1964 Series 1 Jaguar E-Type (XKE) FHC

1964 Jaguar E-Type XKE

Condition: Used
Make: Jaguar
Model: E-Type
SubModel: Series 1 E-Type (XKE)
Type: Coupe
Trim: XKE
Year: 1964
Mileage: 4729
VIN: 879707
Color: Silver
Engine: 302 High-Performance Ford Crate Racing Engine
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Excelsior, Minnesota, United States
Alarm System, Satellite Tracking System, DVD, CD Player, Leather Seats

Description for Jaguar E-Type 1964

SR 1 E-Type (XKE)Jaguar FHC (Fixed Head Coupe)


“[RestoMods] have stolenthe spotlight in the Classic Car Market!--They have become the ultimate expression of Creativity, Design, Engineering and Performance within the collector car hobby,” said Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson

How could anyone raise the bar for an E-Type Jaguar,the iconic classic that was already crowned “The most beautiful car ever made” by Enzo Ferrari himself?Well it’s been doneby adding a High-Performance Race Engine, Upgraded Performance Technology throughout, a Beautiful Custom Interior, and loaded with James Bond Gadgetry you’d expect from the Q Branch. A true Well-built RestoMod is NOT just a conversion; it’s something that has been Upgraded and Modified from head to toe while retaining the Iconic Stock Look of a Classic Car from the outside.

Top Gear went as far to say the E-Type is “the most Beautifulthingever made”, however both Ferrari and Top Gear’s assessments were Only Skin Deep…This Award-Winning E-Type RestoMod sports the original beautiful linesthat forever stamped its name in automotive history,but now has the Speed andPowerit'salways deserved, not to mention an Arsenal of Gadgets designed for 007.

This rare E-Type RestoMod is uniquely a breed of its own…unlike the standard Jaguars you’ll find roaming your local streets, this piece of art is truly aOne of a Kind Jaguar. TheROARfrom its engine makes any other E-Type’s sound more like a soft purr.

Additional PHOTOS and VIDEOS of this car can be found here:



THE E-TYPE JAGUAR…known to Americans as the XKE,reallyneeds no introduction. IfEnzo Ferrari, a highly competitive man to say the least, crowned it “the Most Beautiful Car Ever Made”,that pretty much sets the ceiling in terms of praise --- 50+ years later the E-Type continues to be celebrated andhold its place in history.Its design is trulyTIMELESS.

The E-Typewas introduced to the automotive world in 1961after years of speculation. The brainchild of Williams Lyons and a passionate team of advisersand designers, it was aptly named E-Type, as it was a clear descendantfrom the accomplished C and D-Types that had been dominating racetracks.Jaguar took what it learned on the track and applied it to the E-Type.

Although the E-Type saw three Series models over its near 15-year production cycle, it’s the original Series 1 design that’s most sought after by collectors and gear-headsalike. The Series 1’s aero-covered headlights, slim bumpers, and minimalistic trim remain the most timeless and cherished of the variants.

In addition to being an engineering stroke of brilliance of its time,the Series 1 E-Type was one of the Most Sensuous and Evocative designs ever to grace an automobile chassis-as quoted by one automotive critic “sex on wheels”.As witnessed in numerous surveys throughout the years, including a survey done by “The Daily Telegraph”, the Series 1 E-Type consistently comes out on top as the most beautiful car ever built. Many consider the Series 1 E-Type FHC even MORE BEAUTIFUL than the roadster due to itsSensualFlowing Body Lines. As a result, theSeries 1FHC’sare now increasing in value faster than the highly valued Series 1 roadsters.

THE RESTOMOD…RestoMods are not a new concept in the collector car market, but the excitement, appreciation, and value for these cars is rapidly being recognized and skyrocketing.Essentially,RestoMod = Restoration + Modification.“RestoMods emphasize performance while retaining as much of a stock Classic Retro look as possible, turning a classic into a Modern Performance Machine,”said Barrett-Jackson President Steve Davis. “Nearly all these modernized machines are built with the purpose of breathing a second life into the vehicle as a reliable and street worthy driver.”Collectors of RestoMods don’t want to turn a wrench, they just want to turn a key and go fast.

So how do RestoMods differ from a standard Restoration or a Hot Rod?In a way, a RestoMod takes the best parts of both concepts and blends them together. The goal of a standard Restoration is to restore the car back to its original condition comparable to when it was rolling off the production line, and the purpose of a Hot Rod is to take an old classic and basically do whatever you can to enhance the performance, which often results in a car that looks very different from its original aesthetic. The beauty of the RestoMod is that you get the best of both worlds…all of the fun and excitement of owning and driving an iconic classic, but with the enhanced performance of modern technology.

If RestoMods are so great, why are they just becoming popular now?In short, changing consumer/collector market preferences. Like understanding any type of market trend, the trick is to focus on the key drivers behind the trend…if you follow the collector car market closely, it’s no secret the Baby Boomer generation has driven the market for the last 40+ years. What’s occurring RIGHT NOW, is that same generation is evolving while the next generations of car enthusiasts are starting to take reign. It doesn’t matter where you fall on the spectrum, the average person across all demographics is starting to realize they don’t want to deal with the maintenance and hassle that comes with 50 – 60 year old technology; especially whenthey don’t have to. What all car collectors and enthusiasts seem to have in common is a passion for high-performance cars that are unique, beautiful, and nostalgic. Depending on when you were born your interpretation of those variables can be very different, but what’s so intriguing about RestoMods is that they seem to check all of those boxes for a rapidly growing number of people across all generations. With that said, basic economics are kicking in causing the demand and prices for these extremely rare and unique pieces of art to climb quickly, which is now generating a lot of hype. Last year at the major classic car Auctions RestoMods were fetching prices on par with, and in many cases higher than, Concours Restorations, which was unheard of 10 years ago. This year, the CEO of Barrett-Jackson projected“[RestoMods] would again continue to take center stage throughout the classic car market; and they are.

If there was ever a time to invest in a RestoMod, now is the time!!With the unprecedented drop and continued volatility in the stock market, classic cars like this one make an excellent and stable investment vehicle. And when it comes to RestoMods,good luck at finding another PROFESSIONALY BUILT E-Type Jaguar ResoMod; especially one built at this level.It screams with EXCITEMENT as well as QUALITY.

007/James Bond Cars…Throughout theJames Bondseries of films and novels,Q Branchhas given Bond a variety of vehicles with which to battle his enemies. Among the most noteworthy gadgets, Bond has been equipped with various vehicles that have numerous modifications to include elaborate weapons and anti-pursuit systems, alternative transportation modes, and various other functions. One of the most famous cars that has been linked to Mr. Bond's collection is the Aston Martin DB5;however regardless of make and model, Silver on Black, British, and a ton of gadgets seems to be the common thread among the majority of them.

007’s car was titled “the most famous car in the world” by USA Todayand many others would agree. That’s not surprising considering the James Bond moviesare the longest continually running film series of all time with the 24thfilm in theEon Productionsseriesbeing released in spring of 2020. Over the summer of 2019, the Original 007 DB5 from the movies sold for $6.4M (well above the value of a stock DB5), which demonstrates thepassion and love for 007’s modified ride(https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/mo19/monterey/lots/r0050-1965-aston-martin-db5-bond-car/778818).

The car being offered was never driven by 007 in the movies. We think that’s because Q just couldn’t bring himself to handing over the keys for the most beautiful car ever produced to 007 given his track record for the condition of the cars when he returned them from the field. However, the thought of 007 driving an E-Type is not unheard of…as seen in Michael Buble’s 007/Bond themed music video for the hit song “Feeling Good”, an almost identical car to this one was used as the vehicle of choice for his rendition of the famous00agent (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edwsf-8F3sI). Another theory is that Bond couldn’t handle the vast number of women that would flock to him if he ever stepped into an E-Type, which is why the E-Type was the perfect car of choice for the shagadelic Bond spin-off, Austin Powers and his Union Jack Shaguar. Either way, this car offers all of the same FUN, EXCITEMENT, and GADGETRY without the multi-million dollar price tag. It was designed by the Q branch for real people, with real wallets.Don’t miss your chance to finally embrace the inner00agent inside of you!


THE CAR BEING OFFERED…won’t require alicense to kill – just a license to drive…this is a near flawlessly restored 1964 Series 1 E-Type FHC with Stunning Silver Exterior Paint complimented with a Custom Black Lamb Hide Interior suitable for Her Majesty Herself, or of course Her most reputable00agent...Bond…James Bond.

Experiencing this Award-Winning RestoMod in person is truly surreal and an “Experience”. It truly offers so much more than another classic car with a shiny paint job. At face value it looks like a gorgeously restored Series 1 E-Type, which if you’ve ever seen a concours Series 1 E-Type you know how breath taking that is…like a supermodel flaunting everything she has in front of you.But then from the moment you climb into the cockpit (assuming you get past the proximity alarms) and turn that ignition key, it’s like you’ve teleported to another dimension…the feel of the leather…the effortless start of the high performance fuel-injection engine…the deep rumble as the car idles…then the deafening roar as you press down the gas pedal…and of course the digital screen that magically appears out of the dash just in time to display all of the other classic cars you just left in the dust seen from the lens of your rear facing camera…


Purchased in 2000 by the current owner. The car underwent asix-year, ground-up restoration.Since its completion it’s only been used for showing and very short drives on dry sunny days -------- IT HAS NEVER SEEN RAIN.The car had around 41,868 miles when the restoration began and has around 4,729 since the restoration was completed. But remember everything is new and upgraded so basically the only thing remaining from the original car is the body/tub------it now employs a different upgraded high performance engine, which is new, a stunning new interior, and all new electronics, etc., so mileageis a mute point.


Paint/Body:Beautiful high-end concours level paint job; no nicks, scratches, or dents -------- STUNNING.

Interior:Beautiful Custom Designed Interior.It follows the line of the original early Series 1 E-Type, but employs upgrades including the Stunning Hand-made Carpathian Burl Elm Dash Wooden Dash / Console, an English Worsted Wool and Lamb Leather Interior, and upgraded electronics throughout the entire car including the interior.

Engine Bay:Beautiful and Extremely clean in terms of its design; no sloppy wires hanging everyone, all painted and machined parts are polished to the same shine as the exterior, etc. etc.Like the original Jaguar Engine, it’s a true piece of art but with aLot More Attitude!

Wheels/Tires:Excellent Condition; very few miles on the car since the build was completed. The Jaguar timeless chrome wire wheels shine with a mirror finish.

Glass:Excellent Condition and wired with alarm sensors to keep them that way.

Chrome:Excellent Condition; like new.


●302 High-Performance Ford Crate Racing Engine

●Edlebrock Fuel Injection

●5-Speed Racing Tremec Transmission

●High-Performance Cam

●Custom Exhaust Headers (Designed to still look like the originals aesthetically)

●Carpathian Burl Elm Dash

●English Worsted Wool and Lamb Leather Interior

●Ability to tune the car while driving (Better Fuel Economy or Sport Mode)

●New Tires in 2006 (very few miles since the completion of the restoration)

●Painless Wiring Harness

●High Performance Optima Battery

●And More…


●Secret compartment for James Bond gun (prop PPK included, actual 007 gun negotiable)

●Retractable digital screen connected to sound system, DVD player

●Rear facing camera which can be viewed from the retractable digital scree

●Remote controlled glass and proximity alarm system, which can be adjusted to personal preference

●Satellite tracking system so you can always keep tabs on the car

●Choke has been converted to a Kill Switch

● Bolinger Champaign “Tire Repair” Picnic Kit (because popping Champaign and waiting for help is how Bond would handle a flat)

● Life size display cutouts of the two most popular Bonds (Sean Connery and Daniel Craig – like the car, a perfect combination of old and new)

●“Fire Missiles” cigarette lighter

●“Bond 007” Black/Silver European style license plate for display

●And More…


Powerful, robust, and beautifully sonorous, this car runs and drives like a race car that has been fine-tuned by Q himself.Whether you’re trying to evade your enemies, knock the socks off the Bond girl in the passenger seat, or scream past the finish line ahead of any stock classic car you decide to race, this car is ready and waiting for you to turn the key and hit the gas…whatever your reasoning is, the rear facing camera gives you a nice view of everything fading behind you as you speed away. This car runs and drives better than Jaguar could have ever dreamed.


This car has been competitively shown many timesand continuously winsfor its outstanding quality, uniqueness, and beauty. Awards include:

Best in Show, Best in Class, Best Modified, Best 60’s, Mayor’s Choice, People’s Choice, Exhibitor’s Choice, Best Paint, Top Five and Top 10.


We believe there are several factors to consider when trying to determine a fair value for the car, including:

Cost of Restoration:

The cost to restore a Series 1 E-Type to original condition at this caliber of quality would easily exceed$200k+ for just the car, including parts and labor. When factoring in the time and effort that goes into managing the project over the six-year period it took to build something of this caliber, plus all of the additional custom work that goes into creating a ONE OF KIND piece of jewelry like this,the final estimated cost could easily reach $300k OR MORE.

Recent RestoMod Auction Results:

Looking at the recent auction results further indicates the rapidly growing trend of RestoMods in the collector car market with several well-done RestoModsfetching prices well over $3-400k. And these were your everyday American Classics -------- there are very few European RestoMods. Classic European Sports Cars have always been the top sellers in the collector car market; and they will do the same as the RestoMod continues to mature.

For Supporting Details on the RestoMod Market see the following link below.


Hagerty Book Valuefor a 1964 E-type Jaguar FHC:

#1 Concours - $206,000

#2 Excellent - $147,000

#3 Good - $85,300

(As seen by the Chart on Historical Values the Series 1 FHC’s have increased substantially just in the past 6 months; even faster than the Roadsters)

For Supporting Details:See the following link for Hagerty Price Guide.But remember, this is a High End Concours RestoMod; its not stock.


As seen by the description and the photos,this car is in Excellent/Concours conditionandready to be driven and/or shown.This E-Type is an Excellent Buy and will allow someone to purchase a highly desirable Series 1 E-Type Jaguar FHC RestoModwithout having to invest the time or excessive resources required to create a car at this level.E-Types, especially the Series 1 FHC’s,have been anEXCELLENT INVESTMENTover the years; even surpassing the S&P 500 in the past few despite its outstanding performance.

Any questions about this car can be addressed through eBay, or you can call me directly.My number is 612-298-5648.I will do my best to answer any questions you may have.OR IF YOU EMAIL YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION I WILL CALL YOU AND ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE.I will keep your contact information confidential and NOT post it on eBay.

Throughout this auction I will be posting more information about this caras people call or send us questions; this information will be posted under the “QUESTION / ANSWER SECTION” of the Ad, orAT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THE AD.

I am open to offers throughout this auction and HAVE THE CAR ADVERTISED ELSEWHERE--- so if it sells prior to the end of this auction I reserve the right to end this listing early.If I don’t sell the vehicle prior to the end of the auction I may post a “Buy It Now” price toward the end; at this time the vehicle may sell quickly-----so don’t hesitate to call me if your mind is set on purchasing this car.

The car is sitting in a western suburb of Minneapolis Minnesota and is available for viewing prior to the end of the auction.If you contact us, we will show it to you.Another option is a professional appraiser.One that has representatives nationwide, including Minnesota, is Classic Car Appraisal Service out of Atlanta Georgia; their contact information in Mpls is 612-804-9406.Or we welcome a Face-Time inspection if either of the first two options done work for you.

I’ve been collecting and restoring classic Jaguars for 45 years, including competing in concours shows at a national level. With that said, I feel very confident that my descriptions of this vehicle will give you an accurate accounting of this cars stunning beauty and condition. My personal website will show you the caliber of my collection; some of them are national concours winners, and other's are true "Preservation" cars ---- original paint, etc. Following is the link to my website: https://seepictures.wixsite.com/genesgarage

Note: If you aren’t automatically directed to my website when you click on the link just copy and paste it into your computer address bar---and then view it outside of eBay. Call me if you have problems connecting to it; I can always email the link to you.

I have been a member of the Minnesota Jaguar Club for 40+ years; you will see my name listed as the "XKE Technical Adviser" if you go the the Minnesota Jaguar Club Website. Iam selling this Beautiful Series 1 E-type FHC for a Minnesota Jaguar Club member, Eric, who is battling cancer for the third time at the young age of 52. He's decided to part with this masterpiece so that he can focus on his health. Eric spent a fortune building this dream car of his and want's to see it sold to someone that truly understands the effort in building a car of this caliber, and someone that will cherish and appreciate it as he does.




Upon placing a bid you agree to the following Terms: if you are the winning bid you agree to pay a $2,000.00 USD down-payment within 24 hours of auction close (i.e. PayPal), and balance in full within 3 days of the close of the auction via Wire Transfer. All financial transactions must be completed before the vehicle is shipped.A copy of the clear title will be emailed to the Buyer immediately upon Buyer paying the down-payment.The original clear title will be sent to the Buyer upon Buyer paying for the vehicle in full.


YOUR BID IS A BINDING CONTRACT PLEASE ONLY BID IF YOU INTEND TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THE TRANSACTION! You’re bidding to own this car, not the right to look at the car. This car is sold AS-IS WHERE-IS with No Warranty Expressed or Implied. All sales are final. Once a deal is made the Buyer is responsible for payment and arranging shipping.However, as mentioned above, we welcome pre-purchase inspections.

Fees and Taxes:

Out of state buyers are responsible for all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title/registration fees in the state that the vehicle will be registered.

Shipping:The Buyer is responsible for arranging for shipping and responsible for all related costs. The Seller will see to it that the car is available for pick-up at a time that best meets both the Buyer’s and Seller’s schedule.