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1987 Honda CRX HF Appeared On TV Show Recently

1987 Honda CRX 2 Door

Make: Honda
Model: CRX
Trim: 2 Door
Year: 1987
Mileage: 154,430
VIN: JHMEC1316HS037303
Color: Blue
Engine: 4 Cylinder
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Not Sure
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Valley Village, California, United States
Cassette Player

Description for Honda CRX 1987

For Sale - 1987 Honda CRX HF. Please read the entirelisting before making contact, as to get a better understanding with the car and all the details.
This car has was on a tv show this year. I am not able to state which ones at this time, as filming was recently,andit hasn't aired yet.Whoever buys this car, though, you will have a right to knowand I can show you the voucher for proof that it was on the show. Period cars like these can fetch $250 and sometimes more to appear on shows, so if anything, maybe in a year or so, whoever buys this car, if you're local, you can sign up with casting and get this car in further shows and have it pay for itself. We just don't have that much time to get involved with this, but I'm a part-time background actor and taking it to set was really fun, along with seeing other period cars there.
I'm listing this car for a friend, who doesn't use ebay. We are able to ship, though, the car has to be picked up by a shipper that you arrange. However, we would prefer the car be sold and picked up with payment of cash in person. We are veryclose to Burbank Airport, which is 4 milesaway and I'm happy to pick you up if you fly out. Feel free to be in touch, by all means.
If you've been holding out for a really clean Honda CRX HF, this is the one! All original, except for stereo. Car is advertised locally as well, so this listing could be pulled at any time.
I've owned this car since April of 2012 and according to records, I am the fourth owner. This car was purchased new in 1987 here in California and for a time, based on records, spent some years in Tennessee, eventually making it back here to California. I have all service records from the first owner up to 2011, which is when he sold it to the second owner. The third owner acquired the car shortly thereafter, and then I purchased it on 4/21/12. I have driven it pretty much once a week and put less than 1,000 miles on it. It's been a great, fun car, but I am moving on to other interests.
Based on my calculations, at present on the highway it's getting 40 mpg, which is great for any car these days, and amazing for 1980s technology and what these cars are in part known for. Just a fun car to go places with, everybody asks about it, waves or gives a thumbs up while on the road, and here's your chance to get a very nice CRX, as it's only going to become more rare and more desired.
Currentmileage is 154,430. In March of 2015 I replaced the water pump at that time, the camshaft and crankshaft seals, alternator belt, coolant, timing belt, and oil and filter. Over the years, as I'm looking at receipts up until 2011 from the first owner, it had a carb rebuild and carb mount replacement in October of 2011 with 152,196 miles on it, struts as well in 2011, o-ring on solenoid, and all kinds of normal things that it would need with regular service since then, including many 3,000 mile service visits over the years. An all around solid car, which you don't find them clean like this often. It shifts smoothly without any issues. Oil and valve cover gasket were changed again in November of 2016.
The flaws are as follows, as I have taken pics as well. Some scratches on the driver's side door. Some rust on the hinge of the driver's side door, which makes a click noise when it's opened, though, all aligns fine and it's not loose or anything like this, as it closes normally. The headliner has a loose part inside closest to the front windshield in the middle. Car mats are not original and neither is the stereo. I don't know if the cassette player works, as I don't even have any cassettes anymore. Some usual nicks on the paint, but nothing major. A 30 year old car, of course, isn't going to be in showroom condition, but it sure is nice as it stands for its age. 5 speed transmission, 4 cylinder, dark blue color and clean title. Manual and warranty booklets, as shown in pics, included. The paint is very good, all things considered with age and all and I garaged this car ever since I've had it and I believe that the previous owners did, too. You are certainly welcome to look everything over with this car when you come, as would be expected. This car does not have air conditioning, by the way, as I don't think that HF models came with a/c, since they're the more fuel efficient model when it comes togetting better gas mileage.See pic of right side quarter panel, as there is that split in it, and I guess the front quarter panels are not made of metal on Honda CRXs. Also, since the valve cover gasket was recently changed, as there was a small oil leak from the gasket area, you can still smell some oil a bit when the car runs, but that will go away in time, of course, and it's not leaking from there anymore, since being changed.During the hotter months this car runs a bit hot, like a bit over half on the gauge.. Itdoesn't overheat while driving in normal flow of traffic and definitely comes down to under half on the gauge while on the freeway. However, in traffic, it will get very high (very close to the limit on the gauge) and the heater needs to be turned on, and it will come down back toslightly above half pretty quickly, especially if it's out of traffic and simply being driven.L.A. can be warm until November, even December at times, but generally, by then, it doesn't go nearly as high during the cooler months. We have no idea what it is. Maybe it's a simple adjustment of timing, though, we didn't touch anything and it will need to be addressed, unless you plan on keeping this as a show car.
Some mileage history, according to a handwritten log by the first owner:
11/11/91 - 50,442.
12/13/96 - 107,578.
3/29/04 - 146,168.
12/27/05 - 148,633.
8/15/11 - 151,932.
Brakes and tires are excellent. Clutch is smooth as well. Battery changed in December of 2014. California registrationcurrent in January of this year and valid until January of 2018. Also, of course, as requiredby law, we would have the car go through a smog check if sold here in California. If sold out of State, we would not, as we're not required to if being shipped out of State.
If you want to have a good time zipping around town or taking this on a long road trip, this is a wonderful car for it and you won't spend much on gas either while having fun, which is a big deal these days for everybody with gas prices.
I can be reached at 818-922-4840 and it's best to call, as I don't text because I need to keep my hands free with work. If there is no answer, just leave a message like we did back in the day, and I assure you that I'll get back to you shortly. Texts will not be answered, as I have texting blocked, as I am someone who doesn't text.
Here are all the pics on this link ---> http://s125.photobucket.com/user/morrobay/library/1987%20Honda%20CRX%20HF