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1966 Jaguar E-Type

Make: Jaguar
Model: E-Type
SubModel: SR I Type OTS
Type: Roadster(OTS)
Year: 1966
Mileage: 35,268
VIN: 1E12355
Color: Union Jack-Austin Powers
Engine: 4.2 Litre
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Excelsior, Minnesota, United States
Wire Wheels, Stay-fast top, CD Player, Leather Seats

Description for Jaguar E-Type 1966

1966 SR I E-Type




Fancy a Jag baby? One of the world’s most iconic E-types is up for grabs on t’internet, and it’s like, totallygroovy!

This is Shaguar is a breed of its own…unlike your average Jaguar that you’ll find roaming the streets of your local neighborhood, this animal is one of only a few examples in existence that is truly considered “shag-worthy”. Don’t miss your chance to get your mojo back by owning this cult classic crime fighting ride of your life.

“Enzo Ferrari once said that the Jaguar E-type was the most beautiful car ever made. Top Gear goes so far as to say it’s the most beautiful thing ever made, so it’s no surprise that Austin Powers would have one emblazoned with a union jack…very inconspicuous.”

Recommended in Automobile Magazine as a car to “BUY” as prices have been rapidly increasing, making this a great car to purchase today and an excellent investment for tomorrow.

Due to the rarity of the Austin Power’s paint theme, “Shaguars” typically fetch a premium above most standard E-types. Another interesting point about the paint color on this car is that this car is 1 of 25 cars that was originally painted with what Jaguar called “New Red”----- this is documented by Jaguar as one of the 25 cars they painted in the color “New Red”. The “New Red” color is throughout the car (most of it original) except the exterior with the unique Austin Power’s Union Jack color theme. This is most likely one of the few cars left of this special group of 25 cars.


The E-type Jaguarknown to Americans as the XKE, needs no introduction. IfEnzo Ferrari, a highly competitive man to say the least, declared it “the most beautiful car ever made,that pretty much sets the ceiling in terms of praise ------ 50+ years later the E-type continues to be celebrated andhold its place in history.

The E-type was introduced to the automotive world in 1961after years of speculation. The brainchild of Williams Lyons and a passionate team of advisors and designers, it was aptly named E-type, as it was a clear descendent from the accomplished C and D-Types that had been dominating racetracks. Jaguar took what it learned on the track and applied it to the E-type.The monocoque passenger compartment, tube framed engine bay and tilting hood clearly came from the D-Type. When the E-type came out it exhibited 265bhp at 5,500rmp, a 3,781cc double overhead camshaft inline six-cylinder engine, three carburetors, four-speed manual gearbox, independent front and rear suspension, four-wheel Dunlop disc brakes with rear discs fitted next to the differential to reduce unsprung weight, and importantly, it has a fully independent suspension for all four wheels.

In addition to being an engineering stroke of brilliance, the E-type was one of the most attractive, sensuous and evocative designs ever to grace an automobile chassis-as quoted by one automotive critic “sex on wheels”. As witnessed in numerous surveys throughout the years, and seen in the most recent survey done by “The Daily Telegraph”, the E-type consistently comes out on top as the most beautiful car ever built. The E-type’s design is an artful blend of race car and show car, not since the introduction of the XK 120 at the London show of 1948 had any sports car produced such a stir or so much favorable comment.

It was also one of the fastest production cars on the road in 1961 at close to 160 miles per hour and held that record for many years to come.It’s no wonder that the E-type Jaguar has become one of the best Classic Car Investments today.

The Shaguaras referred to in the cult-classic Austin Powers trilogy, is the transportation of choice by everyone’s favorite shagadelic, groovy, swinging, international man of mystery-Austin Powers. What the Aston Martin DB5 was to James Bond, is what the E-type Jaguar is to Austin Powers; both British, lady killin’, super heroes driving lady killin’ supercars…the only difference is the E-type and Austin Powers will always be considered to be way sexier.



is a beautiful 1966 SR I E-type Roadster (VIN: 1E12355) withONLY 35,262 ORIGIANL miles from NEW. SOLID Original car---all original sheet metal.

This is guaranteed to be a crowd pleasure at any classic car show, or main street you race through. Under the E-type’s oh-so-phallic bonnet is the car’s original 4.2-litre six-cylinder engine mated (yes, that pun was intended) to a manual gearbox, and importantly for most car collectors, the numbers are all matching. A Heritage Certificate is included confirming the original matching numbers.

Whether collecting as a classic investment vehicle, or due to your love of the timeless comical Austin Powers trilogy, you will not go wrong purchasing this car! You’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun everywhere you drive it-----and you’ll definitely need to add time everywhere you go for people to take photos.

Recently Mike Myers, the actor who plays “Austin Powers” stated that they are thinking of producing a fourth “Austin Power’s” movie. That would continue to add excitement and value to the “Shaguar”.


Since rolling off the production floor, the car has had very few owners. Spending its original life in Florida, and sparingly driven, the car eventually found its way to Minnesota where it’s spent the last 25 years or more. Since in Minnesota, it’s been used mainly for Sunday drives on beautiful days and of course taken to car shows for people to enjoy.

CONDITION IS AS FOLLOWS(Rated 1-5, 5 being excellent)

Note, I've been collecting and restoring classic Jaguars for 40 years, including competing in competitive concours shows at a national level.With that said, I feel very confident in that my ratings below will give you an accurate description of the condition of the car, so there should be no surprises when you see the car in person. My personal website will show you the caliber of my collection; some of them are national concours winners. My personal website is The point being is that as you can see by my own cars (and comments people make about me in the Guestbook on my website) I’m very picky and understand the difference between a nice vehicle from one that needs a lot of attention/$$$$ before you can show and drive it.

· PAINT --- 3--- The Signature Austin Powers Union Jack paint job was professionally painted to match the original Shaguar color scheme/layout and is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser wherever you go. The paint does have some crazing in a few areas, but its only noticeable when inspecting the car up close; so, if you’re looking for a concourse level show car, the paint would need to be touched up. The original paint is actually a very rare color Jaguar referred to as “New Red”. Jaguar only painted 25 cars throughout the company’s history using “New Red”. This is documented by Jaguar and the color is defined on the Heritage Certificate. This definitely adds to the rarity and value of this car; especially if you ever decided to restore the car to it’s original condition.

· BODY SHEET METAL --- 4.0 --- Body is extremely straight and panels are strong. Note that there are no covered headlights as one would typically see on a 1966 SR I E-type. This was done to mirror the Austin Power car. If for any reason one wanted to put covered head-lights on a kit can be acquired from Monocoque Metal Works. It can be done without effecting the paint.

· INTERIOR --- 3.5--- Nice interior, looks like the original factory leather seats show some wear, but it looks cool (great / mild patina). Nice new rubber Jaguar Floor mats.

· ENGINE BAY --- 3.5--- Clean and detailed – ready for your local car show. A lot of new components under the bonnet --- hoses, plug wires, rubber seals, etc. etc.

· TRUNK --- 4.0 --- Show condition; very nice as seen in the photos. The trunk floor is mostly original paint and also nice-----no rust like one typically sees in these old E-types.

· WHEELS/TIRES --- 4.0--- The original chrome wire wheels are in great shape and the tires are also in excellent condition; the spare has never been used.

· TOP --- 4.5---Excellent condition; replaced NEW not too long ago.

· BOOT COVER --- 4.5--- Excellent Condition

· CHROME/GLASS --- 3.5 --- Glass, lights, and chrome are in great shape


· 2 different custom European license plates are included with the car for show: 1) SWINGER and 2) SHAGUAR. One was used in the first Austin Power’s movie, and the second one was used in the third Austin Power’s movie.

· Upgraded CD/audio player (Austin Powers sound track included)

· Upgraded intake air filters with chrome finish added to improve performance and sex appeal – as Austin Power’s would have ordered it.

· Austin Powers’s effects are included with the car including the Austin Powers suit jacket, pants, and glasses, a small Austin Powers model car, and of course (1) Swedish made penis pump - “I swear it’s not mine baby” as Austin Powers quoted in the movie!

· A life size stand-up figure of “Austin Power’s” will also be included with the sale of the car-------GREAT FUN for displaying next to the car at car shows. People line-up to take pictures of themselves next to Austin Power’s and the “Shaguar”. Great way to meet girls. LOL

· Documentation showing recent work done and receipts showing minor work done a number of years ago (tune-up/brake-work)------best of all it shows the low miles is correct as it’s stated on the receipts.


Engine: The car runs well and has a functioning choke

Shifting: Gearbox feels great, allowing driver to shift effortlessly without having to worry about the shift linkage or synchromesh.

Brakes:The brakes give direct feedback and work well.

Handling: Steering and suspension and both very tight and communicative.

Altogether, the car performs like Austin Powers with his mojo…fast, loud, and sexy, with unmatched smoothness and handling (Oh behave…!!)


The 4.2 litre Jaguar is the last model of the SR I E-types and considered by many collectors as the most collectable due to it being more comfortable to drive (more room and more comfortable seats), and it sports the bigger engine offered throughout the SR I E-types. Other differences between the 3.8 litre and 4.2 litre are also considered more desirable by some collectors in the 4.2 litre.


The current NADA Book Value for a 1966 E-type Jaguar Roadster is as follows:

High Retail - $325,100.00

Average Retail - $118,000.00

A Shaguar, not as correct or detailed as this car, was sold six years ago in 2012 for $110,260. The market as we all know has gone up considerably since then.

As seen by the description, and the photos, this car is well above Average and a much more correct and finer example of the Shaguar shown in the movies and seen on the small Austin Powers model that comes with the car. The Reserve Price is set on this car WELL BELOW the NADA Book Value; IT’S PRICED TO SELL BY THE END OF THIS AUCTION.

The Shaguar is an Excellent Buy and will allow someone to affordably purchase a highly desirable SR I E-type Jaguar Roadster and cult-classic crime fighting car that will turn heads everywhere you go.

The SR I E-types have been an EXCELLENT INVESTMENT over the years; their values have surpassed the stock-market the last 10 years in a row. Don’t let this one get away from you.

Any questions about this car can be addressed through eBay, or you can call me directly. MY NUMBER IS: 6-1-2—2-9-8—5-6-4-8.I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. OR IF YOU EMAIL YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION I WILL CALL YOU AND ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE. I will keep your contact information confidential and NOT post it on eBay.

Throughout this auction I will be posting more information about this car as people call or send us questions; this information will be posted under the “QUESTION / ANSWER SECTION” of the Ad, or AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE AD.

Below is a link to a short video of the “Shaguar”. I also welcome any vehicle inspections prior to the end of the auction. Note that I referredto the car as a Fixed-Head-Coupe in the beginning of the Video, obviously this E-type is a Open-Two-Seater" / Roadster----my mind was on another car I am restoring.


I am open to offers throughout this auction so I have the right to end this auction at any time via placing a “Buy-It-Now” --- so I reserve the right to end this listing at any time. I also have the car For Sale outside of eBay which will also end this auction if it sells outside. If I don’t sell the vehicle prior to the end of the auction I may post a “Buy It Now” price toward the end; at this time the vehicle may sell quickly. So don’t hesitate to call me if your mind is set on purchasing this car.

I do have a Minnesota title but the title had a typo on it so I gave it to the Minnesota (MN) DMV to have it corrected. I still don’t have it back due to the MN DMV’s new computer system crashing causing a delay in their ability to process titles in a reasonable time. If you google “Minnesota DMV Problems” you’ll learn all about it. They also required me to bond the title; my only other choice was getting it corrected in Florida where the car was last sold 25 years ago. The MN DMV told me two weeks ago that it’s in processing, what ever that means, and I should receive it any day. If I don’t receive it within the next few days I’ll sell the car on a Bill of Sale with the guarantee that the title will follow. I’d even be willing to have the buyer hold back $5K of the final payment until I receive the title. Definite ly call me if you have any questions.

GOOD LUCK BIDDING – Summer is coming and this car will be your ticket to one of the greatest summers of your life.



Upon placing a bid you agree to the following Terms: if you are the winning bid you agree to pay a $2,000.00 USD down-payment within 24 hours of auction close (i.e. PayPal), and balance in full within 7 days (5 working days) of the close of the auction via Wire Transfer. All financial transactions must be completed before the vehicle is shipped. The original title will be sent to the Buyer upon Buyer paying for the vehicle in full. A copy of the Heritage Certificate, confirming the car is a matching numbers car, will also be sent to the Buyer.


YOUR BID IS A BINDING CONTRACT PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU INTEND TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE TRANSACTION!You’re bidding to own this car, not the right to look at the car. This vehicle is sold AS-IS WHERE-IS. This vehicle is an old classic car and is not being represented as a new car; but rather a beautiful classic car. Once a deal is made the Buyer is responsible for payment and arranging shipping.

Payment Methods:

$2,000.00 USD down-payment within 24 hours of auction close (i.e. PayPal), and remaining balance by Wire Transfer only within 3 days.

Fees and Taxes:

Out of state buyers are responsible for all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title/registration fees in the state that the vehicle will be registered.

Shipping: The Buyer is responsible for arranging for shipping and responsible for all related costs. The Seller will see to it that the car is available for pick-up at a time that best meets both the Buyer’s and Seller’s schedule.