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M38 Military Jeep

1950 Jeep Other

Condition: Used
Make: Jeep
Model: Other
Year: 1950
Mileage: 1500
Color: Green
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Green
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Paramus, New Jersey, United States

Description for Jeep Other 1950

Thisis for the person who wants to stand out from the rest and is as unique as I am!

For sale is a 1950 Willys M38 Jeep. Frame-off restoration. Daily rider duringsummer months,(and I take the guns off before travel.) and start monthly duringwinter months. Run to temperature; keepsthe gremlins away from messing with the vehicle. The pictures show differentconfigurations based upon event attending.

Willys engine completely (not matching numbers)

·Transmission and transfer case

·Differentials converted from the 530 ratio to488 ratios.

·Several modifications have been made for my convenienceand safety; front disc brakes, (have original parts if desired) additionalremovable tail lights, etc.


·Diffswere converted from the 530 ratio to 488 ratios. This keeps the RPMs lower when traveling onhighways. Will do 45-50 nicely.

·Electrical converted to 12V for NAPAconvenience. I have seen many jeeps godown during parades and events and can’t be repaired till they send away forthe needed part(s) Have 2nd battery for converting back to 24V.

·The M38 brake system is probably the worse inArmy history. 9” front brake shoesdidn’t cut it for me when emergency braking was needed. Replaced the singlestage master cylinder to a dual stage and replaced the shoes with discbrakes. (Have the old components if youwant to go back to original)

·Incorporated the machinegun side mount forthe Browning 1919 30 cal gas gun. Battery and coil located in the ammocan. Gas cylinders (propane and oxygenare located in the rear basket)

·The M1Carbine, mounted on the windshield, is a full metal replica and the only nongas firing rifle on the jeep.

·Use a single MG on the center mount or usethe twin MG mount (custom made) for two 50 cal gas firing Browning machineguns. (Is that insane? Yes, but the public loves it at shows)) WWII tombstone ammo cans can be used fordisplay or the standard 50 cal ammo cans are to be used when gas function isdesired. (Battery can be transferred in the tombstones. Simple) The 2nd 50 cal needs to befinished tapping the chamber for the barrel and adding 2nd batteryfor power. Currently forced fit but should be threaded for the extra mile. Can be wired for simultaneous firing witheither gun. Nice simple project.

·Purchased RT radio of the Korean era (Missingmount…long story) and also mounted a PRC77 to show the later radio used in VietNam era. Currently, RT mount is out forrepair. Location and phone number givenat sale.


This particular jeep wasused for history education in intermediate and high schools to display and describethe advancement of technology and ordnance during WWII, Korean, and Viet Namwars. Accessories found on the jeep arefrom the three eras. EX: An M2 Bazookamounted on rear basket along with a LAW from the Viet Nam era. The comparison shows the incredible differencesthat took place in technology over the years.This applies to the radios also; the size of ammo belts (30 cal, 50 cal,M60 NATO) fire extinguishers, radioactive extinguishers, etc.


·WWII 50 cal ammo can and NATO ammo can forcomparison

·Various canvas bags and water pail for dress

·Used canvas top; rarely used because of the50 cal machine guns. (not new)

·Hand cranked siren from WWII era

·Hand cranked mustard gas warning horn

·12V/110V converter 600 watt for xmas lights, etc.

·RT68/PP109 radio with antenna – working Missing mount at the moment

·PRC77 portable radio – working and plenty ofbatteries

·WWII hand held portable radio SCR-536 type – working. Uses batterymodification kit

·RT-68 hand held radio

·M1 carbine windshield mount with M1 carbinereplica

·WWII and Viet Nam contamination sprayer forcomparison

·12V siren

·Has FM/CD radio hidden in 50 cal ammo can withhidden front speakers mounted behind the front bumper and hidden with ½” hemprope for parades. Ammo can needspermanent mounting to floorboard. Simpleproject.

·Has a light bar mounted under the basket withcontroller hidden in the 50 cal ammo can; bright yellow lights with variouspatterns for rear traffic to see.Standard M38 rear lighting is hard to see at night. This can be removedif desired.

·Pup tent, sleeping mats and rear flag holder;for telescoping 8’ flag.

·Spare tire on holder

·New data plates installed; beautiful!

·Tiny Tac mounted under dash with Velcro(removable). Non military.

·Wireless, motorized license plate; slidesunder jeep when displaying at car shows with remote.

·Replaced the VIC1 with a modern VIC3 intercomsystem to eliminate the road noise and shouting when on the highway. (Yes, this does not belong on the jeep but isvery convenient for conversation with superior performance.

·Purchased VTG 12V Kattle Kaller Cow Bull horn for added fun. Notinstalled yet; simple.

·Installedaluminum radiator to determine temperatures at highway speeds during 90 degreedays. Tested and maintained under 200degrees at 45-50mph at 90 gegree weather. I was going to anodize black but toomuch to do selling house. Have original radiator if you want to go back: Itworks fine under normal conditions. (Doing 45-50 mph for 30+ minutes is notconsidered normal)

·ClearFlorida title

M38 Jeep is available for inspection. Email for anappointment time. First dated email willprobably win if serious.

I have over $15K inaccessories and some extra parts that go with it. $1000 PayPal deposit required at time ofpurchase, and balance within 07 days.Checks must clear bank before taking.Buyer is responsible for shipping of parts and vehicle. Once it leaves the barn, it is yours so takeyour time inspecting