: Honda
Model: N600
Type: Sedan
Year: 1972
Mileage: 18,200
Color: White
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: White
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Bakersfield, California, United States

Description for Honda N600 1972

You meet the nicest people in a Honda

This Honda is impractical, oud, angerous, nd is the answer to the question no one asked.. In fact, y long suffering wife calls it "The Deathtrap" (to be fair to me, y wife also thinks this is my midlife crisis; I've assured her that my crisis has much longer legs than does this car.. It's good that my wife gets my humor..) Back to the Honda:It's 1410 pounds, addle-shifted, ear wheel drive, nd redline is at 12,000 RPMs. It will do 127 mph, ut trust me, t's spooky up there, nd you won't want to stay for long. For what it's worth, his car autocrosses very, ery well. It makes me smile every single time I fire it up. If I haven't scared you away with terms like Deathtrap and 12,0000 RPMs, his tiny rocket on rails may be just your thing.

I'm bringing this car to market because I'm starting a Volvo 1800 build (slinky, ultry little car!), nd letting this car go will speed up buying the remaining needed bits to pull that project together. Having said that, ou need to know that I'm at once both the best, nd worst type of Ebay seller. The best because I'm the originator of the project; I've done what 95% of all hobbyist fail do do: finish the project and get it sorted. Corners were not cut; the hours invested are now in the thousands. There is well documented passion in every aspect of this build. I'm not some know-nothing, or-profit flipper. The build log shows both the successes and failures- it's an honest, car-guy" build. I'm the worst type of seller because I'm emotionally invested and I'm not desperate: no divorce/ foreclosure/ bankruptcy/ moving, tc.. If it sells, 've enjoyed building and driving it, nd I will move on. If it doesn't sell, get to keep enjoying it. I have a feeling that when it's time, his car will find to it's new owner, nd that guy will be quite willing to pay fair market value to get it.

If you have more than a casual interest in this car, 've kept a very detailed build log with many pictures at; http://www.locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=14452 Studying the thread on this project will answer almost all questions about the build and the quality of the work in this car.. For what it's worth, 'm a middle school teacher with a fair amount of free time, nd a lifelong passion for cars- this is not my first build.

The Body: A 1972 Honda N600; No rust. I cannot stress this enough; this is a California desert-preserved NO RUST car.. Did I mention there's no rust ;-) Shaved everything. Keyless door solenoids/poppers with hidden manual backup cable pull. Rear 1967 Camaro bumpers on the front and rear of the car with LED lights 'in' each.. Brake light strobe and self-canceling turn signals (Signal Minder). NEW windshield (impossible to find! I had this one made in Los Angeles). Wires are strung for my LED 3rd brake light, just haven't fabbed in yet. Flush mounted front and rear glass.

Suspension; 1st gen Miata front and rear clips modified and narrowed 9.5 inches. No bump steer. 4 wheel disc brakes. Miata master cylinder. Koni yellow shocks (adjustable). Fat Cat bump stops. Tires are 175-50-13 Sumitomos with lots of tread left. Wheels are Western 'Panasport' style- 5.5"x13" with 4x100 lug pattern. The IRS pumpkin is a ford 7.5 with 2.73 R&P

Engine; 18,200 total miles (and climbing with use) on this 1998 Honda VFR800 motor- fuel injected; gear-driven cams. Approximately 110-115 HP with my open intake, xhaust, nd Dynojet PC III fuel controller (stock VFR is 105 HP). Tucked wires. No overheating/ no leaks/ no smoke/ no drama. Barnett clutch with 86# springs. 2.3 lbs. Lithium Battery. BMW giubo inline to act as a cush drive. Paddle shifter. Fully functional bike cluster integrated into car dash. Speedo Healer for MPH calibration (it's adjustable and dead-nuts accurate). Manually operated exhaust cutout- this is Jeckle and Hyde; you can run it through the Supertrapp and sound aggressive (yet reasonable), r, un it 'open' if you already hate your neighbors (I've found running open lowers my autocross times and just lets this motor sing- awesome sounding engine!).

Interior: Polaris RZR seats. New headliner and rear seat upholstery. 3 point retractable seat belts. I'm 6'2" 190 lbs. and fit well with lots of headroom (front seats have been moved back and down for tall guys like me, nd are on adjustable rails). Functional glovebox and center storage area. Dash-pull ebrake. Stock N600 steering wheel shrunk down to 13" and leather wrapped. Sound deadener throughout. Hidden kill switch. Remote trunk release at driver's seat (with direct-pull backup cable).

Issues left to the new owner: Reverse (or lack thereof). No reverse will be a deal killer for some, nd I get it, really do.. I worried about it too, ut having driven this car for the last few years without it, 've just gotten used to the very occasional one-foot-out-the-door push back (easy to do as the car weighs nothing).. To me, o biggie, ut if it bugs you, here are several inline reverse boxes you can fab into the driveline (there is room in the tunnel to do this, just can't justify the $$/weight penalty for the the benefit). Fender Flares; I've just recently put these wheels on, nd have not yet made my fiberglass flares- that will be up to you if this car sells now.. If not, t's something I'll do this winter.. Windshield Wipers. All needed holes are there, nd I have a good OEM wiper motor/linkage/ and arms- it's all part of the purchase.. it's just that I live in the desert and never take this car out in the rain.. if you need/want wipers, ou need to put them back in. I know it's illegal without them, ut the police have always been very cool about this car- part of it is that I am almost 50, nd I'm not so much in the street racing demo anymore.

Pomona: If you're in SoCal and want to see the car in person, plan to drive it down to the Pomona Swap Meet on October 18th, nd parking it on the 'car show' side. I'm headed down going after some bits for the 1800, nd thought it would be fun to take this car. If something comes up and I cannot make it, 'll post it up on this auction and let you know by Saturday night (October 17th).

CA plated and clear title in my name. Smog exempt (pre 1975). Please do not buy this car for a teenager- it's very fast and handles freakishly well; it requires a mature driver with some common sense and experience. In good weather I daily drive this car, lthough I treat it like a motorcycle with doors. I painted it white thinking of it as a great base for a vinyl wrap: A clean palette if you just want a fun color change, tripes, r maybe wrap it with your business name and draw some attention to your company. Comes with a spare 1998 VFR800 engine (39K miles and runs great), uspension jigs, nd a box-o-parts that you may or may not want. If you've never seen one, his car is much smaller in person than you would imagine it to be- think of it as 2/3rds of a 'normal' compact car. You will win both car show trophies and races with this car. If you buy it, lease be sure to drive the snot out of it- that is why I built it.

I do not plan to end the auction early- the market will let me know if my reserve is realistic (please don't ask what it is). I'm passionate about cars and would love to talk to you (Dean at 661-332-6568) if you've read all the way through my very thorough build log; http://www.locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=14452 and still have questions. I strongly recommend that you get a PPI on this car, hether it's you or a trusted friend- I want everyone to be happy; no disappointments. This is a highly unusual build, nd it attracts a lot of attention wherever it goes, f you're the shy, ntroverted type, t may not be for you. I'm hopeful I'll find just the right owner to give it a good home.

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**Plan for a 500.00 Paypal deposit within 48 hours of the end of the auction. For the balance due, ash, ashier's check, r wire transfer work fine (I will not accept Paypal for payoff amount). The car is located 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, A. Shipping is up the the buyer, ut I will make myself available to your driver to get it on the truck, r, f you want a story to tell, ly in and drive it home!

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