2005 XK8 Coupe Like 1963 Coupe E-Type XKE and Other Makes w/Covered Headlamps

1963 Jaguar XK

Condition: Used
Make: Jaguar
Model: XK
Year: 1963
Mileage: 65,000
VIN: SAJDA41C352A42547
Color: Silver
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Vidalia, Georgia, United States

Description for Jaguar XK 1963

If you prefer the coupe model this is a rare collectible/future collectible, naturally aspirated Jaguar XK8 coupe in better condition than you will likely find elsewhere. Here are the details:

Some Ebay auctions, the sellers barely write anything and the few pictures leave you wanting more. You have no idea about a car unless you have it inspected. I have written enough for you to get aclear pictureof this car...shortcomings and merits. I'm a passionate enthusiast myself.

2005 Jaguar XK8 Coupe Series 1, Phase 2B. This is how it will likely be categorized later in history...similar to how the XKEs are categorized.

Perfect Carfax-no accidents...original paint.

Only approximately 200 of these 2005 naturally aspirated coupes were imported.

This car when new, wasnear$75k.

This car represents the last of a breed of Jaguar sports cars that have the "classic" look...and genuine glass headlights.Today's cars are aggressive and somewhat sinisterlooking...this being the trend.

The "Phase 2" signifies 4.2 engine upgrade and 6-speed ZF transmission upgrade.

The "B" signifies upgraded front nose with lower valance air inlet, rocker panel ground effects, larger and optional Atlas wheels, brushed aluminum bezels on instruments and shifter housing.

*Note* This is a one year only 2005 production model. There were a few that didn't sell in the next year that got titled as 2006 models, but all were manufactured in 2005.

Fabulous Platinum Silver Metallic.

The best of the production run with upgraded toughened-up 4.2 Lincoln LS based V8 engine and top tier ZF 6-speed transmission.

Collector preferred timeless 3-gauge center dash package (this was actually an option not to get the navigation) instead of outdated (can't get upgrades) early Jaguar XK8 navigation (99 percent of coupes have navigation). All R models have navigation. Let me further explain. The sales staff at dealerships have a list of cars in the production line and what options and color it starts out with. These options can be added to based on dates during the production run.The latest of the series one coupes like this car were all being treated to the "optional" navigation as a selling feature. A few buyers wanted the three gauges instead of the navigation and this is how this car ended up this way. Even though three gauges was a officially "base" over the optional navigation, it became an option not get the navigation because the majority were getting it. Hope this helps settle any confusion.

Previous long term ownershipby a petite lady physician incentral Florida and was garaged day and night (hospital/office garage and home). In my ownership for nearing five years it has been garaged in a climate controlled garage (which I have several thousand invested to keep this car properly preserved).

Car has$1,500 spent on new highly rated BFG G-Force tires, alignment and wiper arm assemblies and blades.

Fresh oil change and filter.

Still has a fresh new-car interior smell.

If you are tall, the coupe offers at least two (2) inches more head room. I am 6' tall and the top hits my head on the convertible unless I recline the seat back to a laid backposition. The coupe is much quieter at high speeds with virtually no wind noise and the coupe is more secure from vandals and theft when it comes to locking up your car and leaving it unattended.

*Note* Not to be compared to the early cars with 4.0 engine timing chain design failure, oil consumption, interior heat/heater control valvefailure and nearly all 5-speed transmission failure. Ford and Jaguar got these cars right. The cabin heating system heater control valve assembly was upgraded from the early cars (imagine no heat when you need it the most).No accidents and no salt exposure. Engine bay and underbody hardware like new.Of theonly 200 '05-'06 coupes imported please note,most of the'06 cars did not not havebeautiful wood steering wheels.

I just installed a brand new full size Jaguar specific battery that will add reliability for the next five years to come.

*Note* The previous owner installed a single CD sound system in place of the originalchanger system in the trunk. It was done professionally using the Jaguar specific kit and all features(electric antenna) and speakers are working properly. Automotive sound systems are always subjective to personal taste and lifespan/time factors. The changers can be fussy.It may have failed and was not serviceable.The single CD is more user friendly...and you can keep you favorite CDs at hand in the car.

*Note* Did you know? ....this car has a spare tire and tool kit.Spare has never been on the ground. Tools never out of there storage container. This is the last of an era folks, with a sports car having a for-real spare tire.

Thereare a sea of convertibles out there and plenty of early coupes with theearly engines (silicone impregnated cylinder walls that failed to consuming oil and the bad timing chain tensioner system) plus the transmissions that stop shifting forward gears. If you want one of these gorgeous late series one coupes, this is one to consider. The engines and transmissions have been proven trouble free up into the 200k mile range. Look at Ebay UK at the mileage that the Brits put on these cars...way upward nearing 200k, Seriously! They love and drive their XK8s.

I will be happy to fax you a copy of the current Carfax.

I am the 3rd owner and am a retired Jaguar and British Leyland technician/collector.

I have driven this car maybe 1,500 miles in my ownership (such few miles because I have other collector cars). Showed it twice. It took me two years of constant searching to find this needle in the haystack example at that time. I'm selling to downsize collection and to retire to an area where it will be difficult to maintain the classics.

This car has not spent it's life out in the regular atmosphere with humidity, heat and cold. Year round climate control means that all rubber and plastic pieces are in near, as new condition. This means things like plastic window regulator and door latching bits inside the doors, rubber window seals, vacuum lines, multi-pin connectors, the gorgeousun-faded wood dash fascia and the supple original leather seats ...and especially the head liner are in pristine condition.

The windshield is perfect. No dents in the body.

The multi-layer lacquer coating on the steering wheel and the shift knob still feel like glass in your hands, just like new. The seats have not been paintedor touched up like you will find with the cars at the dealerships. No silicone spray in the engine bay toglam thingsup for a picture like the dealers do on most used cars. Owned by non smokers. The car shows like a one to two year old car naturally, on it's own merit.

Car is titled and registered in my name only. Two sets of keys, owners handbook and sound system handbook are included.

You can hardlybuy a basket case, covered headlight XKE for less than three times the asking price of this fine XK8 coupe that will be admired in any Jaguar preservation class car show.This car has it's own merits and especially comforts...and yes it will outperform the XKE withthe elegance that only Jaguar offers.

An investment for the future...with ice cold A/C (you won'tget modern A/C likethis with an E Type XKE).

Alsosee my super rare Aston Martin DB7 Vantage manual 6-speed coupe here on Ebay.

I can be reached for specifics on my cell: 478 957 9778. Car is available for viewing located in the Macon, Georgia area.