1986 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas Sedan 4Door Brand New Corvette 350ci TPI & Driveline

1986 Jaguar XJ6

Condition: Used
Make: Jaguar
Model: XJ6
Type: Sedan
Trim: Van Plas 4-Door
Year: 1986
Mileage: 2,800
VIN: 00000000000000000
Color: Light Burgundy
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States
Air Conditioning, Power Windows
Sunroof, Leather Seats, CD Player

Description for Jaguar XJ6 1986

Here is the Serial # for this vehicle - SAJAY1344GC458442 - it would not process through eBay's system as many European serial #'s of them from the mid to late 80's, hen the 17-digit serial # format was implemented, o not always compute with the log-rhythm formulas.

NOTE: this is not your usual vehicle listing and description, hich it does include....and it is a little long-winded. But, wanted any legitimate buyer out there to have, efore contacting me, s much information on this car/project as possible.

It is also the story of the 15-years of how this project and conversion came about.

I felt that, nder the circumstances, his information was also as important as is the vehicle's condition and specs.

It all started because of an article I read, bout 15-years ago, n either Road & Track, monthly USA automotive magazine....or maybe it was AutoWeek, weekly publication at the time. The article dealt with a company that had perfected a conversion kit that all but made putting a 350ci Corvette engine (either TPI or carburetor) into a Jaguar — supposedly, othing more then a bolt in project that almost anyone could now do. (SURE, nd if you believe all of that....I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I own and I could give you a good deal on if you want to buy it."

The article went on to call the ‘Final Product' - "The Ultimate Middle-Aged Man's ‘Conservative' Cruise Night Car" . Cruise Nights here in America (especially as we have at Patriot Place) where we take our beloved ‘Piece of Iron', hat we have poured hours of sweat into....not to mention the thousands of dollars (that the wife does not know about).

We then sit around for hours on end reminiscing about the "Good Olde Days' all the while some Disc Jockey helps bring back those memorable times with music of our era! Remembering back to the late 50's and 60's, nd the advent of Road Racing, hat also brought about the creation of ‘Modified Specials' often using American V-8's.

In my case I thought this might be a fun project to tackle some day down the road (in my retirement)....as a change of pace from my Alfa Romeo Club, intage Saab Club and US Jaguar Club activities!

I guess I should also mention here that I am a ‘Car Nut' personified in that not only have automobiles been my hobby and pastime, ut also my career.

Enough now with antiquity and me....how did this conversion finally come to be....and, ow freaking long did it take. At what cost?

I had mentioned, uring a visit, o the Rhode Island Jaguar Dealership's Service and Parts Director, bout this conversion....asked him he had ever heard of it. That was shortly after I had read the article detailing the conversion. About a year later (maybe two) while visiting that same Jag dealer the Service Director asked if I were still looking to do that conversion. I told him....YES — but, own the road. I was, t the time, p to my ass in alligators doing a restoration on a 1961 Jaguar Mark IX and really didn't have the time or money.

The manager said: "That's too bad....we're moving to a new location, ere in Rhode Island, nd I've got seven Jags out back (XJ-S's and XJ-6's) that customers abandoned here as they could not afford the repairs (should we be surprised) and I need get rid of them. If your interested, o take a look and if you see one you like you can have it if you can get it out of here, ff the lot, n 30-minuites!"

Well....I had to go look. I really wanted an XJ-S for this project....but, here was a beautiful, ight burgundy colored 1986 XJ-6 Vanden Plas, rust free car from Albuquerque, ew Mexico that I could not take my eyes of!

What the "%$#@"- I've got a 7-car garage....2-stalls were empty. In less then 30-minutes I had a customer of mine, hat was also a tow company, n-site, nd the Jag headed for Cumberland.

On my next visit to the local Chevy dealer (also a customer) I mentioned to the service director what I was up to....I mentioned that what with my not being a GM/Chevy guy, nd more old school, id he have a tech that might be willing to pick-up a few bucks under the table by helping me with this project. Turns out he did....and, he tech also happened to be a GM Master Tech that was a genius when it came to electrical systems, omputerized management systems, tc. I hit pay dirt and then some.

Not doing due diligence I rushed off onto the Internet (actually eBay) wherein I found an almost new (7000-mile) 5.7-litre LS Engine, ransmission, omplete wiring harness, omputers, tc. out of Pontiac Trans AM that had been T-Boned and totaled. I scored the unit and had it trucked in from Ft. Worth TX. It was perfect....better then new! EXCEPT....it didn't fit!

As mentioned I did not do ‘Due Diligence'! I went off half-cocked, hinking I knew everything....before I actually did.

When I contacted Suncoast Conversions, own in Florida, ne of the two-companies here in the us that had perfected these conversions (the other, ohn's cars in Texas) I was to learned that because of motor mount location on LS-1 engine blocks vs. TPI and other GM 350ci blocks, he LS-1 set-up would not fit (could not be put in) either an XJ-6 or a XJ-S. Oh joy! Having been to a private Catholic School where the importance of HOMEWORK was instilled....you would think I would have known better. (Did I mention that I thought I knew it all and this was a piece of cake project....that wound up taking 15-years and thousands upon thousands of dollars?)

As things turned out, nd now having learned to listen, ead, sk questions first....I bought EVERYTHING I needed for this project from Suncoast. Actually even drove down to Florida once to meet him and see his operation. (Estate would be more like it!) Now that I had everything, hat was needed am thinking ‘I know what I'm doing' I had my Chevy Master Tech at my side at $20.00 per hour CASH, friend from the local Chevy dealership....here goes!

I decided I wanted to go with a computerized electronic management set-up vs. going with carburetors. I then tracked down a 350ci TPI engine and 700 R4 transmission out of a wrecked 1987 Corvette. I brought the engine to Mason Race Engines in Scituate, I to be totally rebuilt, lue-printed, tc., tc.....and as could be expected Bob Mason gave me back a masterpiece.

Next, t the suggestion of a friend, rought the transmission to a shop (the friend's brother-in-law) that was supposed to be an expert on these boxes to have it checked out....and tricked-out! Whatever tricking out was supposed to be.

NOTE: Years later, hen I finally got this project to the point of being able to, t least drive it, he ‘Tricked-Out' transmission was tricked out OK....it freaking internally hemorrhaged and spewed its guts all over the place.) Probably just as well this happened as I had another shop then "PROPERLY rebuild it....and that rebuild has been perfect!

The most important part of this conversion, specially wherein I was going with a TPI engine was going to be all of the wiring involved.....up to and including tying in GM needed circuits and wiring into the Jaguar system.

Again, hank God I had ‘Billy' my Chevrolet Master Tech assisting me. One of the first things that needed to be arrived at was what GM Engine Management Computer were we too use? It was decided that a 1992 unit out of a Camaro IROC was the way to go. Next was where to put it. I wanted to put it in the trunk in the same exact location, n the trunk's bulkhead where went the original Jag unit. The problem was that all of the wiring set-ups, use and relay panels, tc. came with shot wiring harnesses designed to put everything under the passenger's seat....a set-up and location I did not like or want!

I then decided, ased on the recommendations of the Hot Rod and Cruise Night Crowd to go with a set-up from a company known as Ron Francis Wiring. For those of you not familiar with this company and its products you've got to visit their web page....you will be blown away with what they have and do! Which is exactly what I did....along with writing to them about what I was up to and what I wanted to do. No questions asked and for, ut, few dollars more they made a complete package up for me and added approximately 6-feet more wiring onto every run so my IROC computer and their panel could all be mounted in the trunk!

Fast forward many years now....the more I got into this project the more I wanted it to be perfect. While the car was, or all intents and purposes, ust-free, decided what rust there were to have it addressed....along with a complete re-spray of the car's original color. That required replacing the front and rear glass. Next the headliner was replaced and the entire leather interior being redone. New leather where needed, he rest all cleaned, uffed and re-dyed.

All of the wood in the car was replaced with custom made new from a British Woodworking Shop. The radio has been upgraded to newest technology and I had Moto Lita of England make me a vintage wood and aluminum steering wheel.

I also had a complete set of period Coco Mats, ncluding the trunk, ustom made for me by CoCo Mats of Ft. Mill, C. (No one, bsolutely no one makes them better and/or to the quality!)

My next-door neighbor, ortunately for me, wned a radiator shop so I had him make up an oversize, ulti-core radiator for the Jag. Next came a dual, eavy-duty, hermostatically controlled electric fan set-up.

We're getting down to the final stages here and I am so far in over my head I decided, hat the "$@%&"Go for it! I ordered up six KYB Sport Gas Shocks along with a set of four (Front & Rear) cross-drilled and ventilated rotors. All of the suspension bushings replaced with poly ones.....and on and on and on.

Gremlins kept popping up all the time....one niggling little problem fixed, nd another comes along. Discouragement is starting to set in.

However...finally, he time had arrived to finish my XJ-6 conversion....and enjoy it. Working closely with two local shops with whom I have become close friends with — Upton Foreign Motors of Upton, A, nd Precision Speed & Custom Shop of Cumberland, I, he project is now done....the last item being a super detailing of the engine compartment that included the removal of all of the emissions control components which, hen the project was started, ere required.

However, ow with the car being over 25-years old and classified an antique they are no longer required to pass State Inspection. (The equivalent of a British MOT) And with them removed, long with Precision Speed convincing to have a custom made ported and polished intake manifold installed (I opted not to do this when Mason's rebuilt the engine) it purrs like a kitten and accelerates like a raped ape!

Was it worth it? In many ways, nitially and over the years...NO. But, hat was because of the ½-ass way that I got started on it...especially not doing my homework, nd as mentioned my thinking I knew all there was too know. The plan back then was, nless something happens that really discourages me and turns me off on the car, or me and the Jag to be friends for a long, ong time.

This especially so where I am a member of the British Cars of New England Club and need a British Car to use in participating in all of their events.

As a matter of fact, ne of the Jag's first time out events was a Gimmick Rallye I took my grandson on and we came in 3rd-Place.

We have also been to a number of Cruise Nights, nd Car Shows throughout the surrounding MA and RI area....the Jag getting rave reviews from everyone that has seen it. My (and you know I am going to say this) honestly believing that it is one of the finest conversions and restorations of such kind out there anywhere?

Unfortunately, his now is not to be the case, nd why I have to put it up for sale with less then 3000-miles on it.

YES, am retired (Going on 74) and, ealth wise, t is not going well. Nor is it for my wife. As such I will be selling my home here in Cumberland, I... which comes with a 7-car garage, workshop and a 1200-sq. ft. 2nd-floor.

We will be moving to a "Gated Senior Community"in Port Charlotte, L wherein I will have no place to keep the Jag, r my other 4-vehicles....plus, he Community's Deed Restrictions forbid any kind of work being done, n-site, o one's automobiles. Inside or outside...no exceptions to these rules!

So, hat in a Nutshell (Long-Winded) is why I need to part with, ell this vehicle.

I realize that this IS NOT the usual kind of a vehicle listing, nd description, ut I felt the circumstances, he story would be of interest and also convey my honesty!

LASTLY...YES, f course you may come to see it, rive it, tc.

As to shipping, bviously that will be, ully, he buyer's responsibility...but, will help in any way needed in-so-far as getting the vehicle to where need be for pick-up.

(NOTE: The only other time I sold a vehicle via eBay, he Internet, tc., 1961 Jaguar Mark IX, met the Transport Company just down the street from where I live in the local church's parking lot!

Lastly, lso included will be a ton of spare parts as I had purchased a 1986 XJ-6 to strip for parts....too numerous to list here, ut lots and lots of switches, elays, auges, tc.