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1992 Honda civic 4dr sedan k20a2 swapped

1992 Honda Civic

Condition: Used
Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Year: 1992
Mileage: 210000
VIN: 1hgeg8546nl052770
Engine: 4 cylinder k20a2 rsx type s
Drive type: FWD
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Winchester, Virginia, United States

Description for Honda Civic 1992

1992 Honda Civic 4dr Sedan :
Powerplant : ( ran by hondata kpro v4 bluetooth )k20a2 rsx-s engine stock from the oil pan up, only opened up to replace the timing chain with new OEM timing chain, tensioner, guides. Done approx 15k miles ago. Engine is estimated to have 100k miles, extremely stout, never burns oil, starts immediately. Made 223hp/167tq at IMW tuned by D.ROB
Transmission :rsx-s stock non lsd 6spd ( this tranny was opened around 2013 roughly 50k miles ago, 3rd gear hub replaced w/ new oem, new carbon syncros 1-6 ) still shifts like it did when I bought it 6 years ago, has never grinded any gear or gave me any difficulty shifting high rpm )
Clutch :Exedy stage 1 oem style clutch w/ exedy pressure plate ( super friendly clutch that can handle the power but is the smoothest easiest clutch to drive )
Exterior :Car refinished in white, jams and all + trunk, excluding engine bay. Clean civic SI wheels wrapped w/ quality rubber (potenza 215/45/15)
Interior :Custom aem wideband guage mounted in the lower change holder, can be flipped up to conceal it entirely. Tunerview rd2 tourch screen digital dash ( can monitor all of the cars available critical outputs that are available to your ecu, like ECT/AFR/VOLTAGE/TPS/IAT/OIL PRESSURE/RPM/MPH/LATERAL G'S + MORE. ktuned billet 'race spec' shifter w/ lagrima knobktuned 'race spec' shift cables. stock interior all pieces are there including shift boot plastics and such
Engine bay :Powder coated valve cover. ktuned ram horn exhaust manifold 2.75 to custom 3" exhaust w/ 12" resonator & vibrant blackout muffler ( super low key sounds amazing, quiet when you need it but very loud under heavy load ) in 6 years, hundreds of POPO driving behind/past me, no tickets, it is a low key ride. made by Hub City Performancektuned billet clutch master cylinder resevoir + s2000 clutch master cylinder w/ billet adapter plate. ktuned clutch slave cylinder lines. ktuned clutch slave cylinder vibrant AN lines and fittings for the radiator setup. custom intake fabbed tucked behind wheel well and inner fender liner made by HCP. some of the lines / harnesses were tucked in the fenders by HCP years ago, it cleaned up the engine bay some, and is done professionally. New insane shafts 500hp race axles. oem intermediate shaft
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Overall, if I missed something you want to know about, shoot me an email at: tys8ball@yahoo.com or reply the standard way to the listing with the drop down reply menu, once you email me I can text / call / facetime you the cars, them running, walk-arounds, extra pictures, anything.This car is not cosmetically perfect. Mechanically the car is very sound, the engine is healthy, does not smoke, does not burn oil, does not leak, does not tick, knock, or make any odd sounds. Starts without hesitation. The 4dr recently overheated lightly ( caught it thankfully way ahead of time because of my digital dash and the real-time readings ) so I replaced the radiator lines + new thermostat housing + new mishimoto thermostat, the 4dr now never exceeds 182 degrees F even on the hottest day. Since it had sat for a couple months the o2 sensor went bad, it was replaced with a BOSCH unit, problem fixed, but the car still has some hesitation in some parts of the map. Cracks vtec hard and pulls strong but its not where it used to be, I think the TPS is going out, this is super common k stuff. Tunerview digital dash is also working intermittently now, faulty connection most likely, haven't looked into it.
If these ( these because I am selling another civic HB here on eBay ) don't sell or if you're leary.. I woulnd't be, for 4+ years this car was dead reliable and now after all this time things are starting to require replacement, I really think its an ignition related issue. Either way dropping it off at a performance shop and having them fix whatever gremlin there is I know I would walk out paying less than $5-700 parts and labor included.. and you get another 4+ years of use out of it issue free, this engine is as strong as I got it years ago, tranny is super healthy, clutch has plenty of life, body just needs some metal cut out and rewelded in if you want a perfect rust free collector car.