1951 Jaguar XK OTS

1951 Jaguar XK

Condition: Used
Make: Jaguar
Model: XK
Type: Convertible
Year: 1951
Mileage: 160,000
VIN: 670665
Engine: 3.4L
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Macungie, Pennsylvania, United States

Description for Jaguar XK 1951

Up for auction is a 1951 Jaguar XK120 convertible. I have owned this car approximately 2 years after purchasing it from a coworker whose family had owned it for over 40 years. The car was initially bought in the early 70's and used for fun driving in the North Carolina mountains and competed in local autocross and hill climb events. Over the decades the car was passed among family members until they finally decided to part ways with it in 2013. I purchased the car in hopes of getting it back on the road but have not had the time to give it proper attention, there is work to be done before it is roadworthy but nothing too drastic, full details are below but please feel free to e-mail me if you have specific questions.
Exterior Body/Paint: The car was driven in the 90's and into the early 2000's but then taken off the road for a new paint
job and interior refresh. While the car was painted, the overall quality is just fair. From 20 feet away the car looks quite
good but as you approach there are visible debris and blemishes in the paint. Wet sanding and polishing the finish would probably
do wonders for the overall quality. During the repaint, the body shop revisited some repairs which were made to the right front
fender area. During the late 70's the car was used to compete in the Chimney Rock hill climb and had an off course excursion where
the RF fender was crumpled in the headlight area. The damage was repaired at the time but the original panels have filler
added to smooth the surface. During the recent repaint this area was stripped and redone but the underlying structure
was not replaced. From the exterior everything looks good but inside the fender you can see where the dented front panel
still exists and the panel on the RH side of the radiator is still wavy from the original repair.
The driver's door has the usual fatigue issues around the hinges. During the repaint extra bracing was added to the door and the hinges
were shimmed to correct the panel alignment, but this area would need further work to make this a show-quality car. The passenger's door
is in much better condition though, owing to it's less-frequent usage. The hood fit is not perfect however this is not uncommon for
these cars as the curve between the hood and fender is quite complex and difficult to achieve even gaps. It could probably be improved
with time spent adjusting the hinges. The rear trunk is in good condition and fits reasonably well. Unfortunately the gas cap was
not painted and remains in primer. The rear fenders are in excellent shape and overall the car appears very straight and has good lines.
The trim pieces (bumpers, mirrors, lights) all are generally in good condition and have minor pitting in a few places,
time spent polishing them would bring back a high degree of shine.
The underbody is extremely clean on this car, it has spent most of it's life parked in garages. There is virtually no rust on the
car except for one small section on the rear RH rocker area (see pic). Other than that, all panels are solid and the frame is in great
shape. The wooden floor boards are in pretty good shape though they are delaminating a bit on exposed edges, at some point you may
want to replace them. The convertible top is in poor condition, however the frame is included and could be used to build up a new top
assembly. The rear wheel covers are missing and not included in the sale.
Interior: The interior of the car follows a similar story as the exterior. The prior owner wanted to clean the car up but could not
afford a full interior restoration. Instead, the car has been given new black carpet bonded to the floor, trans tunnel, and interior
panels. These are not factory Jaguar pieces, it is bulk carpet that was carefully cut and glued down. The appearance is simple and
clean and suitable for a driver-quality car but not concours correct. The dash was covered in black vinyl on the face and around the
gauges. The seats were recovered with two-tone silver-black vinyl and are in good condition.
Drivetrain: The engine is the original numbers-matching unit that came with the car. The carburetors were recently rebuilt and the
engine starts quickly and easily, showing 50 psi oil pressure at 2000 rpm. The brakes are currently not functioning so the car has
not been test driven, however at the time of the paint job the transmission and axle were working fine. The electrical system on the
car is in need of full replacement, the original harness is in bad condition and should not be used. I had planned to purchase a new
harness from XKs Unlimited but have not had the time to do so, this is the biggest element in need of attention before the car is
driveable again.
Suspension: The suspension should probably be rebuilt before regular road usage. The bushing all generally appear worn and although
all joints are greased some of the dust boots are split and in need of replacements. The brakes were working when the car was last
registered but the master cylinder is leaking and should be rebuilt. The wheel cylinders may be okay, but should be checked to be sure.
I am happy to answer any questions about the car. I have highlighted many of the problem areas above, but overall the car presents very well. This truly is an XK120 you could spend a couple months working on and get back on the road quickly. It won't take home show trophies, but it is offered with a very reasonable reserve and gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of these cars at a remarkable value considering what fully restored cars sell for. I have a Jaguar Heritage Trust certificate in hand for the vehicle which confirms the following:
1951 Jaguar XK 120, Open Two Seater, LHD
Build Date: 5 September 1950
Chassis Number: 670665
Engine Number: W 1604-8
Body Number: F 1880
Exterior Paint: Suede Green
Interior Trim: Suede Green
Soft Top Color: French Grey
I have a clear title in hand for the vehicle. My asking price is between $18,000 - $20,000. Thanks